The Awakening Sound – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” GROY

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God’s prophecy
pronounced before his holy people

Recorded on September 9th, 1989
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 52 min 45 s MTM0186CT

Analog-to-digital conversion
and excerpt of an original recording,
transcription, translation in English language,
edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy © 2015


1 (Music played on the organ. Words in heavenly language during almost twenty minutes, and then, praises unto the Lord.)

For the abundance of the Everlasting Lord has not ceased to blossom;

for His tree is blossoming and, is constantly blossoming, for those who are thirsty and who are hungry.

If my people bothered to advance towards the tree of life,

he would find my blossoming tree,

he would find all of the fruits that he needs, that his heart and, his souls and, his spirit seek;

7 he would be so satisfied; for me, the Everlasting Lord, your God, I have the desire to satiate, oh, each son and each daughter of holiness and of purity.

8 Even my goodness, even my faithfulness, is on the wicked.

9 Even my goodness is on the ungodly even: I seek their well-being.

10 I seek their well-being, saith the Everlasting Lord,

11 but for you who are my children, my elects, my people, yes, my tree is blossoming.

12 It is still blossoming so that there is always some fruits for you,

13 for you, who is thirsty and who is hungry,

14 for you who has a hand to stretch it and to reach out with your hand,

15 and to take, to pick, this fruit that is there for you, my son, my daughter.

16 My children, my people, my tree will always blossom for you, yes, who seek holiness and purity,

17 who seek to serve me, who seek to glorify me, who seek to elevate me.

18 You who are seeking to show me off to this world, you who are seeking to walk with me,

19 you who are seeking that I walk with you, you who has devoted your life so that I walk with you each day of your life,

20 yes, continue towards the tree that I have for you that is still blossoming: my fruit is there for you, yes.

21 Do not let yourself give up because of thoughts that the enemy, my enemy, my enemies seek to plant in your brain.

22 Oh, my Word is always and it will always be my Word, yes. Go in my Word once more. Read my Word.

23 Yes, carry, eat, my Word. Carry, manipulate, my Word,

24 and my Word will always be a blessing, a relief, a feeling, oh, a peace, a happiness, a prosperity.

25 My Word will always be for you a fruit that your soul seek, that your soul always sought.

26 Your soul, the soul that I planted in you, saith the Everlasting Lord, in the flesh of each person, in each human being,

27 oh, this soul is crying for me, is seeking, is hungry, for the fruit of my tree.

28 Yes, the soul in you, this soul always sought the good,

29 but men always gave to their own soul a contradiction.

30 They always gave their soul the thing that is contrary;

31 but you, who are my posterity, who are my seed, who are my election, my glory, my name,

32 well, there it is, I always gave you, oh, my Word.

33 Since the day of your birth, the day you were born again through my Spirit, saith the Lord,

34 I fed you, I elevated you, I prospered you.

35 Oh, I gave you the prosperity, oh, that you didn’t even know,

36 even, that you did not know, that your did not have in your heart, even;

37 but you have awaken with my prosperity, you have awaken with my blessing.

38 You have awaken one morning even with your hands filled with happiness and with grace.

39 This is what has led you on the road to prosperity where you are walking, saith the Everlasting Lord.

40 Yes, I am your God searching, oh, searching for a man who is searching for a man, a woman, an elect, my friends, my enemies.

41 I search, search, oh, I search everywhere in this world,

42 oh, to embrace all these people who will desire to live in my hand saith the Everlasting Lord.

43 Oh, when men will taste what it is to live in my hand,

44 yes, I tell you, my people, oh, like yourself you tasted to live in my hand,

45 there will be others who are lost, who are still astray,

46 yes, if they were to taste to live in my hand, like you have, you, tasted to live in my hand,

47 yes, they will stay with you, yes, they will flock with you,

48 they will not want to let you go like you don’t want to let me go, saith the Everlasting Lord.

