God’s Lake – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


God’s Lake

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on October 18th, 1992 at 8:00 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 38 min 55 s
Recordings: ROY0019CT, ROY0023CT and MTM0327CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


(A lake of abundance.)

Thank you Jesus for

your rivers, your fields, your lakes,

4 your immense lakes, your immense rivers, your immense water waves, the wave of your Spirit,

the lake of your power, the lake of your gratitude, the lake also of your wrath, the lake of your love,

the banner of your power and of love and of eternal life,

the lakes of blessings, the unlimited lakes of the blessing of the hand of our God,

rivers of living waters, of blessings, calling up each man and woman, every nation, to come to this great lake of blood

to erase, to wash forever, to entirely eliminate people’s sin.

10 The lake is established, the place is established, the lane is preached, the truth is preached;

11 but today, people are closing up their eyes and ears in order to not hear the voice of the spirit of his Creator.

12 The voice of the spirit of the Creator is not liked among men and women.

13 They are not seeking to have the will to be listening.

14 They are not seeking to be willing and to be willing to have the Spirit,

15 to hear the voice of their Creator.

16 People are not lacking intelligence

17 to recognize their God, to recognize their Creator, to recognize their living God.

18 They cannot come closer to this God because he is a God who is just and holy.

19 It is not for no reason that they cannot come closer to this Creator, to their Creator;

20 no, the reason is that they know him to be a God who is holy and almighty.

21 The Spirit of this God, this Creator, the Creator of each man and woman,

22 wants to be on the move, wants to visit people to come in their presence;

23 but each person has a preparation to do: each man must prepare himself, each woman must prepare herself.

24 The Scriptures are before them, but people are not seeking the things their soul is desiring;

25 they are seeking the things that their flesh is desiring.

26 The soul I placed inside people seeks the things of the Spirit, because the soul is spirit;

27 but people who are carnal are seeking the carnal things: they are preoccupied, occupied, occupied occupying the others,

28 so that they all come in through the same door of destruction and of death;

29 but as you heard my anointed man preach unto you about

30 a chosen generation, says the Eternal,

31 I created for myself a generation, because of my promise that I made to my elects of the past.

32 Today, yes, the Eternal has his own generation; he will have his chosen generation, holy, pleasing unto his eye.

33 The rivers are established, the lakes are established, the fields are established:

34 my blessing is ready for my elect, my elects, my nation.

35 I never spoke for nothing, says the Eternal. My words were never heard for nothing.

36 Search the Scriptures; go through and probe them;

37 you will see that my words have never been

38 in people’s ear, in their heart, in their spirit for nothing:

39 either the person accepted them, and repented and, served me, says the Eternal,

40 or is still serving me today, or will go on serving me today,

41 or the person has heard my Word, my voice, and hardened its heart.

42 But today my anointed person will go on demonstrating my words, demonstrating my Word

43 by giving you the vision that my Word, is not here in vain, no;

44 because I elected for myself a person here and there, and I will have these people for my glory.

45 I will glorify myself in them, on top of glorifying myself in my Son, says the Eternal.

46 Those people who accept my Word,

47 those people who accept to nourish themselves with the flesh and the blood, with the drink I prepared for my Son Jesus-Christ,

48 yes, all those people who will eat, who will drink from this food,

49 yes, they will be my joy on this Earth.

50 They will demonstrate unto the prince of this world, yes, that I have people, that I have elects,

51 that I have generations, a chosen generation,

52 that I have people who are representing me, who are alike me.

53 Yes, I will have my goal. I will have what I wish to establish. I will have it, I will establish it.

54 Let a man be, well, in the fury of his unclean spirits and of his corrupt spirits;

55 but, me, says the Eternal, I have the strength and the power to extinguish and to eliminate their power

56 so that my only power reacts inside my chosen people, in my children, in my elects, in my nation.

57 Yes my Word, yes declared that I have a Spirit, a Spirit which will come down on people.

58 I, myself, will place this Spirit on each man, so that this man, this person, this woman,

59 yes, they will be my nation, my elect people, my chosen generation, my royal priesthood.

60 Yes, they will see that I have a priesthood of holy people who are pleasing unto their God, their Creator.

61 Yes, they will see this. Have the patience tonight of my Word.

62 Keep my patience, the patience of the truth, the patience that I have for whosoever needs patience.

63 Yes, empower yourselves with this patience, you, my elect; you, my chosen generation.

64 My elects, my children whom I am cherishing,

65 yes, whom I keep close to my eyeball, whom I keep close to my belt,

66 you, says the Eternal, today.

