Cleave Unto Me – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Cleave Unto Me

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded in the ’90s, at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 9 min 49 s
Recording: AAM0006CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


30 (Lay down your life.)

Thus speaks the Eternal:

Cleave unto me, says the Eternal. Cleave unto me! Cleave unto me, says the Eternal.

Oh, cleave unto me, oh, says the Eternal. Cleave unto me tonight!

Cleave unto me, not tomorrow, oh, but tonight, says the Eternal, oh, not later tonight, but now, says the Eternal.

Now, cleave unto me! Cleave unto me!

Oh, I wish to hear your voices.

I wish to hear your voices shout to my throne, says the Eternal : “Alleluia!”

Oh, I wish to hear your prayers, says the Eternal. I wish to hear your supplications, says the Eternal.

10 Oh, I wish you to lay down your soul before me, says the Eternal.

11 Oh, lay yourselves down before my throne, says the Eternal.

12 Oh, remember that tomorrow there will be very dark days, there will be very dark days, says the Eternal;

13 because my hand is becoming heavier on this city, on this province, on this country, on the Earth,

14 because my Word is preached.

15 Cleave unto me. You, you who are pure and holy, remain pure and holy.

16 Oh, continue to lay yourselves down before my throne as I wish all of you to do tonight, says the Eternal, at this time I am speaking to you.

17 Yes, says the Eternal, I wish to have you.

18 I don’t want to have half of you. I don’t want to have three-quarters of you.

19 I want to have one hundred percent of you.

20 I wish to have your entire mind. I wish to have your entire heart. I wish to have your entire being.

21 I wish to have it all, tonight; for I know you are not entirely here, says the Eternal: your body is here, but your spirit is elsewhere.

22 Cleave unto me! Cleave unto me! Cleave unto me! Cleave unto me! Cleave unto me, says the Eternal.

23 Cleave unto my throne, unto my Word which was made flesh for you, not for your amusement, but for you.

24 Oh, my Word! Cleave unto me, says the Eternal. Cleave unto me!

25 Oh, my Word! Cleave unto me, says the Eternal. Cleave unto me!

26 I wish to elevate you tonight, says the Eternal. I do not wish to abase you as a person!

27 My mind is not to abase anyone; but rather, to elevate you,

28 to keep you in the heights, to keep you in my hand, so that I lose you not;

29 for, tomorrow will be a terrible day, oh, tomorrow will be terrible.

30 Day after day, I am making my hand heavier.

31 Oh, catch sight of and see, see my anointed people,

32 see my anointed man, my man, man of me, says the Eternal, men of God, God’s assistants,

33 oh, see that they are declaring unto you that my hand is becoming heavier.

34 See, says the Eternal, and listen to them; and cleave unto me! Cleave unto me! Cleave unto me!

35 Don’t be indifferent to their words;

36 because it is me who planted these words in their mouth,

37 oh, says the Eternal, it is me who uplifts them through my Word,

38 it is me who makes them grow, it is me who makes them know, who makes them see things,

39 so that they teach you, so that they make you see things, through my Word,

40 so that they teach you to not not lose your soul.

41 Oh, catch sight of these terrible days of tomorrow.

42 Oh, these days, for those people who will not be ready for it, will never end!

43 Oh! Will you be ready? to lose your head? Will you be ready? to be cut out into pieces?

44 Will you be ready? to be killed for me?

45 Will you be ready? to lose your blood for me? as my anointed people are now teaching you through my Word?

46 Oh! Be ready, because of these days of tomorrow; but now, cleave unto me and forget not, says the Eternal.

47 Cleave unto me, today, at this hour I am speaking to you.

48 This is a warning, as there were many other warnings in the past and, as there are going to be even more warnings in the future;

49 but you must be very attentive and beware of these warnings,

50 says the Eternal; for I am not on the move for nothing.

51 Oh, I was never on the move for nothing;

52 and tonight, I am not on the move for nothing;

53 I am on the move to teach you, to uplift and to fortify you

54 to be on your guard and to cleave unto me, and to beware for tomorrow!

55 Do not cleave yourselves unto nothing of this Earth

56 no matter if it is monetary or if it is a supply of something, or if it is whatever else,

57 but, says the Eternal, cleave only unto me, unto my Word, unto my throne,

58 for tomorrow, for these terrible days, for tomorrow, so that you are ready,

59 and so that you go through them with my Word, because of my Word.

60 And fear not, when these days shall come when you will have to be hit,

61 when you will have to lose your head because of me,

62 when you will have to lose your blood because of me,

63 fear not; because I will always be there with you,

64 just like other people went through that, as my Son died nailed on the cross,

65 had his live, his side pierced, had his head pierced, had nails in the hands, in the feet,

66 was scourged, hit, insulted, abused for you. He made it to his death,

67 in order to show you an example that you must make it until the end, until the end!

68 This is why you must now cleave unto my throne.

69 Cleave unto me! Cleave unto me, because of tomorrow, of these terrible days.

70 Never forget this, because of tomorrow; but cleave unto my Word,

71 first because it is me who chose you, and also because of my Son Jesus, says the Eternal, your God tonight.

72 Cleave unto me, cleave unto me, says the Eternal, your God, unto you, my people, whom I love,

73 unto the nation whom I love, small nation, small flock; but I love you and I don’t want to lose you.

74 I don’t want to lose you, says the Eternal.

75 I don’t want to lose you! I don’t want to lose you, says the Eternal, your God.


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