Lose Your Life Or Leave – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Lose Your Life Or Leave

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 8th, 1992 at 3:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 33 min 1 s
Recordings: ROY0019CT and ROY0020CT (combined)

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1992 and 2017


(Follow God’s way.)

Thus speaks the Eternal:

I will break, I will break the ice which is inside of you,

this ice which covers your heart, yes, says the Eternal.

Oh the unbelief of my nation is great.

I invite you, I am inviting you to leave this temple this very instant, says the Eternal.

You who are not willing to obey to my prophets, I invite you to take the door.

This is an invitation that I am throwing at you today, this very day;

because what I want to have is what my Word always taught you:

10 a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing unto me.

11 Here is what is the reasonable cult before my eyes: that you lose your life.

12 Oh, I don’t want to have tears, I don’t want to have tears from double-faced people.

13 I don’t want you to repent yourselves from your bad actions with hypocrisy.

14 I have nothing to expect from your tears; it is not tears that I wish to have from you, it is actions, it is sacrifices.

15 Yes, says the Eternal, I did not ask you to die again for my name.

16 I did not even ask you to shed your blood. I asked you nothing, nothing!

17 I asked you nothing, my sons, but to bring in your offerings.

18 What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?

19 Tomorrow? Are you waiting for tomorrow?

20 And tomorrow, will you be waiting for tomorrow?

21 And after tomorrow, will you be waiting for tomorrow?

22 I wish to be served today: not yesterday, not before yesterday,

23 this is not tomorrow, this is not in one hundred years, this is today.

24 My sons and my daughters are those people who are serving me today.

25 The people who are not serving me are not my sons, because my son and my daughter obey me.

26 My son and my daughter, my son, my daughter, it is in you that I put my affection,

27 this affection that I gave you, that you are not giving me.

28 My affection is found in the offerings. My affection is your sacrifice.

29 Oh, in vain I am presently speaking for those people among you who are hardening your heart.

30 Don’t be unbelievers to the point that I will have to reject you; because I am a just God who keeps his Word.

31 I will not tolerate so much uncircumcision in your heart.

32 Oh you speak, you speak, you speak, you speak.

33 I speak to you and you speak about what I told you, but you are not accomplishing.

34 Oh, what do I have to do to make you take action, my children?

35 Your faith is so little. You have so little faith in me.

36 Oh, your faith is so much… I am asking myself the question to know what is your faith in me.

37 There is little faith, there is so little faith in me,

38 but it is up to you to make it so that the faith in me grows

39 by taking concrete actions, says the Eternal, concrete actions, concrete actions.

40 Oh, I am presently speaking to some people of you and not to all of you.

41 Do not wait for someone else to take action in your place. It is up to you to take action and you will be rewarded.

42 Yes, I said it unto you before, you are yearning for great things in this ministry;

43 do not yearn for lofty things, but yearn for what is humble

44 and I will uplift you unto my Word, unto my promises.

45 Yes, says the Eternal, oh, I know, I know, I know, there are few people who are willing to serve me.

46 I know that the needs of this ministry are great, are above your actual means.

47 I know this because I am God, but what makes you think for me about what I will be doing here?

48 You are cracking the loins of your brain asking yourself how I will act.

49 I did not call you to think for me, I called you to serve me;

50 and what will be missing, I will come to the need; but you, do your part, do what you have to do.

51 Do not worry about how my hand will act and my hand will act;

52 because my hand is just, my hand is not asking you for what you cannot do.

53 You calculate things, but you don’t know how to weight things. Weight on the weighting machine your obedience

54 so that you are not found to be light: this is what you must be weighing.

55 I am a God who multiplies and I will multiply.

56 I will multiply this ministry.

57 I shall multiply each one of you who will obey with their heart.

58 Your mind is not my mind. The flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

59 It is a must that you are born again in my Spirit:

60 the Word, the obedience of the Word, the consecration of the Word.

61 It is the Word and the Word, and again the Word.

62 You must resist, but you must not resist me; you must do it, but it is so hard for you.

63 It is not hard to serve me, it is you who are hard towards me.

64 It is hard how you are serving me; because everything on this Earth belongs to me. All, all, everything belongs to me.

