An Everlasting Covenant – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” GROY

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Prophecy of the Everlasting Lord
pronounced before a crowd who came
under the man of God preaching tent

Recorded on July 10th, 1988
Laval (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 13 min 50 s, MTM0112CT

Analog-to-digital conversion
and excerpt of an original recording,
transcription, translation in English language,
edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy © 2015


1 For the Lord has engaged himself, the Lord will say:

2 –to his people this evening, and to the people that are around his people,–

3 he has engaged himself to give to the man who has lost himself away from his God,

4 he has made an engagement with this man, with his remnant;

5 he has engaged himself, –to give us,– to give him a covenant,

6 a covenant, a covenant which is much more strong and powerful and more everlasting than the first one;

7 because the Lord has always wanted his son, his Creation, covered with blessings, from his head to his feet.

8 It is a spirit that exist since the first man and the first woman that I created.

9 After having created them, I have put them, I have placed them, in a paradise;

10 I have placed them where the riches flowed in streams, saith the Lord.

11 They were in an abundance, and they were chiefs of everything I had created for them.

12 Have you read it, saith the Lord? Have you searched my Scripture, saith the Lord?

13 Your Creator has engaged himself even with a man.

14 He spoke to the man, so that he may hear the voice of his God,

15 and then, he made an engagement, a promise, a covenant, with him.

16 And when you read the Scriptures of the Lord, your God, you can read

17 that my covenant, the Lord, your God, has always kept it,

18 has always worked to bless his Creation with my Word, saith the Lord.

19 My Word, saith the Lord, like the day of my prophets,

20 my Word was given to my prophet, to my anointed, saith the Lord,

21 for my people, for the man and the woman, the children of my creation.

22 My Word always came to my people, so that my people come back to me, saith the Lord.

23 And even this evening, you who are called my people,

24 you who are here with a thirst to be my people, and to remain my people,

25 and you who are here with a thirst to be among my people,

26 to become members of these people, to become my people with those who are already elected,

27 those, you who are thirsty to be elected this evening,

28 stop being thirsty and drink what I gave you this evening to drink.

29 The man has a thirst outside my house, saith the Lord, he is eating and drinking.

30 He is thirsty of all things: leisure activities, pleasures, riches of this world,

31 and they are filled up to the neck, because they are thirsty and because they drink.

32 but my people, who are thirsty, and who come to me,

33 how many are there? whom are really drinking? and eating?

34 How many are there among my people, who also want to be firmed up, strengthened, fortified,

35 just like the man who is around my people, who is running after everything

36 that can be seen with his eyes, and felt with his hand, to satisfy himself?

37 But my people, how many are there among my people,

38 who are satisfied this evening? who are in a satisfaction to serve me?

39 To serve me is to drink me. To serve me is to eat me.

40 How many are there among my people, who are satisfied this evening?

41 I have established such an assembly, a calling like this evening, so that you may be challenged

42 so that you be challenged, so that the challenge be in front of you,

43 by strengthening your knees and your hands,

44 to come to know my ways, and to walk in my ways, saith the Lord.

45 And then this Word that is written for you, saith the Lord,

46 this Bible, this Word, is all what my people should have in front of his eyes, in everything he touches;

47 because my Word will strengthen your hands and your feet, and will create straight ways for you,

48 so that you may walk on it, and so that you touch the fortification that you desire from me saith the Lord.

49 But you cannot desire, and only desire, and only continue to desire:

50 you have to satisfy your desires, saith the Lord.

51 You desire to serve me more and more this evening; well, go ahead, serve me, saith the Lord.

52 I have placed all kinds of things in you, in your hands, in your possession, to serve me.

53 I have given you my Spirit, saith the Lord, to serve me.

54 I have my Spirit for you who is not this evening an elect of my people.

55 I have my Spirit for you this evening, which is my Word.

56 Eat my Word.Take it, my Spirit.

57 Don’t be thirsty only, but take it and become like those who are around you;

58 you will walk with a fortification as much as you see it in the one who is surrounding you and who was surrounding you.

59 And then, they will continue to surround you for you have a thirst, you have a desire;

60 but come destroy this desire, come destroy this thirst, by eating what you see,

61 what I have placed inside one and inside another who is around, who is surrounding you.

62 Walk this evening in this Word; it is the straight way that I have established

63 for each man, on whom I have put my Spirit, in whom I have placed my ordinances.

64 Come to this Word.

65 My Word is the thing which I manifested on Calvary, saith the Lord.

66 My Word,  the word of my heart, of my mouth,

67 was manifested in front of any man, was elevated in front of any man,

68 in order to demonstrate my love for you. My love for you!

69 When did you demonstrate your love to the woman you love, to the man you love?

70 What are your demonstrations? Anyway!

71 Look at my demonstration, at my manifestation, of the love that I have for you.

72 But when you read my Words, you will also read, that I am also a God that is just, I also have a furor in me.

73 I also have an anger in me, and not only to make it roll in the clouds above your head,

74 but also, to hit the heart of the one who,

75 –after having known my teaching,–

76 does not want to follow it, and to walk it, to live it, to drink it, to eat it.

77 Come, this evening, engage yourself in serving me, and I will serve you,

78 I will purge you, I will bless you, I will satisfy you,

79 not only with what your heart desires or your spirit has desired,

80 but I will satisfy you with the members of your family,

81 whom will walk with you whom will also engage themselves in serving me with you.

82 I will bless you, I will satisfy you, I will satisfy your thirst,

83 and the desires of your heart with your beloved ones, saith the Lord;

84 but leave this place this evening, with this engagement to serve me

85 with all your heart that I will give you, with all the Spirit that I will give you,

86 and with all the body, that I gave you, that I have created for you,

87 with all the strengths that my Word will give you. You want to know me?

88 Know me in my love, instead of following the remaining of this world

89 whom know me in my anger, in my fury, and also whom they will know me in my flame;

90 for I am a God, a consuming fire.

91 Walk in my statutes, walk in my power which will give you life,

92 and not the life which will lose you and which will destroy you on the day that you will make your appearance in front of me;

93 but this evening, you have listened to my Word, my Word has transformed you,

94 my Word has transformed your thoughts, my Word has created new thoughts in you;

95 engage yourself to these thoughts, engage yourself to these words; you will be a happy man, because you will serve me,

96 and, your beloved ones will serve me as well as you will serve me; for it is the hour that I have established for you.

97 Do not let this hour pass by you; for my hours are diminishing, are diminished, are diminishing, and diminishing from day to day.

98 Do not wait that these hours be destroyed, but this evening, use this hour, this ordinance under this canvas (of the crusade tent),

99 to engage yourself to live, and not to engage yourself to die.

100 Engage yourself to live; for my Word is life, and my Word is Spirit.


Original prophecy pronounced in French available by clicking here:
Prophétie originale prononcée en français disponible en cliquant ici :


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