49 Oh, if only, oh, my people woke up tonight, and became in one accord and with the same spirit,

50 and with a same vision, with the same mind, the same plan,

51 the same plans he has in his heart would be, oh, the same plan of each one tonight,

52 yes, I would have more enemies and more lost souls, yes,

53 who would be heading towards you, saith the Everlasting Lord, who would be heading towards all of you.

54 As I would call them one after the other, yes, they will use you for their Light, in order to reach eternal life.

55 Oh, if my people, my people this night, my elect men, my elect women,

56 my Sheep, those who are in my green pasture, born in my green pasture,

57 oh, yes, I want them all to be in one accord, I want them all to be with the same spirit.

58 I want them all to be of the same, with the same vision, with the same authority, with the same power,

59 that you read, that you received in my Word, saith the Everlasting Lord.

60 It is important tonight that you hear with your ears, so that you see with your eyes, what I am telling you tonight.

61 Yes, I thirst, saith the Lord, as much as your thirst for me, you who thirst for me,

62 I thirst to see more lost sheep arriving, coming in my sheepfold, saith the Everlasting Lord;

63 but I need you, my elect, my election, my glory, my name, oh, my praise.

64 I need you, so that the people outside recognize the signal of eternal life,

65 recognize the signal of peace, recognize the signal of justice,

66 recognize the light of life, recognize, oh, that you have manners,

67 and that you have the manners of my Word, the manners of my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord;

68 because every man is weary because of bad manners,

69 oh, because of the manners that have been polluted by this world and by Satan’s religions;

70 and me tonight, saith the Everlasting Lord, my hand is open, my arms are open

71 and are widely open and open, so that I pick up more and more people;

72 but I need you tonight, my elect, my election, my girl, my boy, my sons, my children, my elects.

73 Yes, I am God who chose you.

74 I am the God that made you come here tonight and come here last night.

75 I am your God who guided you to touch everything you touched.

76 Yes, even, even the things which are not in accord with my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord,

77 you have touched them, because I gave you permission to touch, but not to fall into temptation, yes;

78 but I gave you the taste, I made you recognize the taste of disobedience, the taste of going back in your vomit;

79 but tonight, do not tempt the Everlasting Lord, your God,

80 do not let yourself go astray in my bad judgements, in my bad commandments;

81 for I am the Lord, your God, that you read in my Word that I have judgements, that I have commandments.

82 Oh, whosoever will serve them, yes, will die by these commandments.

83 They will die through those Scriptures that I wrote by the hand of my prophet,

84 those Scriptures that I placed before those who want to walk according to their stiff neck,

85 according to their spirit of impurity and of disobedience.

86 And because you are sons, you are my daughter, my son, I promised you to love you, to chastise you, yes.

87 So here we are tonight, I am talking to you so you turn your back

88 to thoughts that I have not placed in you,

89 to thoughts that I have not planted in your mind, saith the Lord, your God, tonight,

90 that I have at heart, that I have to save you, that I have at heart to elevate you.

91 My tree of life, look at it, it is blossoming. Look, the new fruits are there each day.

92 I will never be missing fruits for you. Seek my justice at all times.

93 Be thirsty to dwell in my hand, yes, be thirsty to remain in my hand,

94 like a man outside is thirsty to dwell in the hand of the wicked,

95 like a man is thirsty to dwell in the hand of the drug addict, oh, of my enemy Satan, Lucifer and his angels,

96 yes, like they thirst to hold on to their corruption, their ungodliness.

97 Ohhh, oh, if my people were to thirst like this at this hour even, today, everywhere in the world,

98 I would have, oh, a victorious nation, I would have a nation of liberty; but those who believe in me, those who preach my name,

99 are in defeat, are in torments, are in darkness, are in defeat; they know no more where to turn.

100 Ah, if my my people gave themselves to my Word, they would recognize the tree that I have for them,

101 which is blossoming and producing the fruit they thirst for, the fruit they seek;

102 but there where they are, but there where they are planted, they cannot come to me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

103 Oh, my people, my daughter, my elect tonight, my son, my servant tonight, I need you,

104 in order that these people who tasted whom I am and who let themselves be deceived, bewitched by the people outside,

105 by Satan’s prophets, by Lucifer’s ministers, by the apostles who made themselves apostles of Christ by their own self;

106 yes, but I am tonight, oh, your God, who is seeking you, who wants you more and more.

