My Word, My Love – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


My Word: My Love

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on September 15th, 1996 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: not documented
Recording: ROY0068DOC

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1996 and 2016


1 I have two ears and I heard, I have one mouth and I speak, says the Eternal.

2 Yes I am not as far away as you imagine I am: I am here, says your God.

3 Yes my throne is elevated above the heavens,

4 you could not measure it with your eyes, you cannot even measure it with your own mind,

5 because my heavenly creation is not of this world, it is above this creation;

6 and you cannot understand it, because the distances I established are not of this creation,

7 says your God, because I sit in a very high place.

8 Yes, it is a creation that is not of this world, you cannot understand it;

9 but I revealed unto you, unto you my children, –I revealed this unto you who are spiritual people.–

10 my creation which is not of this world, which has a dimension which cannot be measured,

11 a dimension, a distance that you cannot conceive inside your flesh;

12 because this dimension belongs to my beloved sons.

13 I revealed it to my beloved Son, yes, the spiritual creation, the throne of God.

14 The distance that you are imagining in your mind, I don’t know what it is like, says your God; because this distance, it is you who are creating it.

15 You are creating a distance between you and I, says your God.

16 You can create a distance as far away as your imagination could not even conceive, but I am with you, says your God;

17 because my throne came to you in my beloved Son, and tonight, I come to you, my children.

18 I come to you. You call upon me and I come to you. I asked you to come to me, to come to my needs.

19 I know your heart and your determination to accomplish my will; but me tonight, it is me who is coming to you.

20 Yes I come to you in my son Jesus who gave it all to you;

21 and I will give you even more, says your God,

22 if you devote yourselves to my Word, to my Word which I established, to my Word which is in your hand,

23 to my Word which is in your mouth, to my Word which you are declaring;

24 because the Life which you own depends on this Word and you must consume it.

25 You must be consumers of the Word. You must eat it, digest it, read it.

26 Offer to your God –you who have not the offerings that your heart wished to have,– fasting periods, prayers day and night, pray.

27 Offer thanksgiving sacrifices to your God.

28 I do not need to teach you these things; because they are all written down in my Word.

29 You don’t even need to ask this to your man of God; for I revealed it myself to you.

30 I did not use any intermediate man in order to give you my Word;

31 because my Word which is between your hands, has never changed;

32 because I am the same yesterday, today and for always.

33 I never hid myself from you while revealing to you these Words.

34 Seek me through my Word. Call upon me through my Word. Call upon me, pray,

35 and I will reveal to you, to each one among you, what you need to know.

36 I will not guide all of you to go read the same chapter as I do when you come in this place;

37 but for each one of you, I can do for you a personal meeting each and every day.

38 You are thirsty for meetings, and thirsty that I speak to you, tonight you called upon me so that I speak to you,

39 well, I came down to reveal to you these things; but do you wish me to speak to you more often?

40 Nourish yourselves in my Word and it will be a pleasure for me to guide you from one page to another in my Word,

41 it will be a pleasure for me to nourish you, to inspire you to look into the different chapters, into the different books,

42 into all of the sixty-six books that I enlightened my prophets, that I even enlightened my Son.

43 You have the Words of my own Son in your hands; and these words that my Son, my own Son declared nearly two thousand years ago,

44 well, these same words that my Son declared, he declared them for your benefit tonight.

45 Today, they are Life, today for you. These words do not live in the past;

46 they exist no more when my Son came on the Earth; they only exist today.

47 These words are not words of yesterday;

48 these words are words of today, which shall subsist age after age, everlastingly and forever;

49 because they will never end, these words;

50 because they are my imprint, my person and myself, says your God;

51 because my Son is my imprint, my person and myself. I am what my Son is; and my Son is what I am.

52 Are you what my Son is? Are you in me, my sons and daughters?

53 Because my blood flows through my sons and daughters, in my Son;

54 and it is you through this blood who must meet with me each day.

55 Yes you love to hear my Word through a prophecy; well, when it comes to me,

56 I love when my sons and daughters, hear me, call upon me, and give me supplications

57 so that I listen to them, so that I listen to them and so that I manifest myself spiritually in their life,

58 not only through the Word of my prophets, but also inside of you who are acting in favour of this ministry,

59 through the Word which acts in all, in Jesus-Christ for my glory, from past centuries unto all centuries,

60 today; because I am a God of today; I do not live in the past.

