I Am With You – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


I Am With You

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded in the ’90s (unknown date)
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 14 min 4 s
Recording: ROY0000CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1990 and 2017


(The coming of Jesus.)

Oh yes, says the Eternal, oh yes, says your God, oh, your God, yes, your God, your God hears you.

Your God hears you. Yes, your God hears you. Oh, yes, your God has seen all of you.

Yes, I recognized you. My children, yes I recognized you.

I recognized you. I recognized you, yes, says the Eternal.

Oh I am here, says your God : I am with you.

Oh yes, says your God. Oh yes, says the Eternal, yes, says the Eternal,

I heard your prayer and I gathered your cries, says the Eternal.

Oh my hand is presently on the move: it is tracing for you a road before you.

10 This road is before you. This road is before you. Yes, it is me, it is my hand that made it;

11 and my hand, my hand shall guide you, everywhere you go, my children, everywhere you go.

12 Yes, says the Eternal, yes, I am a just God… I am a just God.

13 I am a just and righteous God, says the Eternal,

14 and this righteousness, I expect it from you. I expect this righteousness from you, says the Eternal, your God.

15 Oh, this is the fruits of my beloved Son which I put inside of you.

16 Yes, these are the fruits which I wish to find each day inside of you, says the Eternal.

17 Oh, the Eternal speaks to you tonight, yes, the Eternal speaks to you tonight, yes;

18 because he has prepared a road for you

19 and it is on this road that he wants you to walk, says the Eternal.

20 O my people,

21 Yes, be as my Son, be as my Son was when he was on this Earth.

22 Yes, he did not… look at himself. Yes, he did not consider… himself.

23 Yes, he considered… the sufferance he had to go through for my name, yes;

24 and this is what I expect from you that you are as my Son,

25 oh, so that you are walking in his footprints, yes, says your God;

26 and I will always be with you, if you walk on that road which is tight and narrow, yes;

27 and if you continue to keep my Word, and if you continue to fear me, says the Eternal,

28 I will always be with you as I always was and as I always will be with whosoever walked in my lanes, says your God.

29 Oh yes, oh, you must all agree with me, with this Word.

30 Oh, remain on this road which is tight and narrow and I will always be you, says your God.

31 Yes, yes tonight I heard you, says your God, yes; and you did not cry in vain unto your God.

32 You did not give me those prayers in vain; oh, for this compassion, it comes from me;

33 oh, and this compassion will keep you; it will keep you until the day my Son comes back.

34 On the day I chose, on the day I established, on that great and glorious day,

35 on that day where all the nations without exception will not be suspecting the arrival of my beloved Son,

36 yes, that’s the day I will be coming, that I will be coming as a thief to come pick you up,

37 you, my beloved people who will have kept his commandments.

38 Oh, dwell… Dwell in me. Dwell in me, in this Word.

39 Yes, I will guide you and I will make you discover great things.

40 Oh yes, my beloved ones, yes my children,

41 You must be one with my Son. You must be one with my Son as I am one with my Son.

42 Oh, you must be of one accord, of one mind. Oh yes, let me know what your needs are.

43 As a father, oh, as a father has compassion for his son,

44 as a father has compassion for his children, let me know your needs.

45 Oh, I am your Father, let me know your needs, oh, through fasting and, through prayer.

46 Oh, yes, oh let me know what your needs are, oh, you will see and you will see,

47 oh, and you will see how your Father will answer you.

48 Yes, says the Eternal, oh yes, says the Eternal, yes, says your God,

49 oh, I am looking, I am looking at this nation, yes, I am looking at this nation which is far away from me.

50 Yes, I am looking at this nation which is far from me. Yes, my children, you are there, you are the only ones.

51 Yes, you are the only ones who can bring them back, back to me, says your God.

52 Oh, all of you, you must be with my prophets. All of you, you must be with the same accord.

53 Oh, listen to them. Oh yes, listen to them; and you must all be with the same accord

54 so that my hand is on the move in your favour and so that it can execute the Word that you received, yes;

55 because my Spirit will work with you if all of you are working with the same accord;

56 it will flow on this nation and I will bring closer a few of them. Yes, I will gather some of them.

57 I will gather those who have the heart to receive this word of truth, this word of holiness,

58 this Word that is making the joy and the exultation of your heart which is my joy and which makes your delights.

59 Yes, oh, all of you, be of one accord. Oh, be of the same accord. Oh yes, be so.

60 Oh, you must all be of one spirit, of one accord.

61 Oh, you must all be of the same accord, says your God.

62 Oh, oh yes, oh praise the name of the Eternal. Oh, praise the name of the Eternal.

63 Oh, praise the name of the Eternal. Praise his name. Praise the holy name of the Eternal.

64 Oh, let everything that has a breath praise the Eternal. Praise my name. Praise my name. I wish my name to be uplifted.

65 Yes, uplift my name, my great name, my dreadful name, my powerful name, my great name, which is dreadful and powerful.

66 Fear the Eternal, your God. Fear him, fear him: obey my Word.

67 And all of you, be of one accord: fear my name, says the Eternal.

68 Oh, the Eternal will be on the move, the Eternal will move, yes, he will… yes, he will hit.

69 He will hit. He will hit. He will uplift you. He will purge you. Oh, he will purge you.

70 The Eternal is cutting out. The Eternal is purging.

71 The Eternal, your God, oh, the Eternal your God, yes, your God is working inside each one of you.

72 He is creating a nation for himself. Yes, he is purging his nation. Yes, he is making a good clean up.

73 He is passing the broom in his own house. Yes, the Eternal is brooming: he is making a clean up right here in this place.

74 Yes, he shall purge you, so that you produce fruits; and he shall cut the dry branches.

75 The Eternal spoke, yes, the Eternal spoke tonight:

76 he is making a clean up; and your God never speaks in vain.

77 Yes, everything that is dry will be thrown behind and no more memories will remain inside of me of these dry branches.

78 Oh, be these branches… (Defective recording, words missing.) grafted, producing fruits, says your God;

79 and you will be the exceeding joy of my heart, says your God.

80 Oh, have the same mind that was in my beloved Son.

81 Oh, be filled up with compassion, oh, be filled up with love towards your brothers.

82 Uplift each other. Uplift each other. Uplift each other. Uplift each other. Uplift each other. Uplift each other. Oh, oh, uplift each other.

83 Yes, uplift each other, oh, uplift each other. Oh, be as my Son. Oh, be as my Son Jesus. Uplift each other.

84 Yes, says the Eternal, your God, oh, be as one person, oh, oh, says the Eternal, your God.


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