Dressed With My Word – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Dressed With My Word

Words of the prophet and God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering of saints of God

Recorded on January 29th 1994 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 23 min 5 s
Recording: MTM0388CT

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1994 and 2017


1 (Praises unto God.)

2 Here is another year of happiness and of mercy, of the vengeance of our God.

3 He spoke unto us with his Word, through the means of his Word, since all those years we have known each other here.

4 I thank my God that often, he comes to speak to us through his Spirit: “Thus speaks the Eternal…”

5 He is visiting us tonight with his Word, with the rain that the man needs to have, that the woman needs to have.

6 Tonight, he is throwing at us a challenge to enter in his Word more than ever before,

7 to have his Word for encouragement, for support, for power and for Life, for happiness and mercy.

8 Yes, his Word! Alleluia.

9 He wants us to lean on his Word. He wants to find us leaning on his Word.

10 Any other thing is only weakness and death.

11 Jesus declared unto us that his Word is Life and Spirit. Alleluia.

12 There is no other life elsewhere and there is no other spirit elsewhere.

13 It is a must no matter the price to be found in his Word tonight and, to be following his Word.

14 Lean on his Word more than ever before. Start tonight to lean on his Word;

15 which means: you do what the Word said, this is what we are saying tonight.

16 To be leaning on his Word, this is doing what it says to do.

17 Before turning left or right, it is a must to be walking to follow this Word.

18 It is a must to be guided by the Word, and then, after that, well, we make the first step; that is what God wants us to do.

19 It is a must to walk by his Word, not by some intuition of yours.

20 The intuition of any man or woman is death; but the Spirit of God, the Word, is Life.

21 Lean on his Word.

22 (God’s prophecy.)

23 I produced for you, oh, I have produced for you, a special garment

24 for my sons, for my sheep, for the sheep of my pasture: my Word.

25 Dress up tonight, place my garment on you.

26 Get rid of the old man before you dress up. Get rid of the old man.

27 Strip yourselves of the old man and dress yourselves up with my Word: Christ.

28 Dress yourselves up with my Word: Christ.

29 (Words of the prophet.)

30 Let God find you tonight with his Word.

31 Yes, oh, it is a must to be found oh, only in his Word every day,

32 so that we are found by God, that God finds us, finds you, really with the true garment,

33 the garment that lets you enter in his great feast: his Word.

34 His Word! His Word: the judgement tonight.

35 Oh yes, our God, our God really found us here tonight to bless us or, to judge us.

36 If you are here to be judged tonight, let yourself be judged, and then, receive his judgement with humbleness.

37 Humble yourselves and receive his judgement immediately:

38 run, come here in the front row and then, fall on your knees, confess yourselves unto Christ more than ever before,

39 and then, say unto the Eternal:

40 “I thank you for your judgement tonight.”

41 I thank my God that he is not taking away from you the breath that is in your lungs

42 as he took it away from Ananias and then, from his wife,

43 as he took it away from many people: Beltchatsar, Balaam;

44 as we have seen it happen on many people: Herod, the king, Jezabel.

45 He took away from them the breath, he gave them to be eaten by dogs or he gave them to be eaten by the worms.

46 Tonight, this is a judgement that God is giving us here tonight,

47 so that our eyes are on this judgement:

48 so that the breath that you have is possessed by the hand of God.

49 Therefore tonight, tonight, embark in the Word. Hurry, it’s urgent.

50 Convert yourselves to the Word. Convert yourselves to the Word.

51 What have you done this week? What have you done this week?

52 What kind of life did you live this week? Hey?

53 Why do you think that the Eternal is speaking unto us like this and like that tonight?

54 You need to have this salvation tonight more than ever before.

55 His compassion kept you alive up until this very hour,

56 kept you alive until your entrance here in this ministry.

57 Will you be alive after tonight? Will you be found alive after tonight?

58 Will you have life after tonight? His name is Jesus.

59 Will you be in a position to still possess Christ tonight?

60 Because you can enter in places of debauchery, you can enter in places of darkness,

61 you can walk where ever you wish to walk, it does not mean that you have Life.

62 The life that our God is telling us about tonight is Christ, his Son.

63 Jesus, this is Life.

64 You entered in here with Christ tonight, will you really still have him tomorrow?

65 (God’s prophecy.)

66 Without my Word, says the Eternal, you cannot possess my Son;

67 and without my Son, you are not having Life; because he is Life;

68 and without my Son, you cannot possess truth: he is truth;

69 and without my Son, you have no lane to follow that is straight,

70 that is narrow and straight which leads to everlasting life; because he is the lane to follow:

71 my Word tonight, this Word that became flesh for all of you.

72 For whosoever accepted it, it became flesh.

73 (Words of the prophet.)

