Consider – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” GROY

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God’s prophecy
pronounced before saints of God

Recorded on October 28th, 1990
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 34 min 27 s MTM0223CT

Analog-to-digital conversion
and excerpt of an original recording,
transcription, translation in English language,
edition and publication by
Guylaine Roy © 2015


1 Consider!
2 Consider the Spirit of God. Consider the Comforter. Consider the One who came after the promise was made.

3 Consider this Spirit, the Spirit of your God today, who came down to teach, who came down to guide you,

4 who came down to teach you and to guide you in all truth,

5 who came down to give us an authority, who came with authority.

6 He came to give us a comfort. He came as the Comforter. He came with the fire. He came with a flame.

7 He came with a flame, with an evidence, yes, that must be demonstrated that we must be hot, that we must be boiling.

8 Yes, consider the fire, consider the authority which He came down with.

9 Consider the authority and the fire which came down on the man and on the woman who where found in the place where they were.

10 Yes, consider the fire today; consider this authority.

11 Seek, be thirsty, be hungry, for this authority and for this fire today.

12 Seek, be thirsty, be hungry, for this authority and for this fire today.

12 Consider the Spirit of the Everlasting Lord.

13 Consider the Comforter who came, the spirit of God, the one who was promised so that we… who wanted

14 the promise to be a comfort for you, the promise to be a teacher for you, the promise to be an informant for you.

15 who will inform you, who will remind you of all the things concerning the One who came:

16 my Son, the beloved One, oh, in whom I have put all of my trust.

17 Yes, consider the Spirit which came down, consider its teachings.

18 Consider the Scripture you are reading daily and continually;

19 the Scriptures which were in the mouth or under the hand of my prophets, of my writers, saith the Everlasting Lord.

20 Consider the work, consider the presence, of my Spirit.

21 Consider its arrival. Consider why he was sent.

22 Yes, look at its mission. Look at its election. Look at its ordinance.

23 Consider the fire which he came down with. Consider the authority which he came down with.

24 Consider today, go back in my Words, saith the Everlasting Lord,

25 so that you may be in this quality, in this position, in this situation,

26 to be considering at all times the fire which my Holy Ghost came down with to place it on the man and the woman.

27 Look around yourselves, during this very hour even, in this place where you are united today.

28 Look at those who, yes, they have this fire, who, they have received it, this fire. Look at those people who received it.

29 Look at your brother, at your sister, yes, who are with this fire, who walk with this fire, who walk with this authority and who let it operate in their lives.

30 Yes, saith the Everlasting Lord, you must also consider

31 the operation of my fire, the operation of my authority, the operation of my Comforter.

32 Yes, reconsider, consider, yes, so we are not only hearers or readers;

33 but consider today, yes, the function, the functions, of the fire,

34 yes, which I promised for the man and the woman

35 and consider also the position of my authority; and, the conduct, oh, of my Spirit in you, in you today, saith the Everlasting Lord.

36 Look, probe my Scriptures, yes, saith the Everlasting Lord, probe the prophecies, yes, saith the Everlasting Lord,

37 yes, because this very hour, yes, feel it today: I put an anointing on you,

38 so that you may feel what could be taking place in the air,

39 so that you know what could be happening in the air.

40 Yes, the animals, –The animal on earth, yes, it can feel.–

41 before I do tremble this universe, this planet, they feel it before any man can start feeling it.

42 Yes, they have a spirit that is attentive to the movement of your God, yes, to the traveling of your God;

43 and you, who are my son, who are my daughter, yes, I have placed a Spirit in you,

44 so that you may also be, yes, so sensitive to my travels, saith the Everlasting Lord, so that you are not taken by surprise.

45 Yes, saith the Lord, your God, today, yes, consider the Spirit which I placed in you, which I placed on you,

46 which I gave to you through the Scriptures of my prophets, of my writers, saith the Everlasting Lord,

47 and through the Words of my only Son, who came down on you, towards you, for you,

48 yes, who died and who resurrected, ascended to heaven for you, interceding for you today.

49 Yes, I want you to be a people who is sensitive to my travels, saith the Everlasting Lord.

50 Know my Scriptures and remember my Scriptures. Know them all, my Scriptures,

51 so that you are attentive and sensitive to my travels, yes, saith the Everlasting Lord, for I am traveling.

