Your Work Is For The King – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



Your Work Is For The King

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on June 3rd, 1995 at midnight 15 min
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented
Recording: ROY0053ST

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1995 and 2017


1(From the tribe of God.)

2 Thus speaks the Eternal, yes the Eternal, your God:

3 My daughter,

4 Yes the Eternal, your God, is speaking to you

5 so that you walk with this fear,

6 so that you walk with this fear,

7 so that this fear is before my face, continually before my eyes.

8 Walk on the road which I traced for you with this fear.

9 Do not turn away from it to go left or to go right.

10 Those people who turned away to go left and to go right,

11 they let themselves be seduced by the lusts and the cares of this world.

12 They lost my Spirit. They lost me.

13 This fear must be inside of you, my daughter,

14 so that you serve me, says the Lord, as the Scripture says it and not according to your heart.

15 Numerous times I spoke to you so that your receive and so that you accept my Word.

16 Believe in my Word and have faith in my Word.

17 Have the faith of my Word. Have the faith of what you hear of my Word.

18 Read my Word and this is when you will obey me.

19 Put my Word to practice daily.

20 Have my Word in your hands daily for my glory.

21 There is nothing else on this Earth that counts.

22 My Son walked on this Earth so that he glorified me and I glorified him.

23 Look at my glory. Look at my Son. My Word, this is my glory. Never take your eyes away from my Word;

24 because those people who did not keep their eyes on my Word, they could not resist the temptations;

25 because I could not find my Word inside of them, because I was no more inside of them.

26 Yes, my daughter, fear me: fear Gehenna.

27 Yes, walk on the narrow and straight road.

28 Do not look to your right or to your left.

29 Do not look elsewhere, but look at my Word in order to be part of my tribe,

30 so that you rejoice for your name written in my Book, in my Jesus, my Word.

31 Yes sometimes it is offensive, it is saddening;

32 but remember that the Eternal is your guide and, that you must be

33 of the same understanding, of the same Spirit and of the same faith

34 with everything I gave you, with the Spirit I gave you which I served you beyond measure.

35 Walk with this fear of my words engraved on the tablet of your heart so that you forget them not.

36 Yes, says the Eternal, your work is for the King, says the Eternal,

37 so that my work, my will are accomplished.

38 Yes, work with my anointed people placed in front of you, so that you are victorious, so that you have the victory,

39 in order to accomplish marvels for the Eternal, your God. Yes, marvels!

40 Yes you have seen my marvels, yes you have seen great things and you will see even more things which are even greater.

41 Yes take pleasure in seeing his work being accomplished daily

42 in order to teach the lost people and to show this to my enemy and to my sons and daughters.

43 My sons and my daughters are even serving me above their actual means;

44 take pleasure in serving me like my sons and my daughters.

45 Your body, offer your body as a living sacrifice, pleasing unto God,

46 so that your posterity is serving me.

47 Be vigilant! Ah, neglect nothing, says the Eternal.

48 Yes, says the Eternal, neglect nothing.

49 Be attentive to my Spirit which is having pleasure in you.

50 This Spirit, do not sadden it; because you recognized it, you are still recognizing it, but you must recognize it more;

51 because I am a flame which consumes, destroys every unbeliever.

52 No unbeliever can dwell before my face. Get rid of unfaithfulness.

53 Have a perfect faith in order to live in my peace, in the peace of my Word.

54 Seek the peace of my Word.

55 In this world, you will have persecutions; but in me, you will have my peace.

56 Cherish this peace.

57 Put your affection on things which come from Above. Walk with this peace of my Word.

58 Eat my Word so that you can walk with the pride of your God; for humbleness precedes glory.

59 Jesus accepted to obey me so that my will is accomplished. He went on Calvary, so that my will is accomplished.

60 Take pleasure in accomplishing my will, the will of my Word

61 so that you taste and see this Word which will be as honey in your entrails, as rivers of living waters which will spring out of you.

62 Come closer to me so that you are as close as the belt to your waist.

63 I want you, oh yes, says the Eternal, your God.

64 Yes, your God wants you, says the Eternal. Yes, I am your Father, says the Eternal.©


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