74 It became flesh, it became food and drink for all of us, for us who accepted it.

75 For those people who did not accept it, it is not that yet, just the way you were before.

76 Tonight, the Eternal throws at us a challenge. Tonight, hurry, it’s urgent!

77 It is highly possible that this is your last night here in this ministry.

78 I don’t know the future. I don’t know your heart. I don’t know your heart. I really don’t know your heart.

79 Therefore tonight, tonight allow God’s mercy to be on the move to be on you,

80 and give him the liberty to place his Spirit on you tonight; because his mercy gives salvation to nobody.

81 Everlasting life, the salvation of our God comes by his Spirit,

82 by his Spirit, his Spirit, his Spirit: his Word,

83 the judgement of our God, his warning before he executes something.

84 God always promised, the Lord always promised unto us such a thing.

85 (God’s prophecy.)

86 Before I execute any one single thing, I declare it first.

87 I let you know what I will do, in advance.

88 Matthew 24 shows us what God will do tomorrow, what he can do tonight;

89 but you tonight, your soul, your soul! are you aware that you have a soul?

90 Are you aware that any lost soul will be thrown into the flames?

91 Tonight, the Word, dress yourselves up with this Word,

92 so that you have this Word for victory, and for happiness and for joy, says the Eternal,

93 so that you can be found, well, standing up,

94 standing up there, well grounded, standing up straight before me, says the Eternal.

95 The Word, my Word tonight, lean on it, hurry! Get dressed!

96 Have this Word for support more than ever before tonight, hurry tonight.

97 Ah, wait no more, come towards me, come towards me.

98 Come forth towards me, come forth and I will come forth towards you.

99 Go in my Word. Go in my Word. Go in my Word.

100 Come forth by accepting my Word tonight, by walking in my Word, by living my Word,

101 by dressing up with my Word, by feeding on my Word,

102 by keeping yourselves powerful, by keeping yourselves fortified, by keeping yourselves judged,

103 by really keeping yourselves in the humbleness that you need to have to be walking before me.

104 My Word! will give you this humbleness. My Word! will give you this goodness.

105 My Word will give you all the fruits of my Spirit: benignity, temperance and faith.

106 My Word will give you joy because my Spirit,

107 my Spirit gives you, my Spirit teaches you, my Spirit nourishes you

108 with this Word which is joy, which is peace, which is happiness, which is prosperity.

109 Tonight peace only exists in my Word, says the Eternal. My Word!

110 Fathers and mothers,

111 Your children, did you nourish them, your children, with the Word?

112 did you dress them up, did your children, with the Word?

113 What have you done?

114 Did you nourish the broken heart, did you nourish the weary spirit, with my Word?

115 Tonight, take my Word and live, follow my Word and then be victorious.

116 Take my Word, walk in my Word, live in my Word

117 and then, hide yourselves in my Word;

118 this is the only place where your enemy the devil, Satan, cannot reach you.

119 He will not be able to reach you there, it is impossible. My Word: the Word. My Word: the Word.

120 My Word tonight, it is not enough to confess it, to sing it;

121 but it is an absolute must that you are found in my Word, fortified in my Word,

122 anchored in my Word, with your feet covered with my Word,

123 while having the helmet of your salvation: the Word,

124 while having the sword of the Holy Spirit: the Word, and the shield of faith: the Word,

125 and to also have a breastplate of justice: the Word, my Word, says the Eternal,

126 and to have for a belt to support your brain, the truth: the Word.

127 The Word! The Word! The Word!

128 Did you read this? The Word!

129 Did you cherish it, that Word? Tonight, do you love it, that Word?

130 Come forward towards me, come forward towards me: my Word,

131 in order to read my Word, and to know my Word;

132 this is the only defence that you will really be able to possess

133 in order to defend yourselves against all demons, against all wicked spirits

134 which are attacking mankind, which are attacking the man,

135 which are attacking my sheep, which are attacking my people,

136 which attacked them in the past;

137 but because they lacked the knowledge of my Word, they were devoured, destroyed!

138 The Word [Jesus] which gave itself for you,

139 the Word: my Choice [Jesus] who also chose to live and, to die for me, says the Eternal,

140 tonight, this Word  [Jesus] in you will give you the power, the strenght, the authority, the knowledge,

141 to live and to die for me, says the Eternal.

142 This same Word in you will give you this liberty to walk with peace and then, with happiness tonight;

143 but for you, who read the Word and who did not practice it,

144 well, there you are tonight: depressed, bitten, dethroned, victim because of the other words, of the other gospels.

145 My Word will keep you as a victorious man and woman.

146 My Word! My Word was rejected!

147 even by those people I had chosen, by those people I had elected as prophets,

148 even by those people I was naming my people,

149 you read that in the Scriptures which I even gave you;

150 but very few people! very few! accepted to fear,

151 to fear! to accept the fear that these truths gave unto you; because I do not change.

