Who Are You? – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Who Are You?

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded in the ’90s (unknown date)
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 11 min 8 s
Recording: AAM0013CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1990 and 2017


(Child of God or not?)

No my sons, no my daughters, let no unbelief live inside of you.

My pillars served me tonight; those people are my sons, those people,

but you, who are you in my house?

My sons gave; those people, their name is marked in my Book;

but you, tonight, you will bring it in here.

Don’t imagine that your entire heart is mine because those people have laid down their life.

They laid it down for their own soul, rather than for your soul.

No my sons, do not imagine that my joy is perfect; it is not perfect.

10 My joy is perfect in those people; but you, where are your offerings?

11 My children, I multiplied you since the beginning,

12 but do not believe, do not believe, do not believe in false conceptions, says your God;

13 because, yes, I am rejoicing tonight and my exultation is great for my children, for the ones who brought it in;

14 but for you, but for you, what is my joy? Do not retain your offering.

15 Yes, says the Eternal, yes tonight, my words are just; and those people, they are just.

16 Whosoever gives with joy will be multiplied.

17 Whosoever is retaining will not be able to receive this joy;

18 because your God, your God spoke: do not retain your offering.

19 Yes, you who gave, you are my sons;

20 because it is in such sacrifices that I am pleased; because this is a sacrifice worthy of my sons;

21 but you, who are perpetually retaining, you are retaining and you are lacking

22 the best things I have for you: my depths, my compassions, my widths.

23 The depths of my Word cannot enter inside of you; because you don’t know them.

24 Enter in these parvises, enter in my dwelling, enter in me, in my Word and I will show you.

25 Suffer with me. Therefore, suffer tonight as worthy sons.

26 Suffer. Suffer. Yes, suffer. Suffer: give. What you had in mind, give it.

27 Suffer with me and I shall show you, I shall uplift you and give you what you never even suspected could be given to you.

28 My Spirit is on you, oh, on those people I am speaking to tonight, my Spirit is already on you talking to you.

29 Do not look at your sister and your brother, I am speaking to you tonight; for my Spirit is already on you.

30 It is not a spirit of condamnation which is on you,

31 but it is a Spirit which is speaking to you for you, for your good,

32 so that you are honourable and presentable before my face.

33 My sons, it is because you are sons that I am speaking to you tonight.

34 If you were not my sons, my Spirit would not be on you, speaking to you right now.

35 Do not believe that I rejected you.

36 If I had rejected you, you would not be here; but because you are here and because my Spirit is on you,

37 have this heart to be a son who is attentive to his Father and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Eternal.

38 Yes, says the Eternal, I don’t want any of you to leave, that any of you perishes;

39 but keep my commandments, keep my Word.

40 Lay down your life and suffer with your brothers: with the ones who are laying down their life with joy.

41 It is with such sacrifices that I am pleased; and do not think badly of these brothers.

42 Do not thing badly against them; because you know what this can represent to my eyes; it is a thing that I do not forgive.

43 Yes, says the Eternal, I do not forgive this, I will never forgive this.

44 You cannot speak against my pillars in this temple.

45 If you speak against them, oh, you are shedding the blood of my Son after having been crucified.

46 You cannot trample that blood.

47 Yes my children, the sacrifice in which I am pleased, it is not the blood,

48 it is not the blood which is flowing in your veins; but it is the fruit of your work, that you are harvesting.

49 I wish to have your crops here. I wish to have the fruit of your work here.

50 This is what I want to have.

51 I set you up, I founded you, I established you,

52 so that there is food in this house.

53 I am not speaking to crowds, I am speaking to you.

54 I am not speaking to crowds; because crowds don’t exist in my house.

55 Crowds don’t exist in my house. Crowds never existed in my house.

56 Since my Son died, I never spoke to crowds of people;

57 but I always spoke to my sons and to my daughters; who are the only ones hearing me.

58 And those people who are not my sons and daughters,

59 I have never known them and I will never know them: they are not of my house.

60 They are not of my house!

61 Yes, says the Eternal, in my house, I chose you, I elected you.

62 I elected you, I elected you, I elected you in my house.

63 Yes says the Eternal, trample the serpent. Trample the serpent.

64 Trodden him under your feet, the serpent,

65 the serpent of this century, the serpent of the lusts of this world.

66 The serpent, yes, says the Eternal, you have the power on the serpent.

67 Yes, do not let him seduce you.

68 Do not let him seduce you, because the serpent will bite you and he will make you perish;

69 but me, says the Eternal, I made a promise, I made a wish, I made a covenant with you,

70 and this covenant remains and will remain eternally,

71 as long as you will keep my Word and my commandments,

72 as long as you will obey, you will obey, you will obey my Word,

73 yes, says the Eternal,

74 as long as you will obey this ministry which I established, established on rock, on solid foundations.

75 It is me who established the ministry of my Word, the ministry, the ministry of my Word,

76 only that ministry will subsist until the return of my Son, until he comes back;

77 on that day I prepared, on that day I chose,

78 on that day which is approaching and, approaching and which is fast approaching.

79 Yes, says the Eternal, that great day, which is so near,

80 yes, says the Eternal,

81 it is at the door, it is at the door that great day, which is glorious and dreadful.

82 Oh, do not wish that day to be tomorrow; because terror shall follow that day.

83 Do not wish that day to be for tomorrow; because it will be

84 a day of distress on this world like you have never seen it since the creation of times.

85 A day of turmoil, a day of wrath shall follow after that great and glorious day, says the Eternal.

86 Do not hope for it, do not hope for it, do not hope for it;

87 but hope in my promises,

88 hope for the day, for the day, for the day, that I will be placing in you.

89 The day that you are my son and my daughter is the day in which I am pleased.

90 Today is that day.

91 And be in an exceeding joy for this day; because this day will subsist unto everlasting life,

92 as long as you will keep my commandments,

93  as long as you will be obeying, says your God.


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