The Houses – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


The Houses

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 24th, 1993 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 8 min 11 s
Recording: MTM0368CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1993 and 2017


1 (Our responsibility.)

2 Is there any faith inside of us tonight? Is there any faith inside of us here tonight?

3 Christ, the Lord, Christ entered in the temple;

4 the day of his journey on the Earth, he entered in a temple where there was no faith.

5 They were there exchanging their dollars for the things of this world.

6 The silver, the dollars, the dollars flowed freely.

7 He entered with the severity of his God: he entered with a whip.

8 He entered with a spirit of destruction in the temple,

9 in the house that must be called the house of prayers, of obedience;

10 and then, the wrath and the severity of his God showed up

11 chasing away each and every one, each and every one, from this temple, from the house

12 which is supposed to be the house of prayers, the house to receive faith, the house to receive from God;

13 but people were using it for their own means, for their own goods, for their own bellies;

14 but God came to clean it up by sending even his Son Jesus-Christ in this house

15 to demonstrate to each man and woman,

16 to give them an example, that it is a must today that this house is called

17 the house of prayers, the house to be serving God, the house to be served by God.

18 As the prophecy said it tonight,

19 your houses, your garments, your food, the breath that you have, the health,

20 where does all that come out of? where does this come from? from what place are you receiving all these things today?

21 The Eternal, God, gives us all these things: the health, the riches.

22 Nobody can really receive some riches, own for themselves riches,

23 without having health, says the Eternal.

24 Therefore tonight, it means to recognize where comes from what you have on your back, what you have on your head,

25 what you have in your dwellings, what you have in your houses

26 and what you have in this house here,

27 in this house which one day became a desolation: nothing was happening anymore.

28 This house was closed after ninety years of activity, this house which was called the Church, the house of God;

29 but God put it in our hands so that it opens once again,

30 and so that this time, the truth is established here, is preached here.

31 Therefore, tonight, this house is our responsibility.

32 What God established on your head, what he established under the sole of your feet,

33 you are responsible for it, and God wants to be served with it.

34 This is the reason why he brought us here tonight.

35 God wants to be served, wants to be served with everything he can place in your hands.

36 Everything he placed in your hands, you served him with it.

37 Some people served me with it a hundredfold,

38 some people served me with a multiplication factor of sixty, of thirty, of twenty;

39 but today, we are called to be serving with a hundredfold.

40 Therefore come tonight, activate all your senses and serve God, serve him with liberty, now,

41 because God again showed you his patience by speaking to you tonight,

42 by giving you again a confirmation of his patience and again also an hour, a date, a day,

43 so that you remember this day when his wrath, his severity will happen, will take place,

44 because God always made the promise that before he will do something, he will warn us, he will tell us.

45 Therefore, it was prescribed, now, through this prophecy:

46 serve him so that this day, this hour is not a day, an hour of destruction, a day of destruction for you.

47 Whosoever is listening now, serve him tonight; you will see the hand of your God at work;

48 this in accordance with your faith, this is according to the measure you will have been using.

49 As Christ gave the teaching when he was on the Earth,

50 according to what you are using to serve him, he will send someone to serve you,

51 to multiply you,

52 to give you a measure well charged, well shaken, and that will multiply itself.

53 Therefore tonight, put me to the test, put God to the test

54 and never stop after tonight to put him to the test and to come here revive the joy of your God tonight.

55 As it is written, as it was prescribed tonight by this prophecy

56 that his Spirit is grieved by those people who are retaining and, who are retaining and, who are retaining;

57 and then, we retain and we always tell ourselves having done enough.

58 No, no, no! As it is written in the Scriptures

59 that the man came and said: “We have done this and that, gave it all up, all, all, all, all.”

60 but the Lord Jesus-Christ showed up and he said:

61 “You have not given it all up, you have not stopped it all; nobody lost any blood yet, for the name of Jesus-Christ.”

62 Therefore tonight, let’s go in the words of the Eternal, our God.

63 Let’s serve him. Let’s serve him. Let’s serve him. Alleluia! © 


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