The Freemother – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” GROY

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Prophecy of the Everlasting Lord pronounced
before a crowd who came under a crusade tent
to hear the preaching of the Bible

Recorded during the 1976 year in Chibougamau (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 3 min 54 s MTMChibougamauCT

Analog-to-digital conversion
and excerpt of an original recording,
transcription, translation in English language,
edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy © 2015


1 (Music on the organ.)

2 Oh, the Lord, God, sought for you, called you these days, and you haven’t responded to his voice, you haven’t responded to his Word.

3 The Lord, your God, sought for you and, seeks after you. He is searching for you, the Lord, your God;

4 but the Lord, your God, has drawn you in the last few days, and your have not responded.

5 O my people, Thou art a stiff-necked people: you don’t want to go on, you don’t want to walk, in holiness.

6 You don’t want to know the words of the Lord, God, words, to believe in.

7 Well, this is it, that is why you find the days, oh, so somber and that you see your steps in the obscurity.

8 O my people, my people,

9 I have placed you on this earth so that you may serve me, only me, saith the Lord;

10 because I am a jealous God and I don’t want you to have other gods besides me.

11 O my people, if you opened the Holy Scriptures and, searched the Scriptures,

12 you would find the truth, you would find the way, you would find the deliverance

13 and, you would find peace; because you believe that in them, you have the deliverance;

14 because you believe that in those men, in those blind guides,

15 that you have the liberty, that you have the salvation, that you have the truth;

16 but, my people, stop to be seduced: open the Words that I have placed before you

17 in the Bible, in the New and in the Old Testaments.

18 Go ahead, seek, search and search, go ahead and read these Scriptures non stop, and you shall find truth;

19 and the Lord, your God, declared that this truth shall make you free.

20 If you desire today to be made free, open the scrolls, open the Scriptures.

21 Oh, know these Scriptures, do not wait after any man;

22 because the person that is around you do not know the Scriptures, do not know the truth;

23 and this is why you are still so sad,

24 this is why you are a people that is so poor,

25 this is why you are still on the way that leads to destruction,

26 this is why you are still… you still belong to the bondmaid,

27 but the Lord, your God, draws you to him today

28 to belong to the woman of liberty, to the freewoman.

29 Oh, the Lord, your God, wants you to be like the prophet Isaac.

30 Oh, this prophet was the prophet of God’s promise,

31 and this is why God sent him so that you may have an example.

32 Oh, take this example today to come out of the mother, of the mother,

33 of the mother, of the mother of corruption today.

34 The bondmother of Rome, oh, come out of her, of this impure mother,

35 of this mother who is seeking after corruption only, who is seeking after the dollars,

36 who is only seeking after, who is simply seeking after, the heights of this world.

37 Oh, open the Words, teach yourself, and you shall see that I will make you

38 as I promised your father, and also, Abraham, and Moses, oh, and Joseph, oh;

39 because I have promised them a son, a son, Jesus of Nazareth, and they did receive this son,

40 so that He may announce to you the gospel and even, die for you.

41 My people, realize, think about it, oh, look at yourself today,

42 how miserable you are and, this is happening because of these false guides.

43 If you can enter only in the Word and, know the Word,

44 you will see that the Lord, your God, is not a liar concerning

45 what he has said to you to protect you, to keep you healthy

46 and, in the prosperity, in the eternal joy, to give you a perfect marriage.

47 You will have a perfect marriage. You will have a perfect family.

48 You will have nobody of your family who will walk in debauch.

49 They will walk with you in the joy of the Lord which is your strength.

50 O my people, o my people,

51 I am calling you to open the Scriptures and, to seek the truth, and the truth you will know,

52 and the truth shall make you free; because the Holy Ghost shall teach you all things.

53 Fear not to not be able to understand it; for the Lord has given you the Holy Ghost.

Original prophecy pronounced in French available by clicking here:
Prophétie originale prononcée en français disponible en cliquant ici :


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