Sanctification – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on June 21st, 1992 at 8:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 11 min 20 s
Recordings: ROY0024CT and MTM0303CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


(Praises of victory.)

Yes, oh yes, says the Eternal,

yes, praise me, praise me, says the Eternal.

Your shouts are not making it to me. Praise me with a full throat, says the Eternal.

Oh, my Word is in your praises. My Word is in your heart.

My Word, you must be confessing it and, it must make it to me

in your praises, in your prayers, while fasting, in sanctification, says the Eternal, sanctification.

My people are not sanctified enough. My people are lacking sanctification.

My people are not fasting. My people are not praying.

10 My people are not in the Word. My people are getting lost. My people are going astray. My people’s heart is not here.

11 My people’s flesh is here; but the soul, the spirit, the one in which I placed my Word inside of you, where is it?

12 Your praises, I wish to have praises filled up with my Word, with sanctification, with holiness, with pureness and righteousness.

13 Yes, says the Eternal, it is not praises, praises,

14 it is not praises as the praises I am hearing now which are pleasing me;

15 but it is praises, praises with integrity and with an upright heart, says the Eternal,

16 a heart that is walking seeking me in my Word, not unto this century and not unto all of what this world contains.

17 not unto the liturgy of religions which are found around you and which are only waiting for this place to be closed to shout the victory.

18 But my people, my people,

19 It is on you that I am relying on today.

20 It is on you that this victory will not be shouted by those ungodly people.

21 It is on you that I am counting, says the Eternal.

22 You are waiting for me to act; but me, whom can I wait for? It is for you that I am waiting. I am waiting for you.

23 My hand, my hand is always ready to act, says the Eternal.

24 My hand is taking action, is your hand taking action? Me, I wish to see, I wish to see, I wish to see sacrifices.

25 Oh, you have not given unto losing blood. You have not given unto losing blood. You did not even give what you already own.

26 How can you give what you don’t already own, if you can’t even make it in giving what you already own?

27 Yes, says the Eternal, strip yourselves of what you own.

28 First of all, strip your soul. Get rid of your covetousness. Strip your covetousness of the things of this century.

29 Strip yourselves entirely: give. Devote yourselves entirely.

30 You won’t be able to give in the offerings if you are not giving yourselves up from within your soul.

31 You will not be able to accomplish my Word, if you are not walking unto my prescriptions.

32 Yes, victory, which one do you prefer? victory of sin over you? or victory of my justice, the Word?

33 You decide. I cannot make a decision for you. It is up to you to decide.

34 Yes, you just have to, you only have to make your decision and choose. You just have to choose.

35 Choose, choose your lane that you must follow.

36 Do not wait for me, it is me who is waiting for you today.

37 You are waiting for a miracle? The miracle is in your hands. The miracle is nothing else but yourselves.

38 Accomplish this miracle through faith. Put your faith to work.

39 The miracle you are waiting for, is inside of you, through the Word, through your will.

40 It is not my will, it is your willingness  towards me that I am waiting for.

41 It is up to you to put your faith to work. It is up to you to bannish the unbelief which is in your brain.

42 Stop walking according to the flesh. You are too carnal. You are carnal, carnal, carnal.

43 Stop. Stop looking at each other. Stop looking at your brother and at your sister.

44 Stop. Stop washing your eye, but wash your feet. Stop. You never stop examining things. You never stop judging.

45 You judge your leader. You judge the works of your leader.

46 Humble yourselves. Be humble children. Be servants for each other.

47 Isn’t this the reason why I called you, to humble yourselves?

48 And bannish the unbelief of your heart.

49 Stop looking at each other. Stop looking around.

50 You are no more the person you were before I had called you.

51 The names you are wearing, these names are no more the names I wish you to have,

52 but you are called my sons and daugters.

53 Stop looking at each other according to the flesh and walk with faith.

54 You have my Word, you have good leaders, what more are you in the need of?

55 Signs? Miracles? You will not have any.

56 I did not give any miracle before for the unbelievers, you don’t need any miracle because you are not unbelievers.

57 You are called my children, and, my sons, the only sign I will give unto you, it is going to be your faith.

58 I will open doors through your faith, says the Eternal, through your faith in my Word.

59 Seek my Word. Seek the kingdom of God and his justice in my Word, says the Eternal.

60 And stop, stop being told over again and again always the same speaches, but go forth, yes.

61 Yes, it is not words of consolation that I have for you tonight, but it is words of warnings.

62 Be watchful.

63 You are all the time waiting for me to comfort you, for me to comfort you, for me to comfort you.

64 Go comfort the people outside. Go suffer as Christ suffered.

65 You are not weak people. You are supposed to be strong, strong people in my Word.

66 You are more than conquerors. Your strenght is in your victory.

67 Your strenght is in victory. Your strenght is in sanctification.

68 I did not call you to be weak people, but to be strong people. Stop complaining. You are strong people.

69 If you are weak people, you will perish, says the Eternal; for you must be victorious people in my name and you will have victory in each thing.

70 Do not walk using your carnal eyes. Walk unto my Word and you shall not accomplish the desires of the flesh.

71 Yes, walk unto my leaders. Stop looking at the carnal things.

72 Go forth, and then, I will always be with you, says the Eternal.

73 I will always be there. I was always there. I never missed doing things unto my Word.

74 I will always be there. I shall never forsake thee, never, never, never, never, never,

75 but this is all up to you, there is no need for me to always repeat unto you the same speech.

76 Learn and learn once and for all by killing your flesh, by crucifying your flesh.

77 You have it all in your hands. I did it all through my Son; it is now up to you to produce, my children;

78 because I will not tolerate unbelief among you.

79 Yes, I started here, the doors were opened having few souls.

80 It is not the number of people that I consider, but only each person who will walk straight before my face.

81 I have no respect for rebels, for those people who disperse my sheep: I will reject them, says the Eternal.

82 I will always be among you in order to maintain this assembly in pureness and in holiness

83 according to what is prescribed in my Word, unto what is preached, unto what is established here.

84 There is nothing that will change and nothing will never change;

85 and if you are expecting some changes to be  taking place, you are not welcomed in my assembly.

86 You are not welcomed; because never, never will there be any change in my Word, says the Eternal.

87 Yes, never, never, never, never will I accept any change, never any compromise, never any compromise, never any change:

88 you are holy, you shall be holy, pure, irreproachable and without reproach or you will not subsist in my assembly.

89 Few people subsisted until today and few people will stay until my advent.

90 The day I chose, the day of the coming of my Son, there will be few people, will you be among these few people?

91 It is up to you to decide.

92 And I am telling you, in truth, I am telling you: there will be few people, there will be few people and there will be few people.

93 And if you turn your back to me, there will be even fewer people and much more few people.

94 Do not expect the miracle of saving an entire city, this city, no; but you, save yourselves.

95 And save through your example your neighbour, save your relatives, save your family.

96 Satan is lying to you and he is making you falsely believe that you cannot reach your relatives and your family.

97 Yes, the devil is a liar, you can do it.

98 It is through your example, confessing my Word, demonstrating my Word that you will make it happen,

99 that you will be able, you will be able, you will be able to save your soul.

100 And if you are not saving no one no one around you, you will have saved your own soul, says the Eternal.


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