65 You eyes are too much on the carnal considerations. You are not spiritual enough. It is not spiritual enough.

66 Your offerings are not spiritual offerings. I wish to have spiritual offerings, offerings of faith.

67 You are walking too much unto the things that you see. You are building yourselves a wall before you.

68 Each time I am asking you for something, you are setting up a wall;

69 because you can’t see with your eyes the accomplishment of what I am asking you to do, because you are carnal people.

70 You must walk unto the Spirit.

71 I always gave you the choice: my love, my compassion, commandments, prophets, good counselling.

72 Don’t be flighty. Don’t let your spirit wander left and right. Have the spirit of my Word.

73 I am repeating this unto you and I am repeating this unto you and I never stop to be repeating this unto you:

74 be my imitators, the imitators of Christ,

75 of my apostles who are in the Word, of my anointed people, of my prophets.

76 Be the imitators of my Word, of perfection, of holiness, of those people who always walked upright before me.

77 My hand is not too long to take action.

78 I never considered the crowd, but I always looked at a son and a daughter who obeyed me, who obeyed me, who obeyed me, who obeyed me.

79 Yes, says the Eternal, the devil is after you, is always after you. He never lets you go.

80 Well, me, don’t let me go; because the devil will never let you go. But you, are you letting me go?

81 Be faithful.

82 Yes, the devil is faithful, is faithful to make you perish; for the devil has one thing at heart, it is that no one inherits my promises.

83 He has that at heart. He does not want you in his place;

84 because what he had, it is unto you that I am giving it and that I reserved it;

85 and that, he knows it, he lost it forever and ever; and never will he recuperate it;

86 but if you are not keeping your salvation, if you are not vigilant people,

87 you will not have what he himself lost: someone else will take your place;

88 and if it is not someone else, another person will take it.

89 I reserved places, are you worthy to take them?

90 It is not too difficult contrary to what some of you are presently thinking.

91 You are thinking that it is difficult. You are thinking that it is too difficult.

92 You are discouraged inside of you. Your soul is depressed and these feelings are not my feelings.

93 You are depressed, you must get rid of these feelings. You must get rid of this spirit; for this spirit, it is the devil who is placing it on you.

94 You must get rid of these bad spirits: you must not be depressed, you must be victorious.

95 You must always be vigilant people. You must always be in my Word.

96 You shall always be uplifted, it is not too difficult.

97 I called you. I justified you. I washed you.

98 I purged you and I wish to purge you so that you produce more fruits.

99 It is only up to you to make it so that your tree produces even more fruits.

100 I did not call you to make one step forward and another step backwards.

101 You must go through and go ahead forward.

102 You must not alarm yourselves before the circumstances, before the cases that you see with your carnal eyes.

103 This ministry will stand for as long as I will desire it and for as long as I will have established it.

104 I have a day. I have a date. This day and this date belong to me.

105 All I am asking you is obedience.

106 These doors will not be closed. I am asking you to do your part.

107 I am not asking you what you cannot do contrary to what you imagine.

108 Some of you are thinking that I am asking you to do what you cannot do:

109 this is not my mind, this is not my thoughts, this is not my will.

110 My will is that you obey.

111 My will is that you do what you can do

112 and my will is not that you do what you cannot do.

113 If you go above your means, I will never forsake you;

114 but I did not ask you to go above your means,

115 but if you desire to go above your means, do it and I will be with you. Go ahead according to your faith, but go ahead and do it.

116 Have no fear, I will be with you.

117 If you go above that faith, I will purge you so that your faith grows.

118 I will multiply you, says the Eternal, because I am a just God. I will measure you with the measure you will have used;

119 but do your part. Make sure to do your part. Do at least what I am asking you.

120 Lay down your life entirely unto my Word. Lay down this life and serve me as my heart desires it and I will be faithful unto you.

121 I will always be faithful and you shall never be lacking nothing and this ministry shall never be lacking nothing.

122 What I am desiring the most from you today is obedience.

123 I am not even asking you to cover this budget.

124 I am asking you to give me a perfect obedience.

125 My hand shall speak to one, two or three among you and I shall know how to serve myself

126 and I shall know how to be served, says the Eternal.

