God’s Covenant – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


God’s Covenant

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 19th, 1992 at 8:00 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 10 min 52 s
Recording: ROY0002CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


(Sang prophecy.)

The sound of the Eternal! Alleluia. The noise of the Eternal! Alleluia. The noise of abundance! Alleluia. The torrent of the Eternal! Alleluia.

Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Glory! Glory! Alleluia. Alleluia.

The sound of abundant rain, abundance of rain! Alleluia. Alleluia. Glory! Glory!

The lane is traced, the road is established,

for the man who seeks justice, for the woman who seeks justice.

The lane is established, the road is traced, for the man who seeks justice,

justice, justice, justice, justice, justice.

The lane is established, the lane exists, the road exists, the road which leads

10 unto eternal life, unto the life of joy and peace: the road is the joy.

11 Oh, the road of joy, the road of peace, the road of the joy, the road of faith,

12 is established, has been traced, traced with the Eternal’s finger, by his almighty hand, 

13 his hand that is ready to heal, that is ready to deliver you, that is ready to transport you, that is ready to uplift you,

14 his hand, his hand, inside which we must live, inside which we are found, in full security, eternal security,

15 his hand, this hand, this hand, the hand of your God, the hand of your Creator,

16 oh, which established a road, a lane, in order to succeed

17 in being found in his hand, walking in his hand, letting yourselves be transported, letting yourselves be transported,

18 letting yourselves be uplifted into the heights, in order to leave behind the shore,

19 to be found in the depths of blessings

20 and of the sea of eternal life, oh, of waters of life, of waters of life.

21 Oh, these waters were promised unto each man and each woman

22 who shall be walking on this road which was traced and established by the Eternal, your God.

23 These waters shall be in you. These waters shall live in you. These waters shall react in you.

24 These waters!!! shall flow in you and shall come out of you, oh, to nourish you

25 and to succeed in giving unto people the satisfaction to be seeking what is living: water of Life,

26 water of Life: Christ in you, the hope of glory. Water of Life!

27 The road is traced, the lane, oh, has been established, in order to walk, oh, on this lane,

28 but the Eternal has a covenant for all the people who are willing to walk in this lane, on this road:

29 the covenant of his commandments, the covenant of his ordinances, the covenant of his lane, the covenant of his law,

30 the covenant he made with his man, with his people, with his children, with his sons, with his nation.

31 Yes the covenant! The covenant!

32 Oh, come get the covenant. Come get it for yourselves.

33 Take my covenant for yourselves, says the Eternal today, and you will be established in the lane which I promised

34 in which I shall establish you, and in which I shall guide you and that my glory shall guide you and that shall be before you.

35 You shall walk with an infallibility. You shall never fall.

36 You shall be walking and not falling. You shall be standing upright and your shall not be beaten up.

37 You shall walk, oh yes, oh, with a glory, with a pride of your God,

38 because you have accepted his covenant, and he has promised to keep his promise.

39 His promises are yes, yes, for all those people who decide, who are willing

40 to demonstrate unto people that my promise is yes, oh yes, eternal!

41 this lane, this road, this road, this lane, the lane of the Eternal,

42 and not the lane that you pretend, that you pretend, that you believe to be the good one.

43 This lane leads you, drives you, unto destruction, unto death,

44 but the lane of the Eternal, your God, the Creator of your breath, the Creator of your flesh,

45 the Creator of your skin, the Creator of your bones, the Creator of your bone marrow,

46 the Creator of your hair, the Creator of everything, but overall, of you,

47 who is a human being, who is a man, who is a woman.

48 Yes, your Creator seeks your good. He seeks to love you. He seeks to place you

49 on this lane, on his tracks, on his road which leads unto the blessing and not unto curse.

50 Oh, but the one who accepts not my covenant, whosoever, oh, finds not or seeks not to see my face,

51 yes, there is also a lane for you, a destructive lane,

52 a lane which brings darkness unto you, which brings my judgement, my wrath,

53 a lane in which you will walk in defeat, depressed and, in the end: Gehenna, the lake of fire and brimstone;

54 in the end, this lane also exists for all those people who refuse my covenant,

55 yes, my lane of destruction, my lane of my wrath, the lane of my meanness, says the Eternal,

56 yes, yes, the meanness, the curse, oh, which I decided and, desired, to establish on people, to destroy people with!

57 Ah, if my man, if this man, if this woman, if my people, if my children,

58 never repent, well, that’s it, my wrath, my judgement will be established.

59 Yes, the Eternal also has a lane for the stiff-necked people; it is the lane

60 which will keep you in defeat and which will keep you anxious and you shall die full of fear;

61 because you know the plagues, the plagues I place on people who seek not to see my face.

62 And whosoever is found today in his own justice to be feeling well,

63 to be not sick, to be not maltreated, beaten up, well, at what instant

64 will I not be placing, hey, this destruction, this curse, these plagues, on that person?

65 At what instant? (Snap of fingers.) Says the Eternal.

66 Hurry up today, seek to see my face? Seek to find my covenant. Know my covenant.

67 Execute my covenant, says the Eternal. Execute my covenant;

68 or else, you will die, oh, when you will do you next step.

69 Will you be making another step? Will you be making another step?

70 This day which will soon be over, will there be another one for you on this Earth?

71 But the end, in the end, it is destruction for the soul.

72 The lane of destruction exists for the stiff-necked people, for the people: a nation

73 insensitive to my lane, to my Word, insensitive to listening to my prophet, who is my servant today.

74 Insensitive people, come to me, walk towards me

75 and I will walk towards you: I will accept you with me and I will give you my Spirit.

76 I will give you my power, will cover you with Life, with blessings,

77 with peace and self-assurance and you will always be victorious;

78 because the One, my son Jesus, whom I sent on Calvary, ah, he endured any affliction for you;

79 but if you are not seeking to see my face, any affliction,

80 any affliction which he went through and which he nailed on Calvary,

81 shall go through yourself and they shall lead you into destruction at the end;

82 and then, the worst of all afflictions: the flames which I created for each stubborn, stiff-necked person.

83 Today, listen to what the Eternal, your Creator, your God, said and meditate today on his words.

84 Seek to find my covenant, know my covenant and execute what my covenant is saying.

85 What the Eternal, your God, is saying today, execute it!


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