Watch And Pray – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Watch And Pray

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on June 14th, 1992 at 5:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 12 min 43 s
Recording: ROY0006CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


(Words of warnings.)

Thus speaks the Eternal, your God:

Yes, the Eternal, your God, your Father is watching over you.

Continually, day and night, he is watching over his house, over his people. Yes, the Eternal is watching.

As the Scripture is saying it, you must also be watching, watching over your own soul; for your soul has a great value to my eyes, says the Eternal;

because the Eternal, your God, the day of his coming back, as a thief, one person will be taken and another… will be left behind.

Watch and pray, says the Eternal, because you don’t know the hour;

because that day is getting closer, says the Eternal, that day is near, says the Eternal.

That day is getting closer day after day;

10 and if you are not watching, it will be too late, the door will be closed, says the Eternal, the door will be closed.

11 And today,

12 –today, through the mouth of my anointed people,

13 who are insisting with you, my children, who are still insisting

14 so that the blessing dwells on you and, so that your faith is greater and greater,

15 so that I purge you, says the Eternal, so that you bear fruit, says the Eternal,–

16 what I wish to do is to gather these fruits in you each day;

17 I wish to gather these fruits in abundance, says the Eternal.

18 Stay awake, says the Eternal. Watch and obey.

19 Obey, says the Eternal, because I am pleased in obedience, more than in anything else, more than in sacrifices, says the Eternal.

20 As my Son, Jesus remained in this obedience,

21 as he obeyed me unto his death, unto the death of the cross, says the Eternal,

22 become, become, become as my Son is, says the Eternal, become obedient people,

23 so that on this day, which I prepare for you, which I am preparing for you,

24 so that you are as a wife who prepared herself for her husband.

25 Be ready, says the Eternal. Don’t be as those people who were crazy, who were… as the crazy virgins,

26 who did not care, who were not on their guards, who were not watching.

27 Yes says the Eternal, yes says the Eternal,

28 my eye is on each one of you and I know your needs, says the Eternal.

29 I know my sheep, says the Eternal.

30 Dwell in me, says the Eternal, dwell in…

31 (Defective recording,words missing.)

32 Delight yourselves in my Word, says the Eternal.

33 Inebriate yourselves with this Word, says the Eternal.

34 Be drunken with my Word, says the Eternal.

35 It is me who sealed you, who marked you,

36 through my Holy Spirit, which I sent unto you, says the Eternal,

37 in order to comfort you, in order to teach you.

38 Obey, says the Eternal. Obey my anointed people, says the Eternal.

39 Obey my anointed people, says the Eternal.

40 Obey my anointed people, says the Eternal;

41 for without obedience, you cannot please me, says the Eternal.

42 No, I will not let you down, says the Eternal, if you dwell in me, says the Eternal.

43 Dwell in me, says the Eternal. Make sure that my Word dwells in you, says the Eternal, in each one of you, in abundance.

44 The Word of my son Jesus in you in abundance, so that the people who are outside recognize

45 that you are my sons, says the Eternal,

46 that you are my people, that you are my creation, that you are my nation:

47 living flames of Light shining through darkness, says the Eternal,

48 through my Spirit which is in you, my Spirit which I cherish in you, yes, the Spirit,

49 which was in my Son Jesus, who is in you, whom I cherish with jealousy.

50 Yes, the Eternal, your God, is a jealous God, oh yes; because the Eternal, your God, is also a living flame,

51 a consuming flame, a flame which destroys, which exterminates all the people who resist me, who are rebellious.

52 As I had pleasure blessing my people, blessing them, blessing and blessing them again, they irritated me, says the Eternal.

53 Keep my Word, keep my instructions, keep my commandments; and I will always be pleased in you.

54 Seek, seek my face in the Scriptures, says the Eternal. 

55 Seek me, says the Eternal.

56 Seek me, says the Eternal, and all things will be given unto you above that, says the Eternal, your God.



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