67 empower yourselves with this patience

68 so that nobody tears you to pieces, and so that nobody annihilates you with their fables and with their philosophies;

69 but today, I am saying this unto you, my elects, yes,

70 but your ears and your eyes, give them to me so that I can give you what I wish to give you.

71 There are many other things in my Scriptures that you did not receive yet, that I still could not give you;

72 but those things will be, yes they will be, they will be given at the needed hour.

73 I will never be late to make you know my truths, my truth, my Word, yes, which is your strength,

74 which you already recognized as your power, which you already recognized as your patience,

75 which you already recognized as authority, which you already recognized as your holiness and pureness.

76 Yes these words, I will not be missing any, says the Eternal. Be patient.

77 Yes, there are times and days of darkness in your surroundings, in your journeys;

78 but I say to my people today, I also have treasures in those days of darkness.

79 I also have treasures for those people who are facing and walking against darkness.

80 I have hidden treasures, yes, that cannot be seen by the enemy and even by you, my elects; but I will be there to serve you

81 so that you too, you become as powerful in darkness as your are in the Light.

82 I will be, yes, this God for you; yes at all times, I will walk, I will preserve you. Yes, walk in my Word.

83 Don’t fear to get involved in protecting my name, in protecting my Word, in protecting my Gospel.

84 Do everything you can see in your spirits, in your brain

85 to accomplish what you wish to do to protect, yes, my Gospel, says the Eternal.

86 I need to have intercessors.

87 In the past times, I searched, I looked here left and right among my people

88 to find an intercessor, but I found none.

89 And I have been years, years, my nation has been for centuries and centuries in darkness, because I had no intercessor;

90 but the day

91 that I gave you my Son, that I sent you my Son, that I gave you my servant,

92 to intercede for all of you to be an intercessor and a mediator,

93 ah, my nation,

94 yes, now I can say: “I have a nation.”

95 Yes, I have a nation who is not an orphan; but I have a nation who has an eternal intercessor.

96 And my Word which is there for you today, it is this intercessor which was on the Earth: my Word,

97 which interceded for my just people, which interceded for the glory of my kingdom,

98 which walked in my name, which was sent in my name, which worked in my name,

99 and that the enemy detested, that the enemy did everything to get rid of this intercessor, to destroy this intercessor;

100 but death, ah, my intercessor whom I sent to you conquered death,

101 so that today you are also intercessors as the One who came out from among the dead,

102 and as I pulled you out from among the dead through the same Spirit.

103 Yes walk with that same determination to do the will of your God,

104 your heavenly Father, your heavenly Father, and you will produce his will.

105 Yes, because of my will, says the Eternal, you will accomplish my will, you will finish my will.

106 Yes, you started a work, you will finish that work because me, says the Eternal, I was there to give you the order,

107 so that you start this work and I will be there, so that you accomplish it, so that you also finish it, says the Eternal.

108 My voice today, never cease to listen to it.

109 Probe my words, and then, recognize the road leading to

110 the lakes which I created for you, which I established for my nation,

111 the rivers of blessings which I have for you, the abundances of riches

112 so that you can walk with the abundance that you need to have to serve me

113 and to establish my lane here and there, left and right, my truth, my way.

114 Yes, people seek a road, but they find all kinds of roads leading them unto… unto the same death,

115 because the salary of debauchery, of corruption, of perversion, of sin, it is death;

116 but today you will be this road for numerous men, for numerous women, for numerous people,

117 oh yes, who are seeking the face of their Creator, that God must be there, must be here, but they will be finding you.

118 I will make it so that they find you. I will do what I have to do so that they can set their feet on the same road you are walking on,

119 so that they catch up on you, so that they can walk along with you by your sides

120 and so that you can feed them with my Word, my truth, with my flesh, with the blood of my Son, says the Eternal.

121 Yes, the rivers are there; they are not there for nothing.

122 Yes, I wish to lead you by the hand, I wish you to make it unto these rivers.

123 Therefore walk attentively to be practicing what I am asking you to practice.

124 I will never ask you to do things which you cannot accomplish, says the Eternal.

125 According to the flesh, yes, it is… it is… it is tearing you apart, it is… it is exhausting; but I am with you, says the Eternal, yes;

126 but nobody will touch you, oh, because I am there in order to protect you,

127 protect my just one, my anointed one, as I had an anointed one during the times of my Job.