127 And if in this house, there is not that person who can serve me, I will talk to that person at home.

128 And even though I would have nobody, I will come to the need of this ministry;

129 for I am the Eternal and everything belongs to me; and I will always have a benevolent eye on this house;

130 because in this house, my Word is preached, in this house, I have prophets

131 who belong to me and who are pure and holy to my eyes and no one shall snatch them out of my hand;

132 because me, the Eternal, I chose for myself a nation and my nation is in this assembly;

133 but be part of that nation so that you are not cut out,

134 so that you shine, so that your Light shines unto everlasting life.

135 I am a God who loves to be served, but my hand is not too long.

136 I will be able to serve myself when I wish to serve myself and I will serve myself, says the Eternal.

137 When time comes, I will serve myself, I shall chase away the devourer, I will destroy the devourer;

138 but you, I will always purge you. I love to be served. I love to be served.

139 My hand is presently at work.

140 Among some of you, I have great things, great promises.

141 People will laugh at you, people will despise you; but they will see the glory that I placed inside of you.

142 One day, all people will fear you and will have a fear of you; but you must not be ashamed.

143 It is a must that your flame shines: it is a must that you don’t have this fear to be rejected.

144 My hand is at work. My hand is at work.

145 My hand is working deeply in a way that you cannot see. Have confidence.

146 Fortify yourselves in my Word: fast, pray, give, sanctify yourselves, pray for your brothers and sisters.

147 Have no quarrel among yourselves, no jealousy, no animosity, no dishonest word, no useless word.

148 Have evil in horror.

149 If you are not pleased in these commandments, in these words,

150 you always have the alternative to be roaming about, to be wandering about seeking what you will never find;

151 because out of my Word, you will never find nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.

152 If you cannot obey to these words, it is impossible for you to inherit everlasting life.

153 It is impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible; but nothing is too difficult.

154 There is nothing difficult in what I am asking you to do. It is not difficult, when you put your heart into it.

155 You must be believing.

156 You must resist the devil.

157 You must give yourselves to this Word, you must give yourselves entirely to this Word

158 and you shall never go through the difficulties you are presently going through.

159 Your spirit, bring it back in the Word.

160 Your problem, is that your spirit is not in my Word:

161 you are alive, I asked you to be dead.

162 You must be keeping this Life inside of you which is the death of your flesh crucified in Jesus-Christ

163 and it is a must that through his Word, his flesh and blood,

164 that you, you consume these words, so that you are not forgetting listeners.

165 The Word, must be nourishing you. The Word must produce in you fruits worthy of repentance.

166 I am repeating unto you and I am saying to you and again, I repeat unto you,

167 but as long as you will be carnal, my words will never be able to penetrate inside of you:

168 it comes in through one ear and it comes out right away, unless you accept these words from the bottom of your heart.

169 Accepting my words, it is not to say: “Yes, Father Eternal.”

170 but it is to consume my words and to produce, it is producing.

171 Your yes is your action. Your yes is the action that you are taking.

172 This is the yes which is a yes: it is what you are producing.

173 If you tell me within your heart: “Yes Lord, I will do it.”, it is not sufficient, it is not what I am expecting of you.

174 Do it, that’s your response.

175 Never say yes inside your heart and never say: “But he is asking me too much.”

176 No, I am not asking you too much.

177 I am not asking you what you don’t possess, and you know what you possess, and me, I know what you possess even more than you do.

178 I know everything you possess including what you think you are not possessing.

179 Me, I know what you possess.

180 Me, I forget nothing, nothing, nothing of your life.

181 You, you can forget; me, I never forget;

182 but I am not asking you what you don’t have, I am faithful to my Word.

183 Go forth and let your yes be the yes that I wish to have, says the Eternal,

184 and I will have much joy to recognize and to see your obedience.

185 This is not an excess of zeal that I am asking of you, contrary to what some of you can be thinking

186 that I am only pleased with great sacrifices of some of you who are here.

187 No these people, I am having a great joy and I will multiply them

188 unto the confidence they have in me and unto their abundance;

189 but you, I am only asking you to obey me and I will also have great joy,

190 and I will have a great joy; because my joy, it is not to see one of my sons excel for me in a zeal;

191 yes, I am having a great joy,

192 but I have a joy which is even greater, it is that none of you perish.

