In A Fainting State – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



In A Fainting State

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 16th, 1995
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 17 min 36 s
Recording: AAM0005CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1995 and 2017


1 Thus speaks the Eternal, your God:

2 My nation, my children,

3 Yes, you who are my elects, my elects, my elects, my elects, yes, oh yes, my nation,

4 Oh, (Crying.) oh yes,

5 as you see it with your own eyes, says the Eternal,

6 my sheepfold is in a fainting state, yes my house is in a fainting state. (Crying.)

7 Oh yes, my elects, yes you who are bonded to my Word, says the Eternal,

8 –Oh yes, bonded!– bond yourselves even more, says the Eternal, your God;

9 yes, for the days of darkness, oh, are at the door.

10 Yes the days of curses are ready, oh, to be accomplished, to execute, ready to be executed, yes.

11 Yes sanctify yourselves, says the Eternal.

12 Sanctify yourselves, sanctify yourselves, sanctify yourselves,

13 and may be! oh, will you be saved of my wrath, says the Eternal.

14 Oh, you who gave me everything, you who know me, you know me, you know me,

15 you know this, yes you are recognizing what I am, says the Eternal, says the Eternal, your God.

16 Yes ‘I Am’ and ‘I Am’ and I still Am, and ‘I Am’;

17 oh, and I will always be, says the Eternal.

18 Yes the Eternal, your God, –Oh, (Silence.) oh, (Silence.) oh,– is crying.

19 He is crying and he is crying and, searching, and crying, and searching.

20 My anointed people are searching, and still crying, and crying in this desert.

21 Oh, oh there is no… oh, there is no one who is coming to my help, says the Eternal.

22 Is there anyone?

23 Is there at least one person who has the intelligence to seek the face of his God, says the Eternal?

24 Oh, these days of darkness, oh, o days of blackness, days of anguish,

25 days of… oh, when the man will search left and right;

26 oh, and you, my elects, oh, you are the only ones, the only ones, the only ones,

27 the only ones, (Crying.) in whom I take my pleasure, says the Eternal,

28 the only ones oh yes with the thirst, the thirst to hear my words, the words coming out of my mouth, says the Eternal.

29 Yes, oh, (Silence.) oh, there are few people. Few people have this thirst, says the Eternal.

30 Even in my own household, (Silence.) oh, there are some… You are so thirsty to hear the things of the outside. (Silence.)

31 Set your affection on the things from Above, from Above, says the Eternal.

32 Yes my house will subsist, yes you who have this at heart.

33 You who have this at heart, you who have at heart, you who have my heart,

34 yes, my house will subsist, yes this lamp will continue to shine and to burn.

35 This fire will continue to consume, yes, consume, consume, consume, consume, consume, consume, the dry branches, says the Eternal.

36 Yes, the Eternal wants some fruit. He is thirsty, thirsty, thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.

37 Oh my soul, says the Eternal, (Crying.) is dehydrated,

38 oh, because no one is answering my calling, says the Eternal.

39 Oh, I so much… (Crying.) oh, I so much cried and insisted. (Crying.)

40 Look around you, (Moment of silence.) yes, all those people, you, all those men and women whom I have,

41 whom I brought closer, whom I called, (Silence.) and who did not maintain this thirst, says the Eternal.

42 Ah, (Silence.) yes, oh, ohhhh, oh, it is too late for them, too late! too late! (Silence.) Oh!

43 And you, my nation,

44 who I still have at heart to continually water you, says the Eternal,

45 water with my Word, says the Eternal,

46 so that the one who is watering you is himself also watered, says the Eternal.

47 Yes my anointed people, says the Eternal, oh, no one can pull them out of my hand, says the Eternal.

48 You, my elects, oh, watch, watch!!! Watch, watch, watch and pray. Watch and pray, says the Eternal.

49 Watch attentively over your souls.

50 Yes, watch over your soul, you, who I bought back,

51 who I bought back with the blood of my Son (Silence.) at a great price.

52 Yes, you have been bought back: (Silence.)

53 do not sale your soul (Silence.)

54 to the lifestyle of this world and to the lusts of this world, says the Eternal. (Silence.)

55 Do not allow this thirst which is inside of you to be choked. (Silence.)

56 No!!! I cannot give it back, says the Eternal.

57 I cannot renew the thirst to the one who loses it, says the Eternal.

58 Yes as, oh, I always wanted to, says the Eternal, gather together,

59 gather together like a mother gathers together her small ones, says the Eternal, yes, I wanted that so much.

60 Ah, my nation has always… and has always… and has always … and always resisted, says the Eternal.

61 My nation has always kept aloof, far away. Yes, he is dispersing itself. My nation is dispersing itself.

62 Ah yes, as you read it in the Scriptures, my nation is destroyed.

63 Yes, says the Eternal, be strong. Strengthen yourselves. Strengthen. Strengthen.

64 What is ready to die, says the Eternal, straighten it. Hold on to your crown. Have you ever had it?

65 Yes, says the Eternal, the nations, the nations surrounding us are so thirsty.

66 Look at them and see with your own eyes even, how much they are thirsty, oh, for the things of the world.

67 They are throwing themselves into the dark things, Hum! without any stop, says the Eternal. They are unbridled.

68 Have this same thirst, says the Eternal, but for my Word,

69 in order to be in my Word, in my Scriptures, says the Eternal.

70 Have this thirst, oh yes, this thirst, says the Eternal, this thirst.

71 Those people who are outside will see, they will see, they will see your thirst towards me, says the Eternal.

72 They will see your fruits, says the Eternal, so that I can lead them, bring them closer, says the Eternal.

73 So few people, says the Eternal, so few people, says the Eternal, so few people have this thirst, says the Eternal.

74 Go everywhere in the parvis, on the streets of this world, says the Eternal,

75 search, search for me, search, search to find my elects, says the Eternal.

76 Search to find them, says the Eternal; because your are the only ones, says the Eternal,

77 in whom I take pleasure, says the Eternal, your God. The Eternal, your God!©


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