Let’s Bring It In! – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Let’s Bring It In!

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 26th, 1992 at 5:00 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 3 min 57 s
Recording: ROY0002CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017



The soul in Gehenna!

Oh yes yes, go on fearing. And your offerings are a proof, they are a proof that we fear;

a proof that we wish to see saved souls, a proof, a proof.

We are making the proof, we are proving today through obedience,

oh, that God, his hand will move because of your offering, because of your will, because of your effort.

You are making efforts today. You are making good efforts. You are making good efforts, making real efforts today.

Yes, make more efforts. There are other people here, make efforts now.

Come on! Bring it in!

10 Let’s make efforts. Let’s make more efforts.

11 There are other people here who are not making efforts today, now: you are unbelievers.

12 You are unbelievers and this is why you are not making efforts today.

13 You are not making efforts. You don’t understand the love and the compassion,

14 oh, which fell on this man, on this young man today.

15 If you understood this, if you could see this, you would have brought it in right away;

16 it would require you an instant and the offering would be there, the offering would be there.

17 You would bring it in now. You would bring it in.

18 You would bring it in. You would bring it in. You would bring it in now.

19 You would go naked now financially, dollar wise, if you would understand, what you see here today,

20 if you would understand the work of God, that the arm of the Lord was revealed to this young man.

21 This lady here, it is the same thing. The arm of the Eternal was revealed to this man now.

22 To whom the arm of the Eternal was revealed? To whom? To whom?

23 To whom the arm of the Lord has been revealed to? To whom? To whom?

24 To whom? To whom? To whom? To whom? To whom?

25 Let’s bring it in. Let’s bring it in today. Show love, show compassion.

26 This is what God is running after: he is running after the man and the woman who will bring it in.

27 Let’s bring it in for the lost souls.

28 Let’s bring it in so that the arm of God is revealed for this one and for another one.

29 Let’s bring it in. Let’s bring it in today,

30 so that Satan is striped, so that he is turned naked before man’s sight,

31 so that Satan is also striped, so that he really is torn,

32 oh yes yes, under the strong power of the Word yes,

33 so that Satan, yes yes Satan, will be destroyed,

34 because of us, inside each man and woman. Yes, let’s bring it in.

35 There is only this reason for which we can be working on this Earth in order

36 to see youth saved, to see people saved, to see a soul saved.

37 There is only one thing that counts on this Earth.

38 I placed you on this Earth, I created you to my image in Jesus-Christ, says the Eternal,

39 so that you work for one thing and only for one single thing: for the soul,

40 so that my arm, my arm is revealed to each man and woman.

41 If my arm is not preached, if my hand is not preached, it will not be revealed unto one and unto another one;

42 but because, oh, you will bring it in, yes, you will make the sacrifice,

43 yes, because you will be the living sacrifice that I need to have today,

44 because you will be that sacrifice, because you are that sacrifice, says the Eternal,

45 yes, you will see that there will be other people who will also be transformed

46 yes as much as you are transformed today,

47 and people who will come out of the conformity of this world,

48 oh yes, people who will be conformed to my Word, because my Word has come into their ears.

49 I gave them ears to hear. I gave them eyes to see.

50 Yes my Word, yes my Word will be preached.

51 My Word will give unto each man and woman eyes and ears

52 so that they listen to me and so that they see me, says the Eternal,

53 so that they see my hand move, they see my arm move, says the Eternal.

54 Let’s bring it in today. Bring it in right away. Now, wait no more.

55 Live for the sake of the lost soul and live for the sake of the soul that I will be saving.

56 Oh, live today for that reason; this is the only thing that can exist forever and that will go on existing.

57 The sky and the Earth will pass, but my Word will never pass.

58 Bring it in. Bring it in. Bring it in, bring it in, says the Eternal, today.

59 Oh, bring it in, bring it unto the Lord, thy God.

60 Let Him today pour, oh, his wrath upon the enemies of the Kingdom of God

61 and let God pour his love upon them that will fall in love with him today.


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