People Forget You – God’s prophecy – Water baptism -Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


People Forget You

Reading in the Bible followed by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on December 26th, 1993 at 1:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 5 m 25 s
Recording: ROY0048CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1993 and 2017


(Reading Isaiah 49, KJV1611, a water baptism excerpt.)

But Zion said: “The Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me.”

Can a woman forget her sucking child? that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?

Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.

(God’s prophecy.)

People neglected you! People forget you!

The enemy, your adversary, Satan, attempts to make you believe that no one cares about you,

that no one cares about your testimony, about who you are, for your presence;

but you vanquished the enemy, the work of your adversary, by not believing in lie.

10 The Eternal, God, supported you , uplifted you above his adversaries

11 in Spirit and then, even in flesh, because you determined in your heart

12 to love the Eternal, your God, to love the truth that you found, that you were seeking after.

13 Many men and women came to you to make you accept their theologies, their theories;

14 but because of my Spirit, you never found yourself at rest: your rest, it never came to you because you kept searching.

15 The Eternal, God, found you and emptied you of this atmosphere so that you take part in the blessing that I have

16 for all my sons and daughters who walk with the integrity that pleases me.

17 You were walking the streets and the churches of this city, as an abandoned person.

18 The Word you received from my anointed man and even that you read in my Words, in my Scriptures, sustained you,

19 lifted you out of there where there were these words of these thoughts that came to you

20 to eliminate you, to drive you into darkness, in order to keep you in darkness, to bring you back into darkness;

21 but because of the truth, you heart found an anchor, an anchor,

22 so that you are always at the level of the Light that I placed inside of you,

23 so that clouds of darkness are not able to eliminate you.

24 The Eternal, God, supported you and he shall support you in the future.

25 I have great things for those people who obey me in doing the small things which are asked to be done.

26 This is what the Eternal has been pleased of you:

27 of all the things he asked you to do, you did them all

28 in order to bring unto him the blessings, in order to give unto him,

29 to bring unto him what he is desiring of you, what he is asking of you.

30 The Eternal lead you to him so that you lead unto him those people who are darkness.

31  Walk in the integrity of my Word that you heard tonight

32 and the Eternal will give you the desires of your heart.

33 You placed specific desires before me, says the Eternal.

34 Your desires, I have seen them, your desires;

35 your desires, so that you can serve me with greater exploits,

36 but you have now desires, you are filled up with desires;

37 because, says the Eternal,

38 it is by walking in the integrity of my Word and in the fear of me and, in the faith of my Word

39 that you will be filled up with patience, says the Eternal.


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