Teach The Child – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



Teach The Child

Prayer and praises unto God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on April 3rd, 1995 at 1:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented
Recording: ROY0058DOC

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1995 and 2017


1 (The child’s consecration.)

2 O Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus,

3 we thank you today for this child of holiness, of pureness.

4 We thank you Father that we can train a child the way he should go.

5 We thank you Father we’re gonna train this child just, just, just, the way the Bible says,

6 so he could be a prophet, so he could be a man of God. Alleluia.

7 In the days when he grows, O God, he’ll learn growing in this ministry. Alleluia.

8 Glory to God, he’s gonna learn to grow as being a man of God and of holiness, a man that will fear God.

9 He’ll be trained with the fear of God before his eyes.

10 We thank you heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, blessed be the name of Jesus, anoint him, anoint him.

11 Joy shall be his vision to follow after in Jesus’ name.

12 Joy will be the vision to have, the joy of the Lord will be his vision

13 to follow after joy and to walk in joy, in the joy of the Eternal.

14 To be raising him with joy, to be raising him with peace, to be raising him with the joy of the peace of the Gospel.

15 To always make him hear joy, to always make him hear peace, to make him hear words of peace and of joy in Jesus-Christ.

16 He wants to dance in the Lord. Alleluia. Teach the child to walk in the lane he must take.

17 For us, there is only one lane that we wish our children to follow:

18 it is the lane leading to paradise, the narrow and straight road leading to paradise. Alleluia.

19 We can read here in 1 Corinthians 15, verses 33-34 :

20 “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

21 Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for

22 some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.”

23 It is a must to know God. It is an absolute must to go inside the Word.

24 I thank the Eternal that we have these examples today.

25 I see that this is what was missing in the life of the Christians of the old days.

26 The apostle Paul said: “Awake! Know God.” Knowing God, not only when we make children.

27 When you start making children, you’ve got to think twice.

28 You don’t make human beings to make them go burn themselves.

29 You make children to go to heaven. Now or later, it doesn’t make a difference.

30 We make children

31 so that they are raised in the Word, so that they end up in paradise.

32 We are not going to raise them so that they end up in hell.

33 O Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus, we thank you today

34 for parents who are aware of what it takes to keep our creation, to keep what we created.

35 What God created, he takes care of his creation.

36 Us, we have created… This man and this lady here created this child.

37 They made this child, they created this child, through the power of God,

38 with the seed of God and all that in the name of Jesus-Christ.

39 We thank you, O Father Eternal,

40 to be giving us the desire of our heart so that we can serve you

41 with everything we touch, with everything that belongs to us,

42 with the power and the authority of Jesus-Christ

43 to be creating, to take over everything we need to have to serve you,

44 still today, to have created

45 a creation to serve you, in the name of Jesus-Christ, o Father Eternal,

46 the joy in this household, some joy and peace because of this child,

47 in the name of Jesus-Christ, o Father Eternal. Alleluia.

48 Thank you, o Father Eternal, for the mind of Jesus-Christ, in this couple today.

49 These three individuals in Jesus-Christ, only one flesh in Jesus-Christ,

50 in order to serve you in Spirit and in truth in the name of Jesus-Christ.

51 Let your Holy Spirit come down on them today, o Father Eternal,

52 in order to give them the courage and to maintain that courage during the coming storms.

53 When storms grow, when they are eight, when they are nine years old and when they are ten years old

54 and that they start creating all kinds of storms.

55 In the name of Jesus, our children, our babies without any spirit of rebellion,

56 this is the promise of our God, to raise the child the way he should go and he shall not turn away from it.

57 All parents must be holy and pure people, obedient people unto the Word.

58 The work of their hands!

59 Nothing is too great for God. Nothing is too great for us, o Father Eternal.

60 We thank you, o Father Eternal, for the blessing.

61 Thank you, thank you, thank you, o Father Eternal,

62 to be blessed of God, to be blessed of God, to be blessed of God! to be blessed of God, blessed of God, blessed of God.

63 to have the blessing of God.

64 Thank you Jesus. Blessed of God. Blessed of God. Blessed of God.

65 The lusts and the gains of this world which are producing for a personal interest

66 are not the blessing of the Eternal, your God.

67 Us being his elects, us being his creation, us being today his anointed people,

68 it is a must to recognize what comes of God and what comes from a man.

69 Today, it is written, yes, that the Word teaches us,

70 what comes from God, what comes from God, what God is.

71 Yes, it was written, again, we read it today,

72 that the man knows not God and that it is a shame for them to not know God.

73 Therefore, it is written, we confirm this today, through the word of God

74 that those people who know God will prosper and will know what it is that they own:

75 what comes from God, what comes from the man, what comes from the enemy, Satan.

76 Yes, we will recognize him. We will recognize the wicked one through watching his conduct.

77 We will recognize the works of the man and of the woman by watching their conducts;

78 we will recognize, if they are of God or if they are not of God.

79 Today, open your eyes, open them up and be attentive to this Word

80 in order to be grateful that we are recognizing

81 what God gave you, what God is for you and what God has done for you,

82 so that we recognize things and so that we forget not to serve him with it all: soul, spirit, health, body,

83 finally, with everything he gave you to serve God,

84 with everything he placed in the hands.

85 Today, today, recognize him; because, there are people among you today, who forget

86 what God gave you, what God did for you, what God will do for you, what God placed in your hands.

87 Recognize today, in order to be attentive to the Word,

88 in order to not go far away from the obedience which is asked of you,

89 in order to obey in return after having been blessed.

90 Today, open your eyes and your ears.

91 If you have ears to hear listen to what the Spirit declared today

92 and be attentive to the message and to the warning once again today,

93 to be attentive to my Word and to seek the knowledge of God.

94 Know God and be recognized by God. Yes, recognize today that God knows you.

95 Do you know God? that God knows you today? Today, it is written, yes:

96 “Search, search, look into my Scriptures, says the Eternal,

97 and you will recognize the lane which was established for you in order to walk along my ordinances,

98 having the heart I placed inside of you on the tablets made of flesh,

99 so that you know and practice the Word today, at this very hour, on this very day.”©



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