The Raven’s Hamburger – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


The Raven’s Hamburger

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on August 9th, 1992 at 11:00 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 4 min 34 s
Recording: ROY0001CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


(Food for God.)

The raven!

The raven anointed and guided by God

went to get some meat that belonged to other people, and then, some bread

that he was bringing this piece of meat and this piece of bread unto the man of God each day.

Can God do amazing things?

Is there something that’s too hard to do for God?

Is there something too hard for your God?

Is there something that’s too hard for him, in order to bless you?

10 Look at my man in the desert, hey, blessed by the bird. I could not find any man or woman who could have obeyed,

11 to bring him a piece of meat, and a piece of bread, a hamburger. Hey.

12 There was nobody who could have listened to me, but the bird, the raven,

13 that the Eternal had put his hand on this bird, so that he went to get a piece of meat,

14 so that he went to get a piece of bread, so that he went to serve my man.

15 Are you my chosen people tonight? Are you my chosen people tonight? Are you my chosen people?

16 If you count yourselves as my anointed people tonight,

17 if you consider yourselves as my anointed people, my chosen nation, my people, a royal priesthood, yes,

18 if you recognize yourself tonight as an anointed person,

19 take the example of my ancient prophets, did I let them die?

20 Did I let die the little widow?

21 Did I let die any of these people?

22 No, my anointed man got up after that, and went to see the widow with her child

23 when she was going to cook her last cake, and then, lay down and die.

24 Did I let die this woman who had served my anointed man?

25 Whosoever serves my anointed one, whosoever has served my anointed one,

26 I was there and I served that person and I rescued that person.

27 Even the prostitute woman, even the Arab prostitute, even the prostitute,

28 I saved her, her and her family

29 because she had served my anointed people, because she took care of my anointed people.

30 I even took care to save a prostitute woman

31 because they had served my anointed people, because they hid my anointed people.

32 Are you my anointed people tonight? Are you my anointed people, says the Eternal?

33 Are you my anointed people? Are you my anointed people?

34 Go through my Scriptures. Search for the truth.

35 Take the example that will make it so that your faith

36 will be blessed while reading what I did for my anointed people.

37 Are you my anointed people?

38 If you are my anointed people tonight, do you believe I have changed? do you believe I am changed?

39 I am the God who will always be the same God yesterday, today and forever: I never change who I am.

40 If I could bring food unto them back in those days

41 in order to save my anointed ones, my anointed man, my servant, and then, those who were serving my anointed people,

42 if I could come to their rescue, feed them, keep them, protect them from famine,

43 well, again today am I not

44 the same God of Elijah? the God of the little widow? the God of the widow who served my anointed man? Right?

45 Am I not that same God? Am I not the God that, hey, who made it so

46 that Noah was saved? that Enoch could be translated? that even Elijah was taken?

47 Well, that is to say! Am I that God? Do you recognize that I am that same God?

48 Do you recognize me?

49 Bring it in tonight!

50 Demonstrate that you are on the same level as each brother and sister who ran to bring it in tonight for my name,

51 so that my anointed man could be really uplifted and kept alive, so that his gullet is open daily,

52 in order to make me known by a lost nation who is here in this province,

53 in order to make me known, that I am a God, a flame, a consuming fire,

54 –Ah, what will you do?–

55 a consuming fire, a devouring fire. I am a God, a God whose Creation know not.

56 Through your offerings, through your pleasing cult,

57 present unto me tonight, present unto your God, present unto me your offering, a sacrifice, a sacrifice, now.

58 Present your bodies a living sacrifice, pleasing tonight and holy unto God.


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