Jesus-Eternity – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on May 24th, 1992 at 11:00 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 4 min 22 s
Recording: ROY0017CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


26 (Jesus-Eternity, first words missing.)

I am telling you tonight, says the Eternal, stop having your mind and your spirit puzzled:

“Ah, what will I do? What’s happening to me? Where can I go? What can I do?”

Stop believing the end is reached: there is no end with the Eternal, your God.

There is no end with the Eternal, your God.

You heard tonight about his depth, his height, his width, his length: there is no end.

Stop using terms I never prophesied, says the Eternal,

stop using words which never came out of my mouth, stop having thoughts which are not coming from my mind.

As you have seen it written in the Scriptures,

10 the thoughts of people will never be the thoughts of the Eternal, your God.

11 Therefore tonight, stop imagining you have reached the end of things.

12 Stop thinking about the end. Stop believing in the end. Stop confessing the end.

13 I don’t want to hear anymore of these words from the lips of my children.

14 Walk with these words which I wrote on your heart through the Spirit, through the Spirit, the Spirit,

15 the Holy Spirit which I promised would teach you the things which have been said before,

16 so that you walk not with the things that people, that the enemy of my kingdom said unto you.

17 I am telling you tonight, put an end in confessing failure, when you are confessing: “What’s left to do?”

18 There is always something that can be done, says the Eternal.

19 Call upon me when you are in a moment of distress and you will see that I will be there to rescue you.

20 I will be there to create a door for you so that you can have victory,

21 oh, that victory you imagine you are not having with me, says the Eternal.

22 I am always a victory. I am always your victory. I am always your door of entrance, of entrance;

23 because the door, the lane to follow, the Son, my beloved Son whom I gave unto you, he was given to you as a door.

24 He was given to you to give you his joy, peace and self-assurance.

25 He was given to you to give you his knowledge and his zeal.

26 He was given to you to give you his pureness and his holiness.

27 He was given to you to put his glory and his joy on you.

28 He was given to you for prosperity. Yes, he was given to you to give you health.

29 He was given to you today so that you can really walk in my Word, walk following my Word and so that you confess my Word.

30 So walk to the sound of my Word.

31 Search, search, search my Scriptures, says the Eternal, and you will see that you never reach an end.

32 You will never reach a position or you will never be in some kind of a situation where, all of a sudden,

33 your mind will be shut, where the words of the mind I gave you are not there for you. Hey.

34 This will never be the state of your life. You will never be in such a state, no.

35 You will always be in a state of eternity;

36 because with me, I am always with the eternity blessing you, says the Eternal,

37 blessing you with my depths, with my lengths, my depths, my widths, my heights.

38 I am always blessing you with my limitless promises, having no end, says the Eternal.

39 Search, search the Scriptures: my Word.

40 Read, read my Word. Read it, read, read and read again, read again and then, again.

41 I am telling you: read in order to know my precepts, in order to know my delights, in order to know my liberty,

42 my liberty, my zeal, my promise, which I have for you each hour, each instant of your life.

43 Stop, says the Eternal, confessing the end; for with me, there is no end.


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