A Post Made Of Gold – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



A Post Made Of Gold

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on February 16, 1994 at 7:30 PM
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 5 min 17 s
Recording: AAM0009CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1994 and 2017


1 (For the honeymooners.)

2 Thus speaks the Eternal, your God:

3 Yes my son, O my son tonight, says the Eternal, your God,

4 How much my Spirit has been searching and searching

5 to bring unto you the blessing that you asked for it, that you insisted for it.

6 Yes says the Eternal, your God tonight, my son,

7 the Scriptures, the Scriptures tonight, they are there so that your heart,

8 –and now your wife along with you,– is anchored in these Scriptures;

9 this is the reason why my Spirit went to get for you the desire of your heart.

10 I digged in cities. I digged left and right. My Spirit has not ceased to search for you

11 and finally, he found someone to complement you, says the Eternal, your God.

12 Remember, my son, those Scriptures which are saying that the things of the past are the things of the past.

13 Yes my son, you asked me for her, I searched her for you

14 and I searched for you and I found for you.

15 Today, I welded you, today I assembled you, today I made you one;

16 one, says the Eternal, my son. I am always stuck repeating.

17 I sent my Spirit searching in the depths, in cities, on streets here and there, left and right;

18 and I found for you, says the Eternal;

19 this is why you are today already united, –Your desire is already there.–

20 united together, welded with a perfect welding, created by my Spirit, says the Eternal.

21 This is why today you must see yourselves husband, wife,

22 with the same spirit, with the same attachment; and not having two spirits and not having a spirit of the past,

23 but a spirit of the present moment, a spirit of today, a spirit of the Spirit of my God which welded you together!

24 And I searched! If you knew, my son, how much I searched.

25 I sent my Spirit searching and I found. Alleluia!

26 Remember for the rest of your life, you and your wife, this response tonight, this answer tonight.

27 When I weld together, when I assemble together, when I put together, it is done for life, says the Eternal, your God, the God of you two;

28 and let nothing, my son, happen and destroy what I welded together.

29 What I welded together is forever, the welding can no more be seen: it is now an iron post,

30 a post made of gold, a piece of gold, made into one single piece as we see in my paradise, a door, a pearl, you are one.

31 Remember this, my son and my daughter, now, you are one.

32 Concerning the past, I never operated with the past, says the Eternal. I always operated with the present moment.

33 And remember, my son, that I sent my Christ for a perfect forgiveness.

34 You must do the same thing: a perfect forgiveness, in Jesus-Christ, your God,

35 who searched for you and I found for you, says the Eternal, your God. ©


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