107 Cease not, I have made you a root. There where you are tonight, you are my root.

108 Oh, you are the foundation, the only foundation I have

109 for those who are lost, those who are astray, and for those who seek to hear the awakening sound;

110 but the awakening of my mouth, the awakening of my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord,

111 the awakening of my trumpet, saith the Everlasting Lord, yes, there are some people who are looking for me; but…

(A few words not recorded, missing here.)

112 …like I have used you since many years,

113 yes, that you have been planted, oh, that I have planted you in my plantation,

114 so that you become trees, trees of righteousness, of peace, of happiness, of everlasting fruits,

115 that man has judged you holy, has judged you to be pure.

116 They will not accept your holiness and your purity, but they judge you to be pure, they judged you to be pure, they judged you to be holy.

117 They judged you to really be a man of God, a child of God, an elect of God.

118 They judged you to be anointed by God. They judged you to be, yes, that I am walking with you.

119 Yes, they are judging you that I have my hand protecting you, that you are in me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

120 And they will continue to judge you so as long as you will nourish yourself of the tree of life that I planted for you,

121 that I have for you, which is blossoming for you, to supply you with fruits and, with still more fruits and, much more fruits and, still more fruits.

122 Oh, man is wicked, yes, because he is not seeking the face of the God

123 that you served, saith the Lord, since all the years I have called you, yes;

124 but one day, they will come, oh yes, there is one here, there is another one there,

125 who will thirst to seek the face of God, saith the Everlasting Lord.

126 Be strong, full of courage. Cease to believe those thoughts which come from my enemy, which come from Lucifer.

127 Cease to think that the end of the route, ah, is soon before you.

128 There is no end before you; for I am your God who has no end.

129 I am your God who is since the beginning. Oh, there is no end with me.

130 Do not believe those who planted in you thoughts in your heart,

131 so you believe that the battle is lost, that the field exist no more.

132 Oh yes, me, the Everlasting Lord, I tell you tonight that I am there

133 to elevate you, to elevate you, and then to elevate you again more and more.

134 My hand seeks to elevate you.

135 Because your want to live, you do not want to die,

136 I will maintain you in the heights.

137 Yes, the paths of death are not for the feet of my sons and daughters.

138 The paths of death are not for the feet of my elects, of my glory and of my praise.

139 Those who walk, those who are of the path of death, yes, they recognize you.

140 They recognized you. They know it that you do not walk there where they are walking tonight.

141 Oh, keep the Light that I have for you this very moment that you hear the voice of my anointed man.

142 Oh yes, keep, keep this level that I have for you.

143 Stay there, stay in the heights of my promises, of my Word, of the stone that I established for you,

144 so that you are always and that you will always remain, saith the Everlasting Lord; for I need you.

145 I need you for Light. I need you for the Salt, that the man needs, that the woman needs, that the nation needs.

146 Yes, they need to have my Salt. They need to have my Light.

147 I have made you the Salt, I have made you the Light, because of my Son, Jesus, saith the Everlasting Lord,

148 oh, like He was this Light, like He was this Salt, when he was walking on earth;

149 but I have you for son, I have you for daughter, I have you for Salt, I have you for the Light

150 that I had in Him, that I had for my glory, saith the Everlasting Lord.

151 Continue tonight in my Word.

152 Do not allow thoughts of defeat entertain you, but entertain your mind tonight more and more with my words.

153 Listen to my words, read my words, digest my words, digest my words, practice my words

154 that you heard and that you will continue to hear; for you have your feet planted in a place tonight where my Word will never cease to come, to come to you.

155 My Word will never cease to talk, to give you those advices that you need to continue to walk

156 in the paths of prosperity, in the paths of eternal life, the place where you are tonight,

157 this place that I planted for you, that I established for you who thirst, who wants it tonight;

158 but for those who are in a slow motion tonight, my words that I give you tonight are there to exhort you,

159 you who slowed down, you who are in a slowed-down motion,

160 so that you shake yourself, shake the clouds and the thoughts which came to crush you down.

