Do Not Touch My Anointed People – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



Do Not Touch My Anointed People

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 16th, 1994 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented
Recording: ROY0051ST

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1994 and 2017


1 (Sanctify yourselves.)

2 Thus speaks the Eternal, your God, your God, your God:

3 My son,

4 Yes the Eternal, your God! Yes the Eternal, your God! Yes the One who always had his eye on you, my son!

5 During all those years, all those years of your life, my eye has been on you, my son.

6 The Eternal, the compassion that I had for you, is that the way you are rewarding me today?

7 The honour and the glory belong to me, says the Eternal.

8 Yes, the fear, this fear, where is it? The fear that you must possess inside of you, where is it?

9 Yes, the Eternal chastises his people. In his assembly, he chastises his people.

10 My chastisement is great, you read that again and again in my Word.

11 Ah, do not touch my anointed people, says the Eternal. Touch not my anointed people!

12 Yes, those people who rebelled against me, oh, could not remain in my assembly.

13 Yes, it is a day of judgement today; repent yourself, says the Eternal.

14 Yes see, says the Eternal, I always have been a Father for you, my son. I have always watched your steps.

15 Do not let sin sleep at your door: dominate, dominate over it.

16 Have I not given you the power and the authority in the name of my Son, Jesus-Christ?

17 Use my name. Use it! Yes says the Eternal, accept, accept my chastisement, says the Eternal.

18 Accept, accept it so that…

19 Yes, this Word must be the object of your conversation, says the Eternal.

20 My Word! Nothing else! My Word! My Word!

21 There is nothing else on this Earth but my Word in whom I am pleased, says the Eternal.

22 Yes, you know the Scriptures, says the Eternal; it only depends on you to act, says the Eternal.

23 You will continue to be pleased to be in my assembly, says the Eternal.

24 Take the example of those people who went against my Word, against my anointed people:

25 do not follow their examples, says the Eternal.

26 All these chastisements would not reach you, if you had a heart to continually serve me, says the Eternal;

27 and my enemy would have no dominion over you, would have no, no, no grip.

28 Yes the enemy hits your mind, yes says the Eternal, just like he does for all my sons and daughters.

29 Don’t let yourself be seduced, don’t let yourself be seduced, says the Eternal.

30 Come back to me, says the Eternal, so that I am pleased in you.

31 I wish to be pleased in who you are. I wish to be pleased in who you are. This is my desire. It is my desire.

32 Consider my patience, my unlimited patience. Yes the Spirit that I put in you, I cherish it with jealousy.

33 The Eternal is a God who is jealous, jealous. Yes, I am jealous!

34 I want you to belong only to me, only me, only to me, only to me, only to me!

35 Grieve not the Holy Spirit by which you have been sealed. Grieve it not. Grieve it not.

36 Those people who grieved my Spirit, when my Spirit is grieved, all my people, all my people,

37 when my Spirit is grieved, I cannot use this liberty to speak to you;

38 because the Eternal cannot tolerate iniquity among his people.

39 Yes says the Eternal, yes says the Eternal, my people,

40 Sanctify yourselves, says the Eternal. Sanctify yourselves, says the Eternal.

41 Sanctify yourselves! Sanctify yourselves!

42 You must all be of one accord, walk with my Spirit, says the Eternal.

43 My nation was victorious, when they all walked with the same accord,

44 with the same spirit, with the same soul, with the same heart,

45 to have the same feelings.

46 Sanctify yourselves, my people.

47 Yes desolation is in my house; look at it with your eyes: you are my remnant, says the Eternal.

48 Yes the Eternal wants you to be victorious. He is coming back to get a victorious wife;

49 and if you are not victorious, you are lacking the Word, you are lacking the Word and you know this.

50 How many warnings and again, and again more warnings you are receiving or, rejecting?

51 Are you receiving them or rejecting them, my warnings?

52 Open your ears! He that has ears let him hear what the Eternal has to say.

53 When my anointed people speak, it is me speaking, says the Eternal.

54 Be attentive to each of the words my anointed people are declaring, says the Eternal,

55 so that you are not judged on the judgement day, so that your admission is fully granted, says the Eternal.

56 Make the effort, says the Eternal, make the effort to come in, says the Eternal, and add in, says the Eternal.

57 Yes the Eternal wants some fruits. Where are the fruits I wish to gather?

58 Where are they? where are they?

59 Where is the fruit of your prosperity? Where is the fruit of the blessing that I gave you? Where is it?

60 After having been blessed, blessed again and again, and again, and again,

61 yes, the Eternal wants to have sacrifices as my Son did.

62 Yes, as my Son did, stretch out your life!

63 Stretch it out your life; because he that will want to save his life will lose it, says the Eternal.

64 He that will lose his life shall get it back, shall save it, says the Eternal, your God. ©


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