The Fear Of God – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


The Fear Of God

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on December 10th, 1995
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented

Recording: ROY0042ST
Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1995 and 2017


1 (To the people of God.)

2 Thus speaks the Eternal, your God, your God:

3 The Eternal, your God, will again use the fruits of his Spirit, the patience of your God.

4 Have I given you too much, says the Eternal?

5 You can no longer serve me, is it because of the abundance you have?

6 This prosperity comes from me.

7 You were naked, entirely naked:

8 –without righteousness, without holiness, without perfection, without justice, without truth,–

9 this prosperity belongs to me, this faith comes from my Word. Faith comes from what we hear. Are you hearing something?

10 Are you hearing what the Lord, your God, is declaring?

11 When my anointed people declare something, it is me who is declaring.

12 When my anointed people are reprimanding, it is me who is reprimanding.

13 This fear, where is it? Where is it? Where is the fear people should be having of me?

14 Where is it? Where is it? Where is it, this fear? Where is it among my nation? Where is it? Where is it?

15 People fear the man! People fear the man, but people are not fearing me, says the Eternal.

16 Remember my old nation who irritated me over and over again,

17 who resisted me, irritated me, resisted me, irritated me,

18 over and over again irritated the patience of your God, says the Eternal.

19 Have you become so hard of hearing, says the Eternal?

20 so hard of hearing to the point that you are unmoved by what I am declaring?

21 Unmoved! Unmoved!

22 Your heart is so hardened that you are no more lending a ear to what I am declaring.

23 Hardened! Hardened!

24 After so many warnings, you are still resisting! Why? Why? Why are you resisting me?

25 You read this in my Scriptures that the Eternal, your God, is a flame

26 that consumes, that exterminates those people who are not bearing fruits,

27 that excises, that excises.

28 I will excise. Again, I will excise, again and again and again.

29 You who are faithful unto me through my Word, you who are obeying the first time you are given an order,

30 I rejoice about you, my soul rejoices about you;

31 there is no need for me to be repeating:

32 you are always there, answering my call, always answering my call.

33 As I am already purging you, I will continue to purge you,

34 so that you can produce more fruits, even more fruits, says the Eternal, says the Eternal, your God.

35 I cannot tolerate unfaithfulness in my household.

36 Tolerate iniquity in my household: I cannot tolerate that, I cannot tolerate that.

37 Consider my goodness, consider my goodness, this is what you must consider.

38 This is what you must consider my goodness and, my severity towards those people I excised.

39 Fear me, says the Eternal. Fear me! Fear me, says the Eternal, so that those people you created also fear me.

40 Be an example to follow so that they also fear me, says the Eternal, your God. ©


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