161 Raise yourself tonight, be strong, full of courage tonight and cease not to believe what you have believed in

162 since the beginning of the day, of the first day you came in this house, saith the Everlasting Lord.

163 Continue, take thi courage, take this Light, take this Salt that you tasted, that you received

164 the first day of your visit here, in the place where you find yourself tonight.

165 Oh, I am the Everlasting Lord, oh yes, who proved unto you what I am.

166 Yes, you had the proof of it and you had many proofs of it.

167 Yes, you recognized that I was with you, that I saved souls, that there are souls who have forsaken me;

168 but you, you are still here present in this sanctuary, in this place

169 so that you honour your God, in order to honour your Father who is in the heavens.

170 Yes, I am waiting, oh, on your honour, oh, that you honour me and, on your praise too

171 and, that you serve me with all your heart, your spirit, with all your thoughts, saith the Everlasting Lord.

172 Oh, tonight I have for you, oh yes, a Light, yes that will never die.

173 Oh, continue to create ties with this Light.

174 My tree that I have for you, again I am saying it to you again, that is blossoming

175 so that the fruit that you need to eat, that you need to satiate yourselves with,

176 yes, these fruits will always be there at your disposal; but you must be thirsty to have my mind.

177 You must be thirsty to be like me, to be my image, to be my likeness.

178 You must have this thirst, oh, you must have this thirst to continue to be my likeness.

179 Oh, you have the proofs around you, oh, of many people, of thousands, who abandonned me;

180 for they simply, simply started to be thirsty of the things that were around them,

181 and then, there it is, oh, how many are they, how many are they who fell and who are still falling?

182 But I am cleaning. I am cleaning your entourage, yes, and you will have a peace.

183 You will have peace away from those who troubled you, those who came to trouble you.

184 Oh, you will have this peace and they will not be there to crush you down,

185 but I am here your God tonight through my Word, saith the Everlasting Lord,

186 oh, so that you recognize, oh, that you… anyhow,

187 that you continue to keep this thirst to be my image, to be my glory, to be my praise, to be my name,

188 so that whosoever puts his eyes on you, yes, they will think about me right away.

189 Right away, they will see my glory. Right away, they will see my name. Right away, they will see my praise.

190 Yes, right away they will be praising me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

191 Right away, they will be confessing that, you must be with God, God must be with you.

192 I have raised you in my Word, you the smallest one tonight and you will grow to be as a giant of my Word,

193 as a giant of my fruits of the Spirit, of the Spirit that I have on you.

194 Yes, you, the smallest ones tonight, you are anchored in my Word,

195 you have been conceived in my Word and no one can snatch you away from my hand;

196 for I am the Lord, your God, oh, who has made sure, who has used parents, oh, so that you may be conceived in this manner:

197 in my holiness, in my patience, in my peace, in my happiness, in my authority, in my joy and in my life, saith the Lord.

198 Yes, the smallest ones, yes, the smallest ones who are of my creation,

199 who are of my Word since the day they were conceived,

200 yes, saith the Everlasting Lord, nobody can take them away from before my face.

201 Yes, I am the Lord, your God, this night, remember what I am declaring unto you.

202 Parents, mother, father, child, the smaller one, tonight, listen to these words and anchor your feet in this Word that you hear;

203 and recognize that I am God, this God, the God whom you were preached,

204 the God about whom you read in my Word that I am ‘I am’. I am ‘I am.’ Oh yes! ‘I am!’

205 And put your trust in me, in my Word, saith the Lord.

206 Yes, do not listen to those who planted their thoughts of defeat and of darkness, ah, in you or near you;

207 but listen to my Word, listen to me tonight, I am a God who will not die.

208 I am a living flame, I am a consuming flame, I will never die, in order to elevate you,

209 to give you Light, to warm you up, to make you comfortable, to give you a comfort that you need, yes;

210 but I am also the flame, I am this living flame and this consuming flame, yes, to destroy those who work against me.