193 That is my greatest joy. I have no favourite person here.

194 I have no favourite person, but I don’t want to lose anybody among you.

195 My heart grieves to see that you are not taking these actions.

196 Do what I am asking you to do. Be perfect people as I am asking you to be.

197 Uplift each other and I will have a great joy, says the Eternal, a great joy.

198 My perfect joy in my Son Jesus is that none of you perishes;

199 this is my great, my greatest joy.

200 I gave you everything in my Son Jesus, everything; you have no need to be in defeat.

201 Be my imitators in Jesus-Christ. Be the imitators of my Word.

202 You understood what I just told you.

203 If you understood, go ahead: you understand today what it is to be a son.

204 A son, it is not a religious person. A son, it is not a person sitting here in these benches.

205 A son, it is not a person who is hoping one day to meet me.

206 A son, a son, it is a practicing person, it is a living flame,

207 it is the person who is walking, who is producing, who is bearing his fruits.

208 You must live me every instant.

209 You must be drunk of my Word, of my Spirit and, bear fruits daily.

210 Be the imitators of my prophets, of Paul, of Titus, of Daniel, of Jeremiah.

211 Be the imitators of Christ.

212 I am speaking to you with good advice. I am speaking to you as a father speaks to his sons.

213 I am speaking to you because you are in the need to be spoken to.

214 I am chastising you because you are in the need to be chastised.

215 I am purging you because you are in the need to be purged.

216 I never abandoned you, do not feel abandoned. Rejoice, says the Eternal.

217 Make me a new dance. Sing for me a new song. Testify to new souls.

218 Change your itinerary:

219 Don’t go anymore to the same places. Change the places where you go. Go preach at other places.

220 Do not be in a routine with me: I am not a God of routine.

221 Ah, if you knew, if you knew, if you knew how to seek for everything that I have for you.

222 Ah, if you knew how to seek for these promises.

223 I am speaking to you today, but when you will be back in your home tonight,

224 tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, each day I created,

225 you should be as close as you are now while I am speaking to you, you should always be as close to me as you are now;

226 and if you are not able to do so,

227 completely change your life, start over, change everything, all, but never lose me.

228 If your lifestyle, if your entire life prevents you from

229 having your mind on me in your work, in your activities, at home,

230 completely change your life, but never forsake me.

231 And if you only have one or two meeting a week to devote unto me,

232 it means that you already have forsaken me.

233 You must serve me day and night, daily.

234 And you think that this is too difficult?

235 If you think that this is difficult, it means that you are not born again yet.

236 If you think that it is too difficult,

237 go in the front and do not look at your brother or your sister,

238 and then, ask of me.

239 Ask me to have the strength to give you this persuasion of my Word,

240 to live live entirely as I am expecting you to live unto my Word.

241 Fortify yourselves, be courageous; for never ever will I ask of you that you do what you cannot accomplish for me;

242 because I know what you are made of, it is my hand that did all that,

243 and never ever, will I ask you to do anything that is above your strength;

244 so, you must have confidence in me and humble yourselves before me.

245 Pray for each other. Pray for a brother. Pray for a sister.

246 Yes, there is a time for each thing.

247 To be rejoicing, there is a time.

248 There is a time to be purged. There is a time to produce fruit.

249 There is a time to sow. There is a time to eat the harvest.

250 There is a time to cry. There is a time to laugh, to love.

251 There is a time to die, to rest. And there will be a time for you to be glorified.

252 It is me who established the times, the days, the seasons.

253 All I am asking you is to obey, is to devote yourselves and to produce the fruit that I am asking each one of you to produce.

254 Stop fighting against my Spirit, fight no more; it is not the devil speaking to you, it is my Spirit.

255 You are fighting the wrong spirit. You are listening to the devil. You believe that it is the Spirit of God speaking to you.

256 You know why you are in such a problem? It is because you don’t have enough of my Spirit inside of you.

257 You don’t have enough of my discerning Word.

258 You believe that what you ate last year

259 can nourish you, can still give you these powers today.

260 It is a must that you go back in my Word in order for you to discern the spirits;

261 and then, through obedience,

262 you will be fortified, you will be fortified, you will be fortified.


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