Prepare Yourselves – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Prepare Yourselves

God’s prophecy, prayer and exhortation
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on May 26th, 1996 at 2:10 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 5 min 37 s     Recordings: ROY0028CT and MTM0474CT

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1996 and 2016


1 (First words missing.)

2 …as they were in the old days, they are still the same today;

3 and the spirits went on to do their work,

4 the polluted people, the corrupt people, the pervert people,

5 went on to exploit each man and woman, oh yes,

6 but still today, we are walking

7 among such a nation, in such a city, in such a situation,

8 a situation of perversion, an abominable situation and, a situation which God will soon

9 lose his patience, lose his patience, yes, his patience.

10 Yes his Spirit will stop, yes, to work with them,

11 to give his energy to mankind, to place his spirit on people, and to speak to people;

12 yes, and God will do what he has done, as in the days of Abraham:

13 he will destroy these cities, destroy this man, these men and these women.

14 Yes today, let us wake up yes unto perfection, unto holiness.

15 Be pure and holy people as my Son was such, as my servant was such,

16 as Lot was such, oh, yes; because it is only him who I warned to come out of the city.

17 Yes, prepare yourselves today to hear my voice.

18 I say unto all my sons and daughters today: prepare yourselves.

19 You must be attentive to my Word, read my Word, know my Word

20 so that, when I will warn you, yes, you will recognize that

21 it is me who is warning you;

22 it is me telling you to come out, telling you to go somewhere, to enter in and to come out.

23 Yes my sons, my sons, my daughters today, once more today,

24 you see those people who have cooled down, those people who are lukewarm;

25 but I am giving you today this warning to place your eyes

26 on those people who are boiling hot, on those people who are boiling hot.

27 Yes those people are the ones, yes, who will not let you down,

28 those people are the ones who will not let me down, those people are the ones who will never sadden my Spirit.

29 Yes, keep your eyes on those people who are boiling hot.

30 Yes, never ask yourselves questions, oh, never interrogate your spirit, your heart

31 concerning the people who are lukewarm, who love the world,

32 who love to be walking in this world and to be servants of this world;

33 but you must be my servants, you must be in love with me more than ever before.

34 My Word, my Word will keep you in love with me and will keep you full of fear.

35 I want you to fear having to face your Creator, to face your God.

36 Fear your God! Fear the God of you all! Today, walk in his fear: obedience.

37 Walk in his fear: obedience.

38 Today, you see what is happening today in your schools,

39 in the places where you work and in the localities where you live.

40 You see it that people are hard-hearted

41 and that they do not want to hear my Word, they do not want you to speak about your Jesus,

42 they do not want that you speak about your Word that you have,

43 which turned you into saints, pure and pleasing people, which fortifies you,

44 which gives you the power to deaden the members which are on this Earth

45 so that they are today walking and working, and producing holiness,

46 oh, holiness, sanctification, pureness!

47 And you, who all have this self-confidence, you, who all have this desire to meet your Redeemer,

48 yes, purify yourselves on your own, –as he is pure,– more than ever before.

49 Oh, the hard days are coming, –Oh yes!– but you who walk, oh,

50 in my holiness, in my pureness, in my sanctification,

51 these days will not be a burden for you;

52 but you will walk with this peace, this happiness, oh, that my Son gave you,

53 yes, because I condemned your sin, your sins, your iniquities.

54 That is what I condemned in the flesh of my Son, so that you walk with a liberty, a perfection,

55 the perfection of my kingdom, of my Word, of my Spirit, says the Everlasting Lord today.

56 Today, open up your ears in reading my Word,

57 open up your eyes in reading my Word, says the Lord,

58 yes, today, more than ever before; because you see how much there are so many

59 who fall, oh, on the sides of the street, who let themselves drawn by the activities of this world.

60 Oh yes, look at what is happening today around you.

61 You lost many of your brothers and sisters

62 who go away into other churches having all their social activities,

63 who go away into the churches which love the world, which love beaches,

64 which love sports, which love places of debauchery,

65 which love the holiday resorts, and which love places to rejoice in the flesh;

66 but rejoice within yourselves in the Lord, rejoice within yourselves in the Lord.

67 Rejoice in the Lord and you will never be drawn, to be drawn by these people

68 who tell you that they have the same thing, that they are like you;

69 oh, but you who know my Word, you will never be seduced.

70 Therefore, know my Word. Go back in my Word.

71 Never say you already know it, my Word: go in my Word, read it again my Word.

72 Read my Word, devour my Word, eat my Word;

73 oh, because my Word gives you everlasting life, everlasting life, everlasting life.

74 Pray for these ones and for the others.

75 Never stop to pray for the brothers and sisters and for those people who are lost,

76 for those people who are still astray in the doctrines and in the religions of this world.

77 Ah, open up your eyes to my Word. Open up your ears to my Word. Glory unto Jesus: the Word! Glory unto Jesus: the Word!


(Prayer unto the Lord.)

78 O Everlasting Father!

79 We come against the powers of Satan, the powers of darkness, in the name of Jesus-Christ.

80 Give us souls to evangelize.

81 Those people we evangelized in the streets, in the streets, in the parvis,

82 o Everlasting Father,

83 let your Holy Spirit come on down to them today more than ever before.

84 The weather temperatures are nice making people seek to love the Creation more than to love the Creator.

85 Oh my, my, my! It is a must to love you. It is a must to love you.

86 It is a must to love you, and not love the Creation as Adam and Eve have done.


(Exhortation from the man of God.)

87 Ah, the victory to be sanctified, to be purified, to be saved today;

88 yes, 1996 is no different from the year of Abraham on the Earth, the year of Lot on the Earth: none, no difference.

89 The devil has not changed, but my Jesus has not changed neither.

90 Sin has not changed, but my God has not changed. Alleluia. Glory unto Jesus.

91 Therefore, walk in the Word. Read the Word.

92 Raise your children in the righteousness of the Word, more than ever before.


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