128 Oh yes, I will protect you.

129 Yes, says the Eternal, you are the one in whom I am pleased today.

130 My protection is with you. I will let nobody put his finger on you.

131 Walk in my lanes.

132 Walk with the same desire of love and compassion my Son had when he walked on the Earth,

133 so that you are also my elects as he is an elect today, sitting to my right.

134 I have a throne which has been prepared for my elects. I also have a throne prepared for my enemies, says the Eternal.

135 But I say to the one who listens to me today, yes, who is walking in my truth, in my way, in my lane,

136 who is walking in my precepts, who is walking in my words of Life and of Spirit,

137 this throne, yes, of victory and of judgement which you inherited. Yes, you have inherited it.

138 It is coming the day that you will be sitting on this throne in order to judge those people who are in the need of judgement.

139 Yes, prepare yourselves, keep yourselves holy and pure as I prepared you to be since that day

140 I have known you, I brought you to my Word, to my lane.

141 Yes, keep yourselves so that you corrupt not yourselves with the people, the things, and the activities of this world.

142 Make sure to be serving me only, to be having in your mind, in your spirit, one thing and one thing only:

143 to be my glory, to be my name, to be my victory on the Earth, my glory, my name yes, my praise.

144 I need today to have men and women, oh, so that they are this demonstration here among all men and women,

145 in order to demonstrate to my enemy Lucifer, oh yes, that he is not reigning in this world;

146 for you are here reigning for me, says the Eternal. I am reigning among you.

147 I am reigning, reigning on this Earth as much as the prince of this world is reigning,

148 because of you whom I elected, because of you in whom I placed my Spirit, after having washed, purified you

149 after having given you my heart, the heart that I promised to give you

150 and my Spirit to teach you my judgements, my ordinances, my statutes.

151 Oh yes, keep yourselves so that you remain holy and pure people, so that you are always the vessel that I need to have,

152 yes, so that the man and the woman around you, oh yes, have no reason to say this: “I never heard.”

153 But you will be there to teach them and they will be able to say:

154 “Yes, I have been taught, but I refused. I have been taught, but I turned away, turned around.”

155 Ah, walk today in my precepts, oh, walk, walk in my lane, yes, which is straight and narrow;

156 but you will meet those people that I have here on the left, left and right, that I have here as elects

157 and who will be part of your share, to nourish them, to bring unto them what I have given you.

158 Oh, my rivers, my lakes, my fields are there for my elects, the fields of blessings, the rivers of blessings;

159 but remember the rivers, the fields of my ancient nation, ah, which I polluted

160 in order to pollute them, those people who stiffened their heart, who stiffened their neck against me.

161 Yes, I poisoned their rivers, I even poisoned their spirit, yes, with false judgements.

162 Oh, make no error of judgement: I am just, I never change, says the Eternal.

163 Yes, do not rely on my goodness, do not rely, do not put your trust only in my love.

164 I am telling you today to beware, oh yes; because those people who were cut out from the tree, yes,

165 to finally graft you to this same tree, yes you too, remember the following,

166 if I cut out the first vine shoots, the first branches, you too, you can be cut out.

167 Do not put your trust in my love, in my grace, in my mercy; but put your trust in my Word.

168 What I have declared is done, at any price, it is accomplished.

169 Ah, open today the Scriptures. Run away from social activities. Run away from too many activities, too many social responsibilities.

170 Ruuuuuun away: make some space in your life, make some hours, for my Word, says the Eternal.

171 Without my Word, you cannot be taught as you are listening to it now,

172 as you hear it today.

173 With my Word, you know it, this is what has taught you to become what you are today;

174 and these same words, these same words can only keep you knowledgeable and built of my Spirit.

175 Yes, my Spirit builds and destroys, says the Eternal.

176 Look at the ancient approaches. Look at my ancient approaches.

177 Study again my ancient approaches, says the Eternal, and you will see that I kept myself holy, pure.

178 Even if they attempted to profane my name, to profane my reputation,

179 I showed myself harsh for those who stiffened their neck against me.

180 No one can win against me. No one can win; because I am the victorious one, I am victory.

181 Therefore, today, listen to my voice, and, oh, convert yourselves to your first love.

182 Go back to these words. Go back to these first words.

183 Go back to the first compassions and love that you received

184 while listening to my Word, while listening to my anointed one.

185 Go back to the zeal you had: you had time to search here and there in this world,

186 to find converts for me, to find elects for me,

187 to create a nation for me, to create a convert for me, an elect man and woman.