61 Whatever I accepted, it was accepted for always. Whatever I rejected, I rejected it for always.

62 You, fear my Word, fear my Word, obey my Word.

63 Seek me; because the fear that I am asking of you tonight is to know me.

64 The fear that I want you to possess in your bones is my Word;

65 because this fear brings unto you the anointing you are seeking for, the anointing of the Holy Spirit

66 which eats up your bones and which renews your bones and which gives you Life.

67 This anointing which I placed inside of you through my Word

68 stimulate it so that you are solid people and so that your flesh dies

69 when it will go through your entire body, this anointing which I gave to all people, without exception.

70 Yes I gave gifts to many people; and I gave gifts to some people who are here;

71 and some of these people know what their gifts are and they exercise these gifts,

72 while other people here don’t even know that they possess any of these gifts.

73 Do you know that I gave you gifts and that I gave gifts to each and everyone of you?

74 Are you seeking those gifts? Are you seeking a way to exercise those gifts? Do you know what those gifts are?

75 Me, I know what the answer is, do you know what the answer is?

76 Well, I invite you tonight to go back into the Word.

77 Call upon me so that I teach you what these gifts are that I placed inside of you,

78 that I placed inside my Body, inside the body of my beloved Son,

79 so that my Word is accomplished in this ministry.

80 Yes your God came down to you tonight.

81 You called upon me and I am here, says your God,

82 through the Word, through my prophet in this gathering.

83 I speak unto you filled with a lot of love and compassion;

84 not filled with the love of the people, I do not have this kind of love.

85 In the eye of some people, the love that I have for you, my sons and daughters, they say I have no pity.

86 Pity for my children, I have none; if you are seeking it, I have none.

87 Do you want me to cry for you? I have no tears to offer you; I have none.

88 I have love, I have compassion, I have exceeding amounts of joy

89 for my sons and daughters who are doing my will;

90 but I don’t like to shed tears of sadness on my sons and daughters;

91 I don’t like to shed these kind of tears; these feelings are not feelings which I like to have inside of me;

92 and tonight, I have no sadness inside of me, no sadness at all.

93 I have no sadness. I only have a ton of joy. I have a lot of love. I have a lot of love.

94 I have a lot of love for my house, for my sons and my daughters who are precious and mine, says the Eternal.

95 I have no pity for those sons who are in my hand, for those sons I own;

96 because I paid a great price to recuperate them, to own them.

97 I have love for my house. I have much compassion. I have exceeding amounts of joy. I also have much anger.

98 I have much anger around this house, and if I can hold my anger, it is because of you, my beloved sons and daughters.

99 If I am holding my fury against this nation, it is because of you my beloved sons and daughters.

100 If I did not destroy this city yet, it is because of you, my beloved sons and daughters.

101 Yes sin has reached me as it reached me at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is the same thing.

102 I am angry and presently I am holding back my anger. How much time will I be able to hold this anger inside of me?

103 It is all up to you to make it so that I hold my anger inside of me much longer,

104 that I hold it from coming out of me so that I continue to hold it inside of me;

105 show me your zeal and the sin of many people will be covered because of you.

106 Yes, I am holding back my wrath against this nation, because of my elects, because of my sons,

107 because of the joy that you produce inside of me, because of the exulting joy that is inside of me,

108 because of the exceeding amounts of exulting joy which I feel inside because of you and because of your sacrifices.

109 Yes, there are many people who are laughing at you and these people laughing at you and despising you

110 are still living because of you, because of your sacrifice which is a pleasing odour to my nostrils.

111 Because of that, these people despising you have their life saved;

112 but these people are animals: they cannot understand these things;

113 and even if you tried to explain these things unto them, they would despise you even more;

114 but you, you know these things because of my Word, not because of my prophecies, but because of my Word.

115 The prophecy which I bring unto you supports my Word; the prophecy adds nothing besides comfort for your soul;

116 and the prophecy encourages you to persevere and to continue to live according to my Word.

117 And when I speak to you according to my Word,

118 I am with you and I am even closer to you; because the Word acts within you.

119 Presently, the Word acts inside of you.

120 When it acts inside of you, it goes through you, through your body, soul, flesh, bone marrow and through everything I gave you.

121 Therefore, you are even more blessed than when I prophesy unto you; because I am a God who measures you with the measure you served me with.

