So Far Away – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



So Far Away

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on August 7th, 1994 at 11:20 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 11 m 43 s
Recordings: ROY0028CT and AAM0016CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1994 and 2017


1 (Awakening to intelligence.)

2 Thus speaks the Eternal, the Eternal, the Eternal, the Eternal, your God,

3 yes says the Eternal, your God,

4 Your God always used patience and compassion and love towards his children, always.

5 All of you, my children, remember, when have you been missing something, says the Eternal?

6 Has there been one day where you were missing something?

7 Am I a Father who is not taking care of his children? No, says the Eternal.

8 I always provided and, provided and, provided to all those people who confide in me. They never lacked nothing.

9 Yes, am I still your Shepherd, says the Eternal? Can I still be called like this?

10 Do I still have the right to be called Father?

11 Yes my ministry, yes some of you, you are born in my ministry;

12 when you were at a young age, you got to know me, says the Eternal;

13 and tonight, I am asking back for my due, my due, my due!

14 Where is the fear that is due to me? My honour, where is it?

15 Oh, (Crying.) ah, this fear, you don’t have it, have you ever had it, says the Eternal?

16 If you lost it, have you ever had it? Yes, you are far away from me. Oh, you are so far away! Oh-oh! (Crying.)

17 So far away! You are so far away, so far away, oh, (Crying.) oh, (Crying.) I am obliged… Oh yes!

18 If you are not coming closer, if you are not willing, if you don’t humble yourself,

19 if you don’t get closer to me, says the Eternal, oh, I rejected other people, I rejected so many people!

20 After they have known me, after they tasted, after they were given the Light,

21 after they ate my Word, after they tasted the heavenly gift,

22 oh, I rejected them because they were not on their guard and they did not obey to my voice, says the Eternal.

23 They were far away, so far away, that they no more heard my voice, says the Eternal,

24 so far away, that they could no more hear me, says the Eternal. (Crying.)

25 You are at the limit!

26 If you don’t reform your ways, oh no, there will be no more hope after you received, received so much in abundance.

27 Yes, you received in abundance, such a great abundance,

28 to the point of losing yourselves, to the point of losing yourselves, of going far away.

29 Where is your affection? Where is your affection? As the Scripture says it:

30 “Set your affection on the things which are coming from Above and not on those things which are on the Earth.”

31 Yes this so great blessing, all these so great blessings,

32 you rejoiced in my so great blessings; do not wait until the Eternal, oh, changes

33 all these so great blessings into curses which are so great, in order to eliminate, destroy you.

34 Come closer, come closer, if it is still time, says the Eternal; because I warned so much and I spoke so much.

35 I insisted so much, I repeated so much, oh repeated again, so many times, in order to awake your intelligence. ©


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