188 Again, have this thirst tonight. Receive it. Receive this thirst, this abundance of thirst, of zeal.

189 Drink tonight this compassion,

190 Drink some of that compassion of the word of my Son, Jesus-Christ

191 and of that love he had for the lost one, for the strayed person, yes,

192 for those people who were seeking my face.

193 My Son found them, because I guided them unto him; and you are as my Son:

194 you are the Light, you are the Salt.

195 Go ahead today and, yes, stand here and there, stand upright here and there.

196 Place your feet here and there, on the left and on the right;

197 and I will make it so that whosoever seeks me finds you. Yes, you will be there.

198 Yes, wait for the desired hour, for those people who are seeking me, says the Eternal. Yes, waste no more time.

199 Go back to this zeal that you had, go back to your first love you had to find yourselves on the streets, on public places here, left, right

200 so that the man listens to you,

201 those people I will send to all of you, those people to whom I will order to listen to you.

202 Ah, but if your feet are not planted here and there, ah, how will I establish someone on your trail?

203 Ah, I wish to find you, I desire to find you there, on the left, on the right, in order to create more elects

204 for my kingdom, for rivers of blessings,

205 (Defecting recording, words missing.)

206 for my pasture of gladness and of joy, a pasture of holiness,

207 a pasture where I am creating for myself a plantation of trees of justice,

208 so that I can be pleased and create for myself a fruit for those people

209 who are in the need of food from my hand, from my mouth, says the Eternal, from my Spirit.

210 Yes, therefore be these trees, therefore be these trees of justice yes, on which, in whom, I will make grow my fruit,

211 so that all those people who will thirst for me, who will thirst for my fruits, for my fruit, yes,

212 shall stretch their hand, yes, and shall eat the fruits which will come out of you, which will come out of my tree of justice;

213 yes, they shall also devour justice, they shall also become trees for me.

214 My plantation shall be great, yes, because of you, because of your actions, because of your obedience.

215 Yes, my fields of blessings shall be filled up, yes, my rivers of blessings will be used by my just people;

216 because only my just people are able to make it, yes, are able to walk in it,

217 in my lakes of blessings, in my rivers and in my fields, oh, my pasture, says the Eternal.

218 Oh, walk, you whom I chose, you whom I already prepared since a long time, yes,

219 be as I am asking you to be: without stain, without wrinkle, without reproach,

220 yes a vessel, yes, of honour, so that I can really establish my will.

221 I need to have intercessors. I need to have intercessors. My truths exist no more.

222 There is nobody who is there to take for me, to work on my side, says the Eternal.

223 Yes, I can only use the just person, the person to whom I promised to wash, to purify,

224 the person to whom I promised to keep, to bless with garments of victory, garments of Life.

225 Therefore today, you are the only ones whom I have in my hand

226 so that I can present you unto the lost nation, unto the nation of darkness,

227 so that this nation has a perfect example of my face, says the Eternal.

228 Yes, they shall seek that face. They shall want to have that face. They will be willing to serve me.

229 Go ahead let yourselves be known. Go ahead to show yourselves up. Demonstrate who you are, says the Eternal.

230 Go demonstrate yourselves

231 as children of pureness, children who have been elected

232 as my chosen generation, my chosen nation, my chosen priesthood, my royal priesthood, my living sacrifice which is pleasing and holy.

233 Yes demonstrate who you are. Let them know you. Let them hear you.

234 Use the ruse that I have for you coming from my words.

235 Use my words, oh yes, but do not use vain arguments, but go ahead with my Word.

236 Demonstrate unto them what formed you, what created you, what is living inside of you.

237 Demonstrate unto them what I am, so that when they see you, they will understand what I am.

238 They will know him, oh, they will know what I am.

239 Therefore, go back to the zeal I gave you in the beginning,

240 the first days of your first love,

241 so that you are still zealous,

242 so that you are still today the elects you were yesterday, before yesterday.

243 I have seen you abandoned. I have seen you, you were boring, bored,

244 you were finally devoid of comprehension, of understanding, yes:

245 “What is happening? What is taking place?

246 We no more do what we used to do before.”

247 Well, you are lacking my wisdom, you are lacking my zeal, you are lacking my liberty,

248 you are lacking my joy, oh, my joy which is your liberty, which is your strength.

249 Ah, today, go back to your first love. Go through other people’s treasures.

250 Go to work, earn money from their treasures to bring it unto me

251 so that you have this joy to have brought it in the house of the Eternal, your God.

252 Yes, take over the money of the people you work for: exchange your hours, your minutes for the dollars they have for you.

