Because Of Fear – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Because Of Fear

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded in the ’90s (unknown date)

Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 8 min 47 s
Recording: ROY0004CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1990 and 2017


(Answering the call.)

Yes, the Eternal, when he gathers us like this, he gathers us

to praise his name and, glorify his name and, worship his name.

Him who made of us his flock, yes, him who made of us his flock, the flock of his green pasture;

him who took us at the extremities of the Earth

to make of us a nation, a nation which belongs to him, a nation which is his own;

because the Eternal shouted for such a long time in order to have a nation.

The Eternal shouted for such a long time; and so many people have not answered the call of the Eternal.

Oh, for such a long time, says the Eternal, your God has been searching and he is finding, yes, says the Eternal;

10 but how many people have not answered my call, says the Eternal?

11 Oh, the Eternal, our God, when we gather together in this dwelling, in the dwelling of the living God,

12 yes, it is because of him that we have this love, this compassion, says the Eternal;

13 and it is because of him that the Eternal says tonight, that it is him who chose us.

14 There is no one else who chose us, who called us,

15 and we let ourselves be called and, who sanctified us, and we let ourselves be sanctified.

16 He has chosen us and we let ourselves be chosen.

17 He predestinated us and he let us be predestinated.

18 He justified us and he let us be justified.

19 He glorified us and we let ourselves be glorified by the Eternal, our God.

20 Yes, says the Eternal, your God, yes, I looked, yes, I looked, says the Eternal, and I looked for such a long time.

21 I looked and I called so many people and they did not accept my answer.

22 They did not accept my call. They did not accept my invitation.

23 They were all busy, says the Eternal.

24 They were all busy doing all kinds of things of this world.

25 They loved, they still love more the things of this world than they love me, says the Eternal;

26 but you, my sheep, you my sheep, you accepted my call

27 and this is why this perfect love is on you; and this is why this wrath is also after you;

28 and this is why you are fearing my name, says the Eternal;

29 and this is why I have love for you, says the Eternal,

30 but, not a love, a love that we hear about in this world, says God;

31 but, a genuine love, a perfect love

32 because I see that you are keeping my commandments, says the Eternal;

33 and what I wish to have from you, my people, what I wish to have from you, my people,

34 it is that you are more and more my praise.

35 I want you to be my praise on this Earth.

36 Yes, says the Eternal, I wish to be praised, says God.

37 I wish to be glorified, says God; and you are the only ones, you are the only ones,

38 in this entire territory, in this immense country, in this country which is immense,

39 you are the only ones to praise my name with a pure heart,

40 says the Eternal;

41 because all the other people are confessing me with their lips and not, with their heart;

42 because they are confessing me with their lips, but their heart is far away;

43 but you, my sanctified and purified sheep,

44 who are not conformed to the things of this world, but who are conformed to my Word,

45 you are praising me with a pure heart, you have the fear of me, says the Eternal.

46 Yes, you are fearing me, says the Eternal,

47 and this is what I am looking for people who are fearing me as my servant David was fearing me,

48 oh, as my servant Samuel was fearing me and as my servant Jesus always feared me.

49 He always obeyed me. He humbled himself. He himself obeyed unto the cross. He was obedient unto the cross, says the Eternal;

50 and this is what I see in you, this is what I placed in you: fear, oh, says the Eternal.

51 And I shall place inside of you more of that fear and of that cry from within

52 so that you produce even much more fruits, says the Eternal,

53 the fruits, these fruits which I am seeking, these fruits that I wish to gather, these fruits that I wish to taste, says the Eternal.

54 And it is because of your fear that I can taste these fruits; for whosoever fears me not, says the Eternal,

55 whosoever has no fear of me, says the Eternal, whosoever fears not my Word…

56 for I am a God who is as a consuming and devouring fire, which kills and which gives life.

57 I am a God who uplifts and who abases. I am a God who blesses and who curses.

58 I am a terrible God, jealous and great; and I wish to have the glory.

59 I wish to have the glory because of my name, because of my name, says the Eternal.

60 This is the reason why you answered my call.

61 This is the reason why you accepted to be brought here a few years ago.

62 This is the reason why I was able to justify you, to sanctify you,

63 because you are fearing my great and terrible name, says the Eternal.

