God’s Clean Up – God’s prophecy (1 of 2)- Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



God’s Clean Up

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on April 3rd, 1994 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented
Recording: ROY0038ST

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1994 and 2017


1 (Serving God.)

2 Thus says the Eternal:

3 I am speaking to my people. I did not inspire my anointed man for nothing.

4 You are not willing to serve your God.

5 Your ministry of truth, your ministry of pureness, your ministry of holiness,

6 it is me who made this ministry rise so that my Word is preached.

7 If only you were willing, but you have such a hard heart, a closed up heart,

8 having closed eyes, having closed ears, for my anointed man here tonight, for my ministry.

9 Remember where I pulled you out of,

10 each time I pulled you out of the flames, that I pulled you out of this ungodly world.

11 Remember that I pulled you out of the waters. Remember, says the Eternal, I never let you down.

12 You served me with a straight heart, you who have served me with a just heart,

13 you who are spreading your soul,

14 you who are spreading your life before me,

15 I will do great things.

16 I speak and I speak and you are not hearing it:

17 you have ears which are clogged, your soul is clogged, your heart is clogged.

18 Do not wait for my hand to appease itself on you; because my day will be terrible.

19 Who knows, who knows if that day will not be in the next few days?

20 in the next few hours, in the next few minutes that my hand will appease itself on you?

21 Do not wait for…

22 My hand is strict because of you,

23 you who have your eyes shut, you who have your soul shut, you who have your ears shut.

24 If you only were willing to look…

25 Act right now, so that I don’t put my finger on you;

26 because this will be terrible considering you are not willing.

27 I always gave you what your heart is hoping for. Yes, it is me who is speaking to you tonight.

28 My ministry stands with a thread, with almost nothing. I don’t want to put my anointed man in the obligation to leave,

29 but you are forcing me to take an obliged decision that I am not prone to take

30 because of you who have your eyes blocked, your mind blocked, your soul blocked, your heart blocked.

31 I don’t want to send him or to oblige him to go away from this ministry because of your disobedience.

32 How can you obey?

33 Look at the mud you are dragging around, you who have your soul closed up to this ministry?

34 Starting tonight, those people who are not willing to obey… the minutes…

35 the door is open, not for you to enter in, but for you to go out,

36 in order to free the space of my ministry before it is me who does the clean up.

37 Yes, I have made some clean up in the past, but again, I will do more of it;

38 and you must leave before…

39 I am telling you this so that you sell the things…

40 I want you to be blessed with the wham of my robe, of my protection.

41 You, who have your heart closed, your eyes closed, your ears closed, your soul closed;

42 I take the time to speak to you before rejecting you.

43 Don’t let me have this joy to destroy you, as I also have joy tonight exhorting you and waking you up.

44 Do not change my joy into a wrath against you who have your eyes closed, your ears closed, your heart closed, your soul closed.

45 Inside your houses, under your roofs, have I blessed you too much?

46 Are you missing something? You are missing nothing.

47 You have too many things, you are blessed to the point that you forgot me.

48 Bless me so that I give you more things.

49 I have great things, hidden, things you never attempted to find because your heart is closed.

50 You are even asking yourself if it is really the ministry and you have a hard heart.

51 Consider closely, pay attention to each Word that is coming out of the mouth of the anointed man before you.

52 Like my anointed man who is far away in this country, who spoke to you through your device, exhorting you,

53 have no doubt: it is me and only me who is inspiring him.

54 My anointed man is holy, pleasing to my eye, a perfect example for you who have your heart closed.

55 How can you? My ministry is suffering because of you.

56 You are even thinking that he spends my offerings for himself.

57 Each thing that my anointed man spends, it is me who is telling him to.

58 He always consulted me before spending: never by himself.

59 I always said yes, perfectly yes, to everything he did.

60 It is my enemy who is holding your mind that this ministry is spending for nothing.

61 Take that out of your mind.

62 This money is in the hands of my anointed man, you are… it is me who is telling him to…

63 Yesterday, you heard my servant witnessing that I am serving him.

64 He always served me and today it is me who is serving him;

65 because tomorrow he will serve me, for this is the desire of his heart. ©


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