52 I started to travel, saith the Everlasting Lord today, and I am traveling in different places of this world;

53 and I tell you one thing today, yes, you will feel it even more severely,

54 but I do not want to take you by surprise, saith the Everlasting Lord.

55 I want you to be attentive to my travels.

56 I will be traveling as you have read it in the Scriptures,

57 with tornadoes, with winds, with fire, with sulphur, like I have been traveling in the past.

58 My days, yes, are soon elected in this world and you will see that my day will be a severe day

59 for those who know me not, for those who serve me not, for those whom I will be taking by surprise, saith the Lord.

60 I will come like a thief and I will be coming like a thief; yes, I will be there like a thief.

61 They will have the surprise, yes, they never received before, they never have seen before, they never felt coming before;

62 for I will be traveling and I already started to travel in different localities.

63 I have traveled a lot already, even in the air, in the firmament where demons exist, where the devil has his throne;

64 but I tell you one thing, brothers and sisters, today

65 I am talking to you in the name of Jesus, I am talking to you in the name of our God, of the Everlasting Lord.

66 Yes, I am talking to you that I felt the movements of my God, his travels.

67 Yes, there is a travel taking place in the air.

68 Yes, I feel it since a little while, yes, I see it since a little while,

69 that God is stormy, yes, He is in a storm against demons

70 who come to seduce us, who come to make us weaker;

71 but I am the Everlasting Lord, your God, who said: “Yes, I will be there the day of the great temptation.”

72 and I thank God today to be standing before you today with these feelings, with these discernments:

73 that the travels of our God, yes, He is preparing his day and, his terrible day, yes; for it has been prophesied, yes, that all…

74 It was written, it was preached and through the disciples of Jesus, you read it, you heard it preached when I preached it,

75 that He will travel with fire and sulphur to wipe out all humans, all, whosoever is still living

76 and to make disappear the existing planets,

77 so that His new Earth and His new city and His new sky,

78 yes, will take place, saith the Everlasting Lord.

79 Yes, the Lord is traveling, yes, He is making some room in the air for us.

80 He is wiping out all demons. He is moving them out. He is making room for us,

81 so that one day, we are in the place He promised to give us, saith the Everlasting Lord;

82 for He left this Earth saying that He is preparing a place for us.

83 Oh, consider the fire, consider the authority today, oh, that you read, saying:

84 whomsoever it came upon, they became a different person, a person of signs and wonders.

85 And today, consider your ways, consider your comings and goings, consider your entrances and your exits.

86 Are you today a sign, a wonder?

87 Are you a woman and a man that the Everlasting Lord wanted? and that He wants to have on this Earth?

88 in whom He will travel, in whom He will use, so that the prophecy is being said here and there?

89 so that each man has the blessing, the opportunity to take, to take this salvation?

90 to take the Comforter, to go after this fire, to go after this authority?

91 Oh, go forth today.

92 You see your small ones who are growing,oh, along your legs, yes, what have they got for an example?

93 What have they got for an example? What have they got for a sign? What have they got for a wonder? This house only?

94 This house gives nothing and attracts nothing,

95 but it is what is happening in it, what is preached in this house, yes,

96 that must become the sign and the wonder in the soul of the mother and of the father,

97 and then, the child will receive, will inherit some of it; for it is promised.

98 The promise is for you and your children, for those to come, saith the Everlasting Lord.

99 Today consider the fire, consider my fire, the fire of my Holy Ghost that is there for you today,

100 to keep you, to make you boiling and to keep you boiling,

101 so that your works are acceptable for the Everlasting Lord, your God,

102 so that your works are pleasing unto the Everlasting Lord, your God.

103 Yes, consider the fire, consider the authority today, yes, are you having this authority?

104 Oh, are you hungry for this authority? Are you thirsty for this authority?

105 Were you thirsty yesterday for this authority? Were you thirsty before yesterday for this authority?

106 Were your thirsty for this authority and for this fire the day you entered in through these doors?

107 The day you came to hear my anointed man preaching, were you thirsty, were you hungry, for this authority?

108 Oh, consider today: Look at those who were baptized, who received this flame, this fire,

109 who were baptized with this authority, with this power in them; look at what they have become.

110 Yes, the Everlasting Lord, your God, today, yes, He searches and He cries with a big throat

111 for people, for some youth or, even still, for young parents,

112 who will have this thirst, who will walk with this thirst, to be used by their God.

