I Ask For A Lot In Return – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


I Ask For A Lot In Return

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on February 16th, 1996 at 8:35 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented     Recording: ROY0044ST

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1996 and 2016


1 My daughter yes, thus speaks the Lord:

2 My daughter, my daughter, my daughter,

3 It is me who made you come to my throne.

4 It is me who lead you by the hand. It is me who went to get you from so far away where you were.

5 Forget, forget, forget, people forget so easily what the Lord declared, what the Lord has been repeating

6 with all his patience, with such a great patience, with an unlimited patience,

7 so that you could recognize the house of your God.

8 Forget the house of your father. Forget it!!!

9 Bond yourself to my house fearing to be drawn far away from my Word

10 and fearing to be found naked, without my Word.

11 Come closer to me.

12 Recognize my patience; consider you have been blessed above what you could have believed or imagined.

13 Be attentive, be patient, because I will not let you down, I will never abandon you.

14 Yes, I will never abandon you so that

15 –each day, each minute, each passing hour that I bless you,–

16 so that you recognize that this is coming from me, not from any man, or from yourself.

17 It is an absolute necessity to straighten up, firm things up, to keep your soul.

18 Look after your soul, because my enemy is also looking after your soul

19 in order to destroy and to steal the words which are coming out of my mouth;

20 because he is a liar since the beginning, a thief, a seducer, a destroyer.

21 Resist him with a strong faith. Resist my enemy. Resist him.

22 Follow the example of my Son who is rejecting any thought that is not coming from me,

23 in order for you to accomplish my will inside of you,

24 so that you are a Vessel of honour, always ready to be used,

25 so that you are a useful helper unto your Master.

26 I am thirsty for your praises, for more of your consecration, of your love for me.

27 I want to have even more of these.

28 I gave you a lot and I ask for a lot in return. I blessed you a lot and I ask for a lot in return.

29 I gave my Son unto his death on the cross and until now, you did not suffer unto blood for my name.

30 Today’s light afflictions could not be compared to the glory I prepared, to the day I prepared.

31 In view of that coming day, be ready at all times. Prepare yourself to meet your God.

32 I love the one who is serving me with joy, without limit.

33 Yes you love to give, I recognize this; but walk in such a way to bring me even more help.

34 You must always be ready to be used, as a servant who is keeping awake praying;

35 because you don’t know which is the hour I will come.

36 What you engendered is for my glory.

37 Everything I gave you is for my glory and again for my glory and again for my glory.

38 Walk with my anointed man, walk with my anointed people, so that there is no

39 spirit of a stranger, spirit of trouble, spirit of defeat,

40 spirit of confusion, spirit of failure, spirit of weekness;

41 but so that you are filled up

42 with my spirit of strength, my spirit of power and of wisdom

43 and so that this way

44 your feet can be set on the unmoveable stone, on the stone rejected by men;

45 but you, I called you and I drew you near me,

46 so that you are stable rather than unstable,

47 so that you are strong and firmed up.

48 Firm up what is weak, what is ready to die, so that your enemy has no authority over you.

49 Walk with submission unto me, says the Lord, your God, so that I elevate you.

50 Yes the Everlasting Lord, your God, will elevate you along with my anointed man.


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