Numerous Times – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



Numerous Times

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on June 17th, 1994 at 10:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented
Recording: ROY0040ST

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1994 and 2017


1 (Demonstrating the Word.)

2 My daughter,

3 Numerous times, I took the time to speak to you, I took the time numerous times;

4 oh yes, just like I also did for many other people.

5 I used much patience, much of that patience coming from me;

6 because it is me who created you, it is me who chose you.

7 Recognize my hand, recognize my arm, recognize my Spirit that I placed inside of you.

8 Yes, everything that goes inside your house comes from me; recognize that.

9 Many people received from me, but those people to whom I gave a lot, I am asking in return for a lot.

10 Yes, you saw me at work numerous times.

11 My servant who is talking to you, many times, you saw my hand act in his life;

12 I inspire him what to do and what to say; recognize that.

13 Considering I engendered you through my Son Jesus-Christ so that you become the wife of my Son Jesus, use my Word.

14 Yes, command the work of my hand, you will see me even more.

15 You wish to see me, confide yourself in the Scriptures more than ever before.

16 Resist the fiery darts of my adversary, of my enemy;

17 because my Spirit is stronger than all the spirits surrounding you, which are on this Earth.

18 My adversary wants to devour you, he claimed to have you in order to sift you as wheat;

19 and you have the weapons: use my weapons not against, but for the truth.

20 Yes, the Eternal is thirsty. He is thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.

21 Give him something to drink, he is thirsty. Yes, this thirst cannot be satiated.

22 Satiate yourself with the milk of his Word. Satiate yourself with the milk of my consolation,

23 so that you are comforted every hour, every minute, every day, every instant of your life.

24 Go back once again into the Scriptures of my Word,

25 into my words which are so deep and which are keeping you in the heights as they did in the first days.

26 Remember those first days.

27 Yes, you saw my hand so many times in your life. I always rescued you. I was always there for you.

28 Call upon me more than ever before; because I only fulfill the requests of those people who call upon me.

29 Come close to me, so that I come closer to you; because I want to be near you

30 as near to you as the belt you are wearing to your waist, that the man is wearing,

31 so that I am with you during your moments of difficulties, during your moments of victory.

32 I wish to be continually pleased in you, says the Eternal.

33 My daughter, yes my daughter, my daughter,

34 Oh I take so much pleasure in calling my children like this: my son, my daughter, my legitimate children.

35 Yes, I am a Father for you, yes, I am your only Father, the only Father;

36 for there is no one else but me who can take care of the orphan, who can watch over the widow.

37 You are my legitimate children.

38 I don’t want you to belong to no one else;

39 for I am a jealous God, for my jealousy is great, just like my wrath is also great;

40 because I am eager to drain out my wrath on those people who left me, abandoned me, denied me,

41 defiled the blood of my Son that was on these illegitimates.

42 My fiery wrath, yes, I am putting it on hold.

43 Oh, I am eager to quench my wrath; I am holding it back, yes I am retaining it.

44 Yes, says the Eternal, the days are coming where,

45 –Oh yes! Recognize, sanctify yourself.–

46 yes the days are coming, they are getting closer and closer;

47 there will be no more reasons for me to hold back my fiery wrath and this fire

48 which consumes, which is consuming those people who resist me.

49 This fire is consuming them; but you, my daughter, let the fire of my Word burn inside of you.

50 This is the fire that must be burning inside of you.

51 Yes the Eternal, your God, watches over your soul.

52 He is waiting so that the Eternal, your God, watches over you as he is staying up and awake.

53 He never dozes off. He never sleeps.

54 He has his eye on all the people who are fearing him.

55 Yes, he has his eye on all the people who are fearing him, which is the beginning of wisdom.

56 Fear me more, more, more, more, more, so that I am always pleased in you,

57 so that my soul takes pleasure in you, as I take pleasure in the people who are fearing me.

58 This is how you will always please me.

59 Oh, whatever you will be asking me, I grant it unto you, if you keep my Word.

60 Keep my Word which is more precious than anything that can exist on this Earth and in the heavens.

61 You, you found this precious Pearl. It is so precious, this precious Stone:

62 my only Son in whom I have placed all my affection, all, all, all.

