Glorious People – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” GROY

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God’s prophecy
pronounced before a crowd who came
under a crusade tent to hear the word of God

Recorded on March 6th, 1988
Winnipeg (Manitoba) CANADA
Running time : 10 min 5 s, MTW0008CT

Analog-to-digital conversion
and excerpt of an original recording,
transcription, translation in French language,
edition and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2015


1 For the Lord sees those by the wayside.

2 He sees them broken hearted. He sees them thirsty. He sees them hungry.

3 He sees them laying in the field

4 where the drought is devouring their thirst, where the drought is devouring their hunger.

5 And ye, have you read the Scriptures? how the Lord came unto those that were sitting about him,

6 and began to teach them, began to lead them, began to feed them with life,

7 began to gather words for me : “Thus saith the Lord…” and began to feed the people about him?

8 He began to take their thirst away. He began to satisfy them. He began to build around them a green pasture.

9 He began to give them the eternal life.

10 He began to give them what they were looking for; but they didn’t know what they were looking for.

11 He began to satisfy them by the Word which I have pronounced from day one in my ministry:

12 “Thus saith the Lord…” among those who are led to be my mouth on earth,

13 ye, the same Word that fed the prophet of all and my people of all;

14 them same words that my begotten son Jesus began to speak unto them;

15 the words of eternal life, words, oh, that fed them, words that caused many to follow him,

16 words that caused many to thirst more and more after him, and ye, to be sealed in this hour.

17 The same situation abides still, but ye, I, the Lord, thy God, will send my anointed.

18 Ye, my anointed will be there at the hour that need, the hour, oh, that those people need.

19 I will not let them die, I will not let them go astray, saith the Lord.

20 I will have my anointed, oh ye,and then they shall be fed.

21 Ye, my anointed will move with my Word : “Thus saith the Lord…”

22 not with the visions and the man-made foundations  and gospels as we heard about;

23 but ye, they shall move with my Word: “Thus saith the Lord…” and they shall produce unto me

24 a people, a satisfied people, a peculiar people, a blessed people, a joyous people,

25 a prosperous people, a glorious people, a victorious people, a healthy people.

26 Ye, they shall be strengthen by my Word : “Thus saith the Lord…”

27 and I will have me a strong people in the land. I will have me a strong testimony.

28 I will have me a man and a woman and a child that shall be my very face, and shall be my very heart.

29 They shall go on because they will receive my Word.

30 They will be on the move with life eternal, because they were fed with my Word: “Thus saith the Lord…”

31 but many abuse in the hearing of my Word this day.

32 Ye, I say unto thee, you have heard my Word, some have eaten my Word, but ye, what are we doing now?

33 What have you done with my Word? What have you done with the power of my Word?

34 What have you done with the holiness of my Word? What have you done with the state of my Word?

35 Oh, ye, I say unto thee, to go back to my Word. Go back to the fruits of my Word. Go back to the feed that I have for you through my Word.

36 Come back to me, saith the Lord, my Word is still there.

37 I have still pastured you, but, ye, come back and, ye, stay in my hand and I will feed you as I did in the past;

38 but, ye, turn away, turn away from those that are forms.

39 Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn away from the forms of those,

40 oh, that have transformed to my amaze, saith the Lord;

41 but, ye, I say unto thee this day, hear you my prophet, hear you my anointed,

42 hear you my apostle, hear you my evangelist, hear you my pastor, hear you my teacher unto you;

43 and, ye, for my Word is flowing through and it shall keep on flowing, it shall keep on flowing.

44 It has flowed for all these years, and it shall go on tomorrow in a greater way;

45 and, ye, if thou will just open your mouth and drink and eat all my words;

46 and, ye, put them to practice to be the doer that I ask to be, saith the Lord.

47 You shall be such a nation, you shall be peculiar, you shall be holy

48 and you shall be my priest, my high priest, you shall be my king from this face of the earth.

49 Ye, I will demonstrate to the devil, your adversary, that you are my people,

50 that you are the ones that I have fed with my Word, you are the one created by my Word,

51 you are the one made by me, saith the Lord, through my son Jesus.