211 Ah, you, my son, my daughter, my smaller ones tonight,

212 recognize that I exist, oh, not only through the things which are near you, but also through my Word.

213 Recognize that I exist by my Word; for those who recognized that I exist, that I exist through the things that are near them, they are not serving me now.

214 They are serving the Creation and not serving the Creator of those things that are near;

215 but me, I am your God tonight: I am in peace with you, I am ‘I am.’ I rejoice in you, saith the Everlasting Lord;

216 for you are serving me believing that I exist through the words which I planted in your heart,

217 oh, the words which you have read and believed and, received and, served,

218 oh yes, those words, by which you recognized what I am through this Word.

219 Continue in this Word. Do not leave behind you this Word.

220 Keep your hands in this Word. Keep your hands stapled there to this very Word.

221 Oh, do not let go my Word; you will stand and you will stay and the house in which you are tonight will continue to stand.

222 Do not believe those who know not my will, who are not doing my will.

223 Recognize tonight the words of my mouth, saith the Lord.

224 Recognize my anointed man that you know since the first day you were born again; recognize him to be my anointed man.

225 He is there standing tonight. He will be there tomorrow. He will still be there after tomorrow. He will be where I want him to be.

226 His feet will be planted where only me I desire to see him, oh, to be walking.

227 Therefore, believe only tonight to these words you received when you were born, when you were born again

228 and you will see that these words will still be a comfort for you.

229 Oh, do not believe the words which are not coming out of my mouth, saith the Everlasting Lord.

230 Cease to believe to these words right away, tonight even, this day, this very instant, that you hear my Word tonight through the mouth of my anointed man.

231 Yes, the Lord is thirsty, is thirsty, to see His mouth filled up with holy, pure and boiling Sheep, oh, in order to be satiated.

232 Your God, yes, seeks to satiate Himself; this search is a daily search and He wants to satiate Himself

233 with you, in you, like He satiated Himself with his son, Jesus, when He was walking on earth.

234 Yes, He was satiated to have a son on earth, but tonight, this same God, the God of your Saviour,

235 Jesus-Christ, yes, the one who died for you, who resurrected for you, and who is sitting at my right hand, saith the Everlasting Lord,

236 yes, yes, I rejoice in you tonight, to see what He has done with you,

237 to see what He has done with you and with all of you who are present here tonight and who hear my Word,

238 who are living as my Word says, yes, I am satiated in you, yes, I am glorified because of you.

239 Therefore, continue; for you are the only ones whom I can have, the only ones I washed through the blood of my Son.

240 You are the only ones I have, on whom I placed my Spirit;

241 for my Spirit kept you holy and pure and pleasing before my eye

242 since the first day I place my Spirit on you, saith the Everlasting Lord.

243 Oh, I have removed you from all the abuses of this world, from all the abuses of my enemies, Lucifer and his angels;

244 but seek, continue to seek to be pleasing unto me, to satiate me, saith the Everlasting Lord,

245 oh, so that you are this person in whom, oh, I can please myself at all times, in all places.

246 Yes, the Lord, your God, tonight, oh, is calling you and seeks you, oh, more than ever,

247 oh, so that you are this person, a son, a daughter, a people, a sheep and not a goat,

248 but, oh, my sheep, the sheep of my green pasture, oh, the sheep of my own plantation, yes,

249 so that I may be glorified in spirit and in truth, saith the Everlasting Lord.

250 Oh, man is lost: hard times are at the door, yes, hard times.

251 You are tasting, you have tasted, the hard times of my Spirit through the faith of my Word;

252 but look at the man near you, and see that he is tasting, that he is satiating himself of my terrible hours, of my terrible days.

253 Yes, the hard times are there. Yes, the hard times are there.

254 The hard times are there and any man who is not walking according to my Word,

255 he is hardened by these hard times, by these hours of darkness;

256 but you, you have a peace, you have a happiness, a joy, you are recognized as relieved, as being in peace,

257 ah, but it is my Word that created this peace and this relief in you

to live in this happiness and to find your pleasure in me.