63 Yes the Eternal, yes the Eternal established this day, today, in order to talk to you, my daughter.

64 This day, keep this very day in mind, says the Eternal.

65 Yes the Eternal wants to keep his promise unto you, as he kept his promises unto Abraham, the father of faith,

66 to whom I promised to multiply him, to bless him so that his posterity is blessed because of my promise.

67 The Eternal always keeps his promise. He also promised unto David to have a successor, yes,

68 and today in my Son Jesus-Christ, my promise still remains; for I am a faithful God.

69 Yes my faithfulness remains eternally: my Word.

70 The Eternal is thirsty so that my Word is preached, so that it is preached, demonstrated,

71 so that I still have this posterity, so that this posterity will be my offspring.

72 Until the coming, it is a must that this posterity remains. It will survive, if you keep my Word;

73 oh yes, so that the Eternal has a dwelling just like you too you have a dwelling,

74 so that the Eternal, your God, always remains in this dwelling.

75 His burning desire is that this dwelling remains until the day my Son comes back.

76 Yes my Son is ready, are you ready?

77 He is coming back for a spotless wife, a flawless bride, without reproach.

78 Yes my Son is waiting for this day; and this day is getting closer, and closer, and closer.

79 Stay up awake and pray in order to not succumb, to not fall into temptation.

80 My Son is still awake. My Son was always praying. He stayed up and awake.

81 Imitate my Son. Imitate my Son. Imitate my Son. Imitate my Son.

82 Imitate my Son so that YOUR son also imitates me. It is a must to imitate the faith of my Son.

83 As the Eternal declared it, be thirsty to see even more souls tonight than what I already have.

84 Yes, he wants to have more souls. Yes go search in this world, in this ungodly, indocile, idolating world.

85 Yes, it is a must that this Word, my Word is in your mouth. Declare it.

86 I engraved it in you with a burin on the tables of your heart as my Son is opening his table.

87 Yes this wisdom, this knowledge, this intelligence which were in my Son Jesus,

88 you are having this through my Son, if you declare the Word of my Son,

89 if you declare the Word of my Son,

90 if you declare the Word of my Son, yes, as my Son always declared it:

91 “It is written…” “It is written…” “It is written…”

92 It is an absolute must that my Word is preached more than ever before.

93 Walk in this humbleness. Have this spirit of humbleness. Remember that humbleness precedes glory.

94 Humbleness is a fruit that you must have inside of you. Love me, says the Eternal. Yes, love my Word.

95 Yes, I know you are savouring it. Eat it, devour it, my Word so that my Word can have this liberty inside of you.

96 And my Word gives you this liberty

97 in order to crush down any thought which come against, in order to keep any thought captive unto obedience;

98 because obedience is worth more than all the sacrifices. Fortify yourself and be courageous: I will give you the strength.

99 This is how you will have success and this liberty in everything you will undertake with me, with my Son, says the Eternal,

100 yes says the Eternal,

101 so that the work of your hands is blessed, yes the work of your hands.

102 I know your works. I want you to be boiling hot so that you are in the heights.

103 My daughter,

104 Accept this exhortation, this prophecy, what the Eternal has to tell you, to declare unto you.

105 He established anointed people in order to exhort and teach you what my Word teaches.

106 Consider them, my anointed people, my daughter,

107 so that your heart is always, your heart, bonded unto me.

108 Your soul, your spirit belong to me.

109 Take good care of the soul which I placed in your womb, says the Eternal, yes, says the Eternal.

110 Walk with my Spirit, says the Eternal, my spirit of peace, ah yes,

111 yes, my Spirit; for it is in calmness and confidence that will be your strength.

112 It is also in peace and in tranquillity that your joy and your peace will be perfect in Jesus-Christ.

113 This peace which surpasses all knowledge, this peace of God,

114 this peace will keep you in Jesus-Christ, says the Eternal, your God, to my daughter. ©



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