52 Oh, I say unto thee this night, this is the night of remembrance for all of you listening to my voice this day through my prophet.

53 Ye, go in my Word, saith the Lord, bring it to pass in our daily walk.

54 Forget those that are sitting, but go forth with them that are standing;

55 and thou shall walk in the very pasture which I have before thee;

56 for my prophet, the Lord, was sitting down, but I saith: “Get up, get up and go forth and take my people in the promised land.»

57 And, ye, stand with those that are on the move, saith the Lord;

58 for I am the Lord that sit not, but I am the Lord that’s on the move,

59 looking for those that are thirsty for my voice, thirsty to hear me, saith the Lord,

60 and, hungry to eat what will come out of my mouth.

61 And, ye, thou have been a people molded already, but ye, I say unto thee now, to expose me to them around you

62 sitting by the wayside in that field where there is a drought that is just devouring them; but ye, they’re thirsty, they’re hungry.

63 Say not in your heart that they have heard,

64 say not in your heart that they won’t move,

65 say not in your heart that they don’t want it;

66 but go forth, go expose thyself to them and they shall see,

67 oh ye, they shall see the fruit of my Word in you and they will begin to thirst.

68 Unless they thirst, they will not come onto me;

69 but go forth, oh, don’t sit back, but go forth to those that are ride onto,

70 that have been bitten and, have been left alone in the drought.

71 But ye, I say unto thee, you are blessed, you are in green pasture, and just don’t covet it to thyself;

72 but go forth and let others thirst and be hungry to become as you are in my green pasture, saith the Lord.

73 Oh ye, my people, this is an hour which I have ordained to speak onto thee through the mouth of my anointed.

74 And once again, oh, it is put before thee, how many more times this will happen?

75 Ye, don’t take anymore chances now:

76 don’t wait for another time to be spoken to; but, ye, take it now, this hour.

77 Oh, take it now. Go and work with my Word now;

78 and go forth with that liberty which I have given thee.

79 Ye, my Word will strengthen thee, as thou do what it says, as thou do what I command thee.

80 Oh ye, don’t stand, don’t sit back.

81 Oh ye, but I will uplift thee as thou turn around and come back to me, saith the Lord;

82 and, be a doer of my positive words, saith the Lord.

83 I say unto thee this hour, ye, my people, call thyself blessed, oh, compared to what you’ve seen around;

84 but ye, covet not my blessing unto thyself;

85 but ye, go and give it, go, for you have received it, go give it, saith the Lord;

86 and ye, thy shall see the wonders thou art, thou shall see the miracles that thou have seen in the past.

87 And, ye, my people, many, many are on the move,

88 looking for me, saith the Lord, looking for the truth, saith the Lord.

89 And ye, those I will cause them to meet with thee

90 and they shall turn thy way, and they shall be with thee and be fed in green pasture, saith the Lord of all;

91 but fear not, my flock, my little flock. Go forth in the liberty which thou experience tonight

92 in the leading of this service in my courts, saith the Lord, with Thanksgiving and just praises unto me.

93 Take that liberty with thee: it is the fruit of my command, saith the Lord.

94 It is the fruit of what I set in my Word which thou have done tonight unto me,

95 singing unto me, playing unto me and dancing unto me;

96 but ye, I desire more, and ye, thou go forth and show thyself as I pronounced to you this day.

97 Oh, go forth now, and be at that liberty that I have given thee

98 with my Word in you, thus saith the Lord;

99 and thou shall see the signs and the wonders that are true, that are from me, saith the Lord;

100 and they, hey, people that have been embraced with my Word, shall fall in love with it;

101 and shall give up their idols and religions and dénominations and the laws of world, of this world;

102 and they shall dwell in my statutes, in my commandments;

103 and they shall prosper; and they shall be in health and straight;

104 and they shall be free at liberty as thou have experienced,

105 ye, as thou have experienced the liberty of my Word, saith the Lord.

Prophecy translated in French available by clicking here:
Prophétie traduite en langue française disponible en cliquant ici :


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