113 Yes, today, consider, consider the fire, consider, consider the authority, oh

114 for the day I will come, my terrible day, yes, this day will be terrible

115 for those who are not today dressed, baptized, blessed with my gifts of knowledge,

116 with my gifts of the Word, of knowledge and of wisdom and, to discern the spirits.

117 Yes, I want today, I desire and I want today, that all of my children can feel, discern,

118 my moves in the air, my travels in the air, before they can really be felt on this Earth, saith the Everlasting Lord,

119 so that you are not taken by surprise and, that your children will suffer, yes, because,

120 if the father and the mother is taken by surprise

121 and if they will be taken, through my travels, through my ordinances,

122 oh, but yes, saith the Everlasting Lord today,

123 your children will become orphans and they will be today in a terrible waiting period,

124 because it will be a waiting period where they will know

125 that there is none of the parents who will arrive

126 or, a mother who will arrive, a father who will arrive.

127 They will walk in terrible fears, saith the Everlasting Lord.

128 Consider today my authority, so that you have, yes, in you, the Spirit of comfort,

129 for those whom you have brought into the world, for those you have formed, saith the Everlasting Lord.

130 Consider also today my authority and my flame, my fire for this house also which is erected, erected for you,

131 which was erected the first day it was erected for my children

132 and not for illegitimates, no; but for my children, for my sons and my daughters.

133 Consider this today, see these walls, see how they were erected,

134 so that you find yourselves between these walls today and, for you to receive my Word, saith the Everlasting Lord,

135 in order to walk, finally, with an authority, with a peace, with a happiness,

136 with a prosperity that is spiritual to start with and then, for your carnal things, saith the Everlasting Lord.

137 Consider my ministry of reconciliation. Consider all of my Words of reconciliation today.

138 Yes, they are not there only to erase sin,

139 but my Words are also there in order to reconcile yourselves with all of my feelings;

140 and not simply to be believing only and to be my children;

141 but, to be reconciled with all of my feelings, saith the Everlasting Lord,

142 yes, to be reconciled with all of my travels, with all of my ordinances, saith God, today, to his people.

143 Yes, consider my Word, my foundation, my ministry, saith the Everlasting Lord,

144 my Words of reconciliation, saith the Lord, your God, today.

145 Consider today, yes, what He is declaring unto you

146 and do not stop to consider what I have prophesied, even in the past and prepare yourselves for it,

147 because I will prophesy again in the future through the mouth of my anointed, saith the Lord,

148 and prepare yourselves for my prophecies.

149 Prepare yourselves to consider what I declared through my Spirit, yes, which is on the man who is talking to you today.

150 Yes, consider, yes, re-enter today in my Spirit more than ever.

151 Today is the hour that I declare today to be a warning.

152 It is an hour of warning, it is an hour of a great warning today,

153 to wake yourselves up to serve me, saith the Everlasting Lord, to walk for this house, to live for this house,

154 to walk for the Words of reconciliation, which are…in which you may find

155 only happiness, only the answers for the carnal and for the spiritual, saith the Everlasting Lord.

156 My Words, yes, they have been established for you, for you on whom I have placed my Spirit.

157 You in whom I have placed my Life, saith the Everlasting Lord, you whom I call my son, you whom I call my daughter, my Words are there for you today.

158 Consider today, oh, the travels of the Everlasting Lord, your God, of the past;

159 and the future will be even more severe, saith the Everlasting Lord.

160 Consider my fire, consider my authority. Yes, start to come closer.

161 Many amongst all of you today, listen.

162 While listening to this message, oh, to this prophecy, to this revelation for you today,

163 my children, ah, who are… who are so far, even so far,

164 you are… you are to the ear, your ear is hearing the voice of my just man today.

165 Even if you hear it, even if you are in his presence, you are so far from me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

166 You are sitting on whatever I have put in your hands to serve me, oh,

167 and you are using it for your pasture; but, saith the Everlasting Lord today, come closer, get closer,

168 in order for you to be Sheep of my pasture, of my ways,

169 in order for you to be of my plantation, trees of my plantation,

170 trees of justice, a plantation of peace, of happiness, of joy and of obedience on this planet, saith the Everlasting Lord.

171 Ah, yes, I am talking to you today with love and with sincerity, yes; for I love you.

172 I placed on you my Spirit in order to love you more and more,

173 in order to not see you crushed the day of my visitation.