258 It is my Word that gave you, that created in you such a feeling to be in peace.

259 Because you walked according to my Word, I am there to save you from ravishing things of men and of this world.

260 But me, the Lord, tonight I say to my people, my daughter, my son, my anointed one,

261 I tell you tonight, that times will be darkness.

262 Yes, they are happening on a day-to-day rythme.

263 It is not on a year-to-year rythm, there, saith the Everlasting Lord, but on a day-to-day rythme, there.

264 You have to realize that and I want you to realize that this very night.

265 Open your eyes and your ears about what is happening near you and recognize that times are terrible and that they are more and more terrible.

266 It is now a daily rhythm, and not a yearly rhythm or a century rhythm; but it is happening each day now, from day to day, saith the Lord.

267 Therefore, seek my peace in my Word, seek my eternal life in my Word,

268 seek the everlasting happiness in my Word, seek the everlasting prosperity in my Word,

269 saith the Everlasting Lord; for I am your God tonight and I created you.

270 Even the ones who are not serving me, I created them too,

271 but I lost them because of the prince of this world, of the prince of the air;

272 but just like I picked you up, just like I recreated you in my Son, Jesus-Christ,

273 well, I can also recreate new ones.

274 Therefore, come to me, saith the Everlasting Lord, and continue tonight to be to be thirsty to be to my image,

275 to be thirsty to be my likeness, to be thirsty to be my glory, to be thirsty to be my name and to be thirsty to be my praise,

276 and that you find it an honouring thing to be my praise,

277 and that you find it an honouring thing to be my name, to be my glory.

278 Oh, continue, lose not this thirst tonight.

279 And all of you who have deposited all of what I placed in your hands in my house, saith the Everlasting Lord,

280 well, there it is, yes, I am your insurance

281 and continue to deposit in my house, to bring in my house, all of what I gave you.

282 Do not believe in those provisions you tasted before. Do not believe in it.

283 Do no believe in it, continue to place it, to bring it, in my house.

284 It is the only manner, the only way, you will be blessed,

285 you will  be preserved from the terrible days, yes, because you will continue to act in this manner.

286 You will continue to have your faith and to have your peace, and to have your prosperity, in me,

287 and, to have your protection in me, saith the Lord.

288 Come back and continue tonight to serve me with everything I placed in your hands,

289 saith the Everlasting Lord; and I am your God who promised you prosperity and blessings.

290 Do not believe in carnal thoughts.

291 Do not believe in thoughts coming from your flesh or coming from the flesh of another, of this other one that is near you;

292 but believe only in what my Word has declared tonight.

293 Do not find your peace through the things that are near you

294 or, through the things you have in secret; no, bring in in my house, saith the Everlasting Lord.

295 It is the only safety that exists in serving me, in giving to me, in giving back to me what I gave you to serve me with, saith the Everlasting Lord.

296 There is no other safety elsewhere. This safety, you tasted this safety the very first day you came in this house.

297 And continue to devote yourself in order to possess these thoughts you received in my Word,

298 so that the safety you have,

299 the safety you embraced the first day you recognized what I am for you,

300 you lose it not tonight.

301 Continue to serve me. Continue to give me what I am asking you.

302 What I gave you in your hands, this is what I am asking you.

303 Do not wait on to hear a voice, to hear some kind of voice: what I put in your hands, this is what I am asking you, saith the Everlasting Lord.

304 And those who are abroad tonight, whom I blessed with health, whom I healed,

305 whom I have miraculously risen from death even, from torments and grief torrents of this world,

306 they left me, they abandoned me in starting to put their trust in the blessing that I had placed in their hands, that I placed in their hands.

307 But tonight, I tell you my people, your confidence, put it in all, in all, all, all of what you see

308 in my Word in order to serve me, in order to serve me and only to serve me; and

309 this is how my confidence in you will be an everlasting confidence and, that you will have peace and, that you will have happiness

310 and, that everything you will touché will be a blessing to bless me.