122 Yes the Lord is telling you yes that I started to hit.

123 You have seen this, since the year begun, I started to show my wrath here;

124 and this wrath, I am holding it back since such a long time;

125 oh, but sometimes, it is hard for me to contain my wrath, I let some of it slip out of me.

126 Make it so that I do not let it slip out of me too often.

127 Make it so that –call upon me, fast and pray– so that I hold back the wrath that I have against this nation.

128 Oh, I am angry at them, because they received my Word through my anointed people,

129 through my anointed people who spoke, who spoke, who spoke, who spoke, who spoke, who spoke, who spoke;

130 and they hardened their heart, they hardened their heart to the point that my wrath is hard to contain;

131 but you, my beloved ones, you know what to do so that I can contain this wrath.

132 Oh do not pray for the misfortune of this nation, because it is a nation of idolaters, of ignorants, of perverts, of corrupt and nasty people,

133 oh, because they abandon themselves to evil things;

134 but you, abandon yourselves unto justice, abandon yourselves unto the Word: intercede for these people.

135 Intercede, intercede, pray for the good of these people. Oh, do not say in your heart:

136 “It is useless. It has been such a long time that we pray for these people, there is nothing else to do.”

137 This is what Satan wants you to do. Continue to pray. Don’t let go. Continue to pray. Continue. Persevere.

138 Go forth. Do as my anointed people. Do as your anointed man. Do as your leader.

139 He never abandoned me. He always went on and on. He never ceased.

140 He is to the image I established for each prophet, for each leader, for each apostle:

141 to never cease, to never let go, to be to the image of my Son.

142 Persevere, continue, I will never abandon you, I will never let you down;

143 but you must be to the image of my Son, of your leaders.

144 Have love for them. Fast. Pray. Continue. Go forth. Never cease;

145 because if you cease, I will no longer be with you, I will not be able to place my joy and my pleasure inside of you, says the Eternal;

146 because my soul is having pleasure in mercy, my soul is having pleasure in sacrifices.

147 My soul is having pleasure in the consecration that you have for the spiritual mission I established in my beloved Son.

148 My soul is having pleasure in your sufferings.

149 The sufferings that you suffer for the spiritual mission I established, my soul is pleased in that.

150 I am having pleasure in your sufferings, do you understand what I am telling you?

151 I am having pleasure in your sufferings, but you will not suffer forever.

152 I will give you what your heart wishes to have

153 so that you serve me more, so that you are closer to me, but never go away from me.

154 No matter if you are with an abundance or lacking much things,

155 I want you to always be this close to me; because I wish

156 that nothing separates you from my Love: my Word,

157 that nothing separates you from my Love: my Word,

158 that nothing separates you from my Love: my Word.

159 My Word: my Love. My Word: my Love. My Word: my Love. My Word: my Love.

160 My Word: my Love. My Word: my Love.

161 My Word, my Word, my Word, my Word, my Word: my Love.

162 My Word: my Love. My Word, my Word: my Love, my Love.

163 My Love: my Word. My Word: my Love. My Love, my Love: my Word, my Word.

164 My Love: my Word. My Love: my Word.

165 I have no other Love than my Word. My Love: my Word.

166 Are you my Love?

167 If you are my Love, you are my Word;

168 and outside my Word, there is no Life; because you are my Word, and you are my Love.

169 My Word: my Love. My Word: my Love. My Word: my Love.

170 My Word. My Word. My Word. My Word. My Word. My Love: my Word.

171 You are my Word. My Love: my Word.

172 You are my Word. You are my Word. You are my Word. You are my Word.

173 My nation is my Word. My Word is my nation. My nation is my Word. My Love is my Word. My Word is my nation.

174 If you do not understand with the heart, you will never understand with your brain.

175 If you do not understand this with your heart, you will never understand this with your brain;

176 because if you understand this with your brain, you are not dead, you are carnal:

177 you must be born again, brothers.

178 You who understand, you are my Word; because those people who love me, love my Word;

179 and if you love my Word, you are in me; and if you are in me, you are my Word;

180 because my Word acts inside of you and is a part of you; because you are one in me, in my beloved Son.

181 That is the hidden mystery of all times:

182 Christ in you, the Word; not Christ in you, the paper; not the letter.

183 The letter, plus your brain, it is dead.

184 Your brain, plus the letter, it does not exist.

185 The brain, plus the paper, it is carnal.

186 The Word which acts within you,

187 that you eat, that you digest, that you drink,

188 it is Life.

189 My Word. My Word.


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