174 Oh, consider today what you hear. Consider my words of reconciliation.

175 Consider the fire, consider the authority, of my Spirit.

176 My Spirit has not come here with an empty mouth. My Spirit has not come here with an empty belly.

177 It has come with consolation. It has come with authority.

178 It has come in order to inundate your life, in order to inundate your spirit, your mind, your heart, with fire,

179 in order to inundate it with authority. Oh, go forth, be hungry.

180 Consider today to see yourselves and to know yourselves to really be walking in this authority,

181 in this inundation of fire, of flames; yes, I want to surround you at all times.

182 These are the only protections that I sent for you, oh, who are born of my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord.

183 Consider the work of my Spirit, the visitation of my Spirit, the presence of my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord.

184 Search my Scriptures, saith the Everlasting Lord, once more probe them. Probe.

185 You are not probing. You are not probing. You are not meditating.

186 You are preoccupied and you let yourselves be crushed

187 by the apprehension of things which may happen around you,

188 by what a man can do for you.

189 It is written to fear the One instead who, oh, after having destroyed the flesh,  can send the soul in hell.

190 Ah, consider today, the ways, the ways of the Lord, your God.

191 Look today with the eyes of your intelligence what I am declaring unto you today and you will walk attentively in the obedience of my Words.

192 You will do it, you will be in a joy, in a peace to know that you really are

193 walking according to what the Everlasting Lord, you God, is saying;

194 but for you who are sensitive today to the chastisement, who resist the chastisement,

195 it is because you are not pleasing the Everlasting Lord, your God.

196 You know it that you have not pleased your God.

197 You know it that you are not making things for Him which are pleasing Him.

198 You know it that you are retaining.

199 You know it that you retain even you own life, your own body.

200 Your own belly, you are retaining it.

201 You don’t want me to use it. You don’t want to place it in my hands,

202 so that I may mold you as I want to mold you, saith the Everlasting Lord, your God, today.

203 Yes, you have been walking in such an ignorance; for you have handed yourself to spirits, yes, who have seduced you, yes;

204 but today, receive the deliverance, receive this truth, this Word of reconciliation,

205 so that you are this authority for me on the Earth,

206 so that you walk with this authority, the authority of my Spirit,

207 so that you walk with this fire,

208 so that you are a flame of my fire, the fire of my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord.

209 Come forward today and consider humiliating yourself right away,

210 today, this very hour that you hear the voice of my anointed man, saith the Everlasting Lord,

211 so that you are not taken by surprise, on your left and on your right, wherever you will find yourself,

212 or when I will bother to travel with my ordinances of my promises, saith the Everlasting Lord.

213 Oh, are you today to the attention?

214 Are you today in this place, oh, ready to receive, oh, what the Lord, your God, promises you when you probe the Scriptures of your God?

215 Yes, your God, ah, has called you for this reason: so that you are a glory for Him,

216 a peace on this Earth for anyone near you and a joy for those who seek peace, joy

217 and so that you are also a praise,

218 so that those who look at you, yes, right away their sight will be on me, saith the Lord, will be a glory for me, saith the Everlasting Lord.

219 Consider today, consider, consider.

220 Oh, enter in the balance that I have for you today. Oh, weigh yourself today, weigh yourself, weigh yourself.

221 Compare yourself with my Word. Compare yourself with those who walk attentively. Compare yourself with those who walk in obedience.

222 Compare yourself with those who laid down their life and who fear not the things that a man of this Earth can do to you, can do to them.

223 They are not fearing anything, those things a man can do to them.

224 Yes, lay down yourself today, crucify yourself today with my Son, Christ. Yes, crucify yourself.

225 Find yourself crucified, really crucified with Him, so that you can also finally walk in His resurrection

226 and that you become my Creation in whom I am pleased, in whom I can operate, in whom I can place my ordinances,

227 so that other people listen to them and receive them

228 through your hand, through your mouth, through your fruits, saith the Everlasting Lord.

229 Consider my fire. Consider my fire.

230 Consider the authority. Consider it. Cease not to consider it.

231 Cease not to compare yourself today, ah, to my Word, to my only Son, to my Spirit, saith the Lord,

232 to what my Comforter is for the man and the woman today who are called sons, children who have separated from the things of this world.