311 Therefore, continue tonight to bring in my house everything I have blessed, everything I have blessed you with,

312 so that your little ones and, your little-little ones follow this example.

313 Them too, they will serve me for this safety because it is by serving me that a man can find himself in safety only.

314 Therefore, continue t serve me and to be an example for your little ones and, your smallest ones, saith the Everlasting Lord.

(Praises unto the Everlasting Lord.)

315 The Everlasting Lord, He really put us to the test tonight, after an hour or two, there.

316 He has talked to us, He has asked us, He has demonstrated unto us, He has talked to us,

317 in this prophecy, in this confirmation of his Word,

318 of his desire to see his people to serve Him.

319 He has talked to them to serve Him, but tonight His anointed man, His servant is facing spirits having stiff necks, spirits who let themselves be hardened.

320 People with stiff necks, the Lord has always went against them.

321 There are spirits tonight who are hardening us.

322 We are letting ourselves be hardened through these spirits, so that, all of a sudden, we start to use our life, God’s blessings, His prosperity.

323 The Everlasting Lord tonight and his anointed man, his servant, are witnesses that the members of the family of the house of God

324 let themselves overcome by spirits of fear, demons of anxiety,

325 so that, all of a sudden, we believe these spirits, these demons saying that we must live, that we must have provisions,

326 and then, that we must live with some mind thinking, that we must live with some understanding.

327 The Lord makes no error: He guides his sons and daughters to do and to live a life

328 in which they will never be in the middle of errors, in which they will never be in defeat, in which they will never be in the ditch with the blind one.

329 And the spirit of fear always creates a snare, that’s what the Word has declared: “Fear created a snare.”

330 Therefore tonight, those of us who fear that if we don’t have money provisions, riches, properties, anything that is carnal,

331 we believe that if we don’t have these things,

332 we will live no more, that things will not work anymore, that things will not go forth anymore.

333 We had nothing yesterday, and then, we were moving forward anyhow because we believed in God, we feared God.

334 We were moving forward, we moved forward great things.

335 Most of us, we moved forward, we have moved forward accomplishing great things,

336 but these great things today, the Lord has asked us, has talked to us, has demonstrated unto us,

337 that we must not fall in love with it, that we must not start to satiate ourselves with it.

338 That’s what he said unto us in this confirmation tonight, in this prophecy.

339 Therefore tonight, the proof exists, –It is the proof, what we read in the Bible,– that the people of the old days,

340 they have lost themselves with the riches, the abundance that God was giving them; but the Everlasting Lord has saved for Himself seven thousand of them.

341 He has saved for Himself a few thousand who have not followed after those who chose to get lost, to be selfish

342 and to keep the riches of God for itself, to satisfy itself.

343 Therefore, let’s wake up tonight, the Lord is talking to us, talked to us,

344 to us who are his sons, his children tonight.

345 This ministry exists to create servants of God and not thieves.

346 This is what this ministry has always been and this is why it will always remain honourable, without spot, without blame,

347 because God does not keep people who want to abuse God, to abuse his ministry,

348 to abuse his riches, to abuse his health and then, to abuse his healing, his deliverance,

349 to abuse his prosperity and, to serve themselves to guaranty years, days, of prosperity.

350 Read the Bible. It is written that no one was able to be left unseen.

351 God is a god who does not change his character. His Word, he pronounced it and things will be executed according to his Word.

352 Tonight, let’s recognize what Christ is for us, let’s recognize what this ministry is for us.

353 This is our pearl, this here. It is our field with the treasure.

354 Therefore, let’s get rid of everything

355 so we have this treasure, so we have this pearl. Let’s do it!

356 Let’s do like the little lady who gave all of her treasure.

357 What she had most valuable, she gave it, she poured it on the head of Jesus before all the people;

358 and those who were present found that to be an indignation,

359 but I thank the Lord tonight, she is an example for us,

360 how she loved Christ, how she loved Jesus, how she loved this ministry. 

God’s prophecy originally pronounced in French language available by clicking here:
Prophétie de Dieu prononcée en langue française disponible en cliquant ici :



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