64 Oh, tonight yes, my people, yes, you are the clay, you are clay, says the Eternal;

65 and the Eternal says: “I am the potter and I do with you whatever I wish to do.”

66 I do with you whatever I wish to do and my Word, this is what is the potter;

67 and the clay, it is you, and I do with you whatever I wish to do;

68 for if you follow my Word the way you are following it, says the Eternal,

69 that is when I do with you whatever I wish to do, says the Eternal.

70 This is the reason why I asked my servant to gather you;

71 that I asked my servant to make a phone call to everybody to gather you,

72 so that he tells you that it is me and only me who chose you.

73 You are the only ones.

74 Look at yourselves tonight, you are the only ones, says the Eternal.

75 You are the only ones, says the Eternal tonight, in this province of Québec who can bring souls to me.

76 You are the only ones who can bring a soul to me, hey, bring your neighbour.

77 You are the only ones, says the Eternal, who can bring people unto pureness;

78 because you are the only ones who have a pure soul. You are the only ones who have my perfection in you.

79 You are the only ones who are taught to live purely and who are living purely.

80 Let nobody, says the Eternal, take away from you this pureness. Yes, says the Eternal, I am proud of my Son Jesus.

81 Yes, says the Eternal, I am proud of my Son Jesus; because without my Son, you would be bastards.

82 Without my Son, you would all still be illegitimates. Without my Son, you would all still be lost.

83 Without my Son, you would still be lost

84 and guided by ignorant pastors whom I never called to be pastors whom I never chose to be pastors, says the Eternal;

85 but now, you are my sheep, you are in my hand;

86 and I defy whosoever will try to snatch you out of my hand;

87 because I placed this fear in you and I placed in you this fear; and you who are here tonight, it is only because you fear me, says the Eternal.

88 Otherwise, you would be as everybody else, you would be adrift and you would not be fearing me.

89 You have stopped sinning because you are fearing me, says the Eternal.

90 This is the reason why I threw at you this phone call; and I will throw at you more calls to gather you, my sheep.

91 My sheep, you are having this name of my sheep, says the Eternal,

92 and that is made possible, because of my Jesus who is sitting at my right.

93 This is like this because of my Jesus; and you must be as my Jesus.

94 Be the example, the imitators of my Jesus and you can be sure

95 that I am preparing for you a place. A place!  “Oh, my!” If you saw your place!

96 If you saw your place, says the Eternal, as the Scripture is declaring it:

97 “Rejoice that your name is written in the Book of life in my Jesus.”

98 Rejoice in the Eternal; for it is me and only me, says the Eternal, who chose you.

99 Keep this fear in you. Keep this fear, says the Eternal. Keep this fear, fear me, says the Eternal;

100 for your know that I can come at any time at all to destroy you as I have destroyed other people.

101 Look at yourselves, it is me who made you into what you are,

102 because of my Christ, because of my Jesus, because of the Eternal, because of God.

103 This is the reason why my Jesus was continually and entirely doing and producing my will. What he saw he could do for me, he was doing it on the Earth.

104 What you see that Jesus did, do it too. What you see in the Bible, do it;

105 and this place I am preparing, don’t forget this, I am preparing it in Jesus. Your name is written in Jesus.

106 The Book of life, it is my Jesus, says the Eternal. Fear me and nobody will touch you.

107 Do not fear death. Do not fear death.

108 Do not fear the people who come against you or that they will kill you. Do not fear that.

109 Do not fear the person who can only kill the flesh.

110 The Eternal says: “Fear me because I can kill you and throw you in hell.”

111 Fear me. What I wish to have from you is your fear.

112 What I wish to have, says the Eternal, it is the fear of me.

113 I want you to be trembling before my great name, says the Eternal, God; because I chose you.

114 It is me, says the Eternal, I chose you and I am proud of my choice.



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