233 Yes, consider my Comforter, my Spirit, the authority which He came with, the fire which He came with.

234 Consider, compare yourself to what I have said unto you today.

235 Compare yourself to what you have read in the Scriptures.

236 Compare yourself today, saith the Everlasting Lord, to what I have placed in front of you.

237 Compare yourself today to: “Who are you?” Hey?

238 In what state do you find yourself before your God today?

239 In what state do you see yourself before your God today?

240 In what state do you see yourself before the terrible…

241 the terrible day, the one your God prophesied unto you? this terrible day of the Everlasting Lord?

242 Consider yourself today.

243 Are you ready today to enter in the first fruits of the Spirit?

244 Are you ready today to enter in the feelings of my Spirit?

245 Are you ready, are you there ready to receive from my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord?

246 Oh-oh, consider yourself. Consider yourself today. Compare yourself.

247 Ah, saith the Everlasting Lord, compare yourself and consider today what you are.

248 Are you the man, are you the woman, yes, who really is this person in whom I can be pleased?

249 Oh, consider your ways. Oh, consider your ways, saith the Everlasting Lord.

250 Today is still an hour of preparation for you.

251 It is still a day, a day of grace, of mercy,

252 for you who is so fare, for you who finds yourself hurt today by what I declare;

253 but do not lose, do not lose one second do not lose one minute, do not lose one instant, of this atmosphere.

254 Ah, humiliate yourself, humble yourself. You have walked in pride, in the pride of your mother, in the pride of your father;

255 and you are still walking, I find you even today, my eyes are on your pride.

256 My eyes are not on my Word, on my fire, on my authority, on my Spirit;

257 for my Spirit cannot live in anyone who is proud, in anyone who do not let himself be abased, saith the Lord.

258 My eyes will be, yes, on the firm ground, on the one in whom I will put my Word

259 and that it will give a profit, that it will raise higher,

260 that it will grow with a unique growth of my heart, of my Spirit

261 with a spiritual growth of holiness and of justice, saith the Everlasting Lord.

262 I will not give my Word to those who keep the feelings of the rocky, stony paths,

263 the feelings coming from places, dry places, saith the Everlasting Lord. Ah, hein.

264 Why do you like dry places, dry roads?

265 Why do you like rocky, stony paths?

266 Why do you like those paths in particular? Saith the Everlasting Lord.

267 After having received so much teaching, after having seen so many examples near you,

268 why are you still so reserved not wanting to serve me?

269 Why do you still find yourself attached to things of this world, oh, which make you…

(A few words not recorded, missing here.)
{Face B, audio cassette MTM0223CT}

270 …which transforms you into an enemy, ah, of your God.

271 Why are you today so severe against your own soul, your own spirit?

272 Why are you so severe? Why are you so severe towards yourself?

273 Why are you not letting me become the friend of your soul, the guardian of your soul?

274 Accept my Word of Life and of Spirit today, ah, which seeks to keep you in my hand, saith the Lord.

275 Consider my Spirit. Consider my fire. Consider my authority.

276 Consider the words of my Spirit which were written for you.

277 Consider the Word of reconciliation today.

278 Consider the travels of your God today.

279 And especially, consider this travel today, that He has travelled to talk to you personally,

280 in order to elevate you personally, to personally place you in the heights.

281 He has travelled today in order to… in order to pull you, in order to pull you out of the first fruits of his world,

282 in order to prove unto you His love He still has for you, that He loved you before, and then, that He wants to love you now.

283 Consider this personal travel that I made to attract you.

284 Once again today, will you be present the next time I will travel for you?

285 Will you be there? Ah, will you be there? As there are many who are absent, will you be present?

286 The day I will travel again to bless you, to attract you, will you be too far?

287 May be you will be so far, that my arm will not be able to pull you, to bring you back to me.

288 What is it that separates you, what is it that separates you of your God?

289 Recognize this and consider it today.

290 Consider this, recognize today, this personal travel that I chose to do today,

291 this very hour that you hear, this very minute that you personally receive today

292 the personal visit of your God to talk to you, to exhort you, to chastise you.

293 Ah, recognize today, consider my Spirit in which I bother to move myself today,

294 by which my anointed man has bothered, bothers and will bother.

295 Look at the Spirit which is in him, which he uses to talk to you,

296 which he uses to contact you today, to reach you today.

297 Look at the private, personal travel of the Everlasting Lord, your God, today.

298 And I am repeating it, consider my fire, the fire of my Spirit,

299 consider my authority, the authority of my Spirit, saith the Everlasting Lord. 


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