253 Go ahead, have no fear; start doing things which are putting dollars in your hands right away

254 in order to serve me on the day I am crying so that you serve me.

255 Walk in my parvises! Walk in my parvises!

256 Walk in my parvises and you will see that you are not alone, that it is not boring;

257 and you will see that in the parvises of this world, on the roads and lanes of this world,

258 ah, it is boring, it is boring; and you will lose your little kids in these yards, in these paths.

259 In these paths, you will lose your little kids! in these paths!

260 Turn around, fast! Come back in the path of the eternal life.

261 Yes, the Eternal is telling you today that he is reminding you this: I did not elect you for nothing, I did not elect you for nothing,

262 and then, I did not call you my chosen breed, my nation, my chosen nation for nothing;

263 it is so that you demonstrate unto my enemy the promise that I always made to my elects,

264 so that I have on this Earth in all places an elect, elect people, in whom I can live, in whom I will be able to dwell.

265 Therefore, let me dwell in you in order to give you the liberty to walk in this liberty to open your mouth,

266 with an unlimited liberty to speak about me, says the Eternal,

267 to not be ashamed, to not have, well, any instant

268 where you will be without the liberty to speak now, of the Lord, your God, now.

269 Walk fast, come back in my parvises, come back fast in my lane, in my Word;

270 and you will be as powerful and as zealous today, as you were during the first days of your salvation.

271 Ah, my rivers, my lakes, my fields, the pasture that I have for you: it is there, it is filled up with blessings

272 for you, in order to reward you, so that you are people who can declare

273 that my promises are yes, yes, in the Lord Jesus-Christ, yes yes.

274 Yes, you will be able to say yes, you will have the power to say unto them:

275 “This is what God said, that’s it; and here is the fruit of his promises.”

276 says the Eternal. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.

277 Do not take the example of those people who refused my river, my lake, my field.

278 Do not take the example of those people.

279 Do not let the thoughts of the enemy nourish you with the fruit of these people

280 who chose to betray me and who seek and work at it so that you also betray me.

281 Do not listen, shut your ears to those people.

282 Do not let your little kids, not even hear them. Do not let your little kids, not even see their fruits.

283 Be wise people when they will be gathering around you.

284 Be wise people when you will be going to meet with them.

285 Be wise people, because your little kids will be influenced by their approaches, by their fruits.

286 Therefore, be wise people.

287 Spend time in those places where I have elect people

288 whom I wish to see walking on my road which is straight and narrow.

289 I have elects, I have more sheep, but it is a must that they enter in my house.

290 It is a must that they come in my pasture. It is a must that they come in my sheepfold.

291 Therefore, go plant your feet near those people who are seeking me. After you will have shown them what I am, they will seek me.

292 Those people who abandoned me, well, they are not seeking me;

293 therefore, by not seeking me, your presence is not welcomed.

294 It is not my will that you are planted, that your feet are planted, where they are hanging around.

295 Go plant your feet with them, with those people who are astray, with who are lost,

296 so that after you will have nourished them,

297 they will be seeking me, says the Eternal, they will be seeking me.

298 I shall not forsake them, I will be having elects among the people you taught for your victory, for your glory.

299 Ahhhh, I am the Eternal who wishes to have more sheep in my sheepfold.

300 Therefore, go towards those people who went far away, those people who are lost, those people who went astray;

301 go and I shall have elects, as your heart desires it, I will have elects, thank you Jesus. I will have more elects.

302 Thank you Jesus, because the Spirit of the Eternal, your God,

303 spoke to you so that you are warned people, chastised people unto holiness,

304 unto much more holiness and pureness

305 in your approaches, in your avenues, in your coming in and going out.

306 Yes, this is why I chastise my children, so that you are

307 without stain at all times and, without wrinkle at all times, without reproach at all times;

308 this is why I am always warning you, chastising you,

309 with my Word, with my Spirit, with the work of my Spirit, says the Eternal.

310 Therefore, walk with my chastisement. Do not get weary of it. Do not get weary of it.

311 Do not become weary to be walking in my lanes, to be walking by the word of my anointed people.

312 Do not become weary to be listening. It is a must to listen to him!

313 Many people among you, ah, you are exempting yourselves from listening to me, from listening to my anointed.

314 and there it is, you are creating days of perdition in your life, hours of perdition;

315 because you are not wise people: you are avoiding my anointed one, you are avoiding my house, you have no valid reason to do so.

316 Do not go further away from my words.

317 Only my Word can teach you, can guide you, can fortify you, says the Eternal, today.



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