152 What I did yesterday, I still do today, says the Eternal.

153 What you have seen in my Scriptures, I will demonstrate that again and I will execute it.

154 My Word! warns you, tells you in advance what I will do and what I have done.

155 My Word! my Word! my Word!

156 Do you want to have it tonight, this Word? Do you want to have this support?

157 Do you want to live with this support? Do you want to walk with this support?

158 You cannot stand upright all by yourself, this is impossible.

159 Nobody can stand before me without my Word,

160 if he is not dressed up with my Word, vested with my Word,

161 fortified by my Word, elevated by my Word, purged by my Word.

162 Nobody can stand before me without this garment; without this garment, nobody.

163 My Word! Is your ear hearing this tonight?

164 Is your ear hearing this tonight? Can your ear hear this? Receive my Word tonight.

165 Enjoy the taste of each Word that you heard tonight and that you hear and that you will hear.

166 (Prayer unto God.)

167 O Father Eternal, let your mercy, your goodness, your benignity, your faithfulness,

168 your love, your happiness, your joy, your peace tonight dwell on each one of us;

169 and make it so that each person who is present here tonight and having ears to hear,

170 o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus, I pray so that

171 each person comes out tonight having the fear of you,

172 so that they walk more than ever before with the fear of the lake of fire and brimstone, burning with fire and brimstone.

173 This lake exists

174 for all those people who will be present before God one day

175 and who will be found before God

176 without this Word, without this garment of justice,

177 this garment of truth, this garment of holiness, this garment of sanctification.

178 Without this garment, no man can survive my wrath, my vengeance.

179 My Word! My Word!

180 My Word tonight is for those people desiring to have this will to serve me in Spirit and in truth.

181 For those people who are not willing to serve me with the blessings and promises,

182 my Word will not be a taste, a desired taste in their heart, in their spirit;

183 but for those people willing to serve me in spirit and in truth, my Word will be a taste of justice,

184 a taste of peace, a taste you are willing to enjoy at all times,

185 a taste that nobody can do without, wants to do without.

186 As it was written in your Scriptures that I placed in your hands:

187 “Whosoever is thirsty and hungry, let him come to me.”

188 Is the taste of my Word the one that is in you?

189 Are you thirsty? Are you hungry? for this Word, for my Word? My Word! My Word!

190 I wish to find you vested with my Word every day of your life.

191 Remember that tonight.

192 I want my eye to be on each one of you vested with my Word,

193 hidden in my Word, walking in my Word, being nourished with my Word,

194 killing the thirst for the things of this world with my Word. My Word!

195 I wish to find you daily, from morning until night, with this taste in your life for my Word,

196 this taste that is in you, the taste that I place inside of you tonight,

197 in each sheep present here tonight in this audience tonight,

19 so that you leave this place having this taste, one single taste: my Word, my Word, the taste to read my Word, to live following my Word.

199 The end of times is prophesied, was prophesied and is still prophesied,

200 it is me, says the Eternal tonight, who is retaining the hour of the end of times, of the end of your life.

201 Present yourselves before me today dressed up with my Word, fortified with my Word,

202 having this thirst to live only with my Word, having the thirst and the hunger to live only in my Word

203 and to be walking in my Word, to cover yourselves with my Word,

204 to not be ashamed of my Word, to not be ashamed! of my Word.

205 My Word tonight! My Word! My Word.

206 (English song.)

207 O Lord, have mercy! O Lord, have mercy! O Lord, have mercy.

208 Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy on me.

209 O Lord, have mercy. O Lord, have mercy. O Lord, have mercy.

210 Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy on me.

211 (Words of the prophet.)

212 Let this mercy wrap you up tonight, let this mercy give you the thirst for his Spirit,

213 and then, be happy tonight and in a happiness of his Spirit, in the happiness of his Spirit

214 that his Spirit guided you to come here once again tonight in this ministry.

215 Appreciate that fact tonight, but he wants to find you walking,

216 walking by his Spirit and in his Spirit.

217 Ah tonight, his Word once again is nourishing us, nourishing you, each one of you.

218 Ah, this is so marvellous!

219 Glory belongs to Jesus

220 to be once again tonight here in this city of Montréal, trained in his Word,

221 to be nourished, taught by his Word

222 because of the Holy Spirit which is teaching us the entire truth.

223 (English song.)

224 O Lord, have mercy. O Lord, have mercy. O Lord, have mercy.

225 Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy on me.

226 (Words of the prophet.)

227 Oh, let this Word wrap you up, let this Word nourish your brain;

228 for God loved the world so much that he had an infinite love and mercy,

229 that he gave us his only Son, his Word, his Word.

230 (English song.)

231 O Lord, have mercy. O Lord, have mercy. O Lord, oh, have mercy.

232 Have mercy. Have mercy. Have mercy.

233 Have mercy. Have mercy. Have mercy on me. ©



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