I Gave You – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

The devil claimed the apostle Peter to sift him as wheat.

 I Gave You

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on April 20h, 1997 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 6 min 29 s        Recording: ROY0016CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1997 and 2016


1 Thus speaks the Lord, your God:

2 Yes my people today, yes says the Lord, your God today, my people,

3 yes I gave you this authority, I gave you this power,

4 I gave you my name, the name of my Son Jesus,

5 I gave you the Holy Spirit, the anointing of the Word,

6 I gave you the Word, I gave you anointed people, I gave you apostles,

7 I gave you pastors, evangelists, doctors, prophets,

8 for the improvement of all of you, so that you improve yourselves, says the Lord, your God.

9 Yes, thus says the Lord, your God:

10 Today my people, you have in your hands; this authority, you have it in your hands.

11 Yes the devil is there, your enemy, my enemy of always,

12 says the Lord, your God today: he wants to destroy you.

13 He wants to destroy you as he already destroyed thousands of my children.

14 Yes says the Lord, your God today,

15 if you could see, if you could hear and listen, if you were just willing to see

16 that it is all in your hand, it is all in your mouth, it is all in the Word,

17 the Word, this authority; for in the name of my Son

18 demons are subject unto you, demons are completely under your feet,

19 snakes, scorpions, under your feet, says the Lord, your God.

20 Yes my people today, says the Lord, your God tonight,

21 I take the time to come speak to you, to give you the Word

22 so that you have this authority –yes this authority,– of my Word, the authority of my Word, says the Lord.

23 Take this authority, go with it, declare this authority, give this authority, when the enemy comes close.

24 Yes, one day my Son when he was on the Earth,

25 yes my Son when he was on the Earth, yes my Jesus, when he was on the Earth,

26 he warned, he warned his own disciples, he warned Peter.

27 Himself said it, Peter, he Himself warned the apostle Peter,

28 that the devil claimed him to sift him as wheat, oh says the Lord, your God.

29 Do you imagine you are better than Peter? Do you imagine you are better than Jesus?

30 Do you imagine you are better than any apostle?

31 The devil is after you to destroy you,

32 to show you that you are people good for nothing,

33 that you are simply worth zero on this Earth, oh, says the Lord, your God.

34 Lift up your head; for your deliverance is near.

35 Lift up your head and your deliverance, you will see your deliverance;

36 it is there when opening your mouth, declaring my Word;

37 because my Word is the power; the Gospel of Christ is your power.

38 Fall in love with the Gospel. Fall in love with this Gospel of Jesus-Christ, with my Son who died on the cross for you.

39 Get up. Stop being low, stop being beaten up, stop being crushed down

40 by all the lies of the enemy, the lies of the devil.

41 This is why this house is still subsisting today

42 for you, for your edification,

43 so that you are not stuck in the tricks and in the thoughts of the devil,

44 so that the devil does not show you a thought in your brain that will destroy you, says the Lord, your God.

45 Take my Word. Fill up with my Word. Listen to the preachings.

46 The preachings are brought unto you week after week; it is always the Word.

47 My anointed people are always in the Word, they are always reading the Word.

48 Day, overnight, night, they are always, you always see them only talking about the Word.

49 You, it is a must that you are also like that,

50 so that you fight the enemy, so that you fight my enemy, so that you fight the devil

51 who simply wants to bring you in the pit of hell, says the Lord, your God.

52 Do not fear anyone who can only kill you.

53 Fear me, says the Lord: me, I can kill you and throw you in the Gehenna.

54 Yes says the Lord, your God, it is me who has this power: my enemy does not have this power.

55 Lift up your head, I am with you.

56 I am with you, says the Lord, your God, well, walk, walk forward.

57 I never abandoned you, I left you behind on the side of the road;

58 I am with you, I am exhorting you.

59 You have this house to be exhorted.

60 You have this place to be elevated, to be fortified and glorified.

61 Oh says the Lord, your God, why this looseness?

62 You see brothers, some brothers, some sisters, they gave up:

63 they were taken by cowardice, they gave up full of cowardice, they simply left everything aside, abandoning it all.

64 No, says the Lord, not you my children; no, not you my children.

65 Lift up your head, declare my Son, declare my Word

66 and when my enemy will be too close to you,

67 yes you will, yourself, lift your head, you will say:

68 “It is written…” “It is written…” “It is written…”

69 You have this power.

70 It is no more my Son who has this power, it is you who now have this power.

71 Listen to these sermons. Listen to these sermons.

72 Do not listen to the lies of your previous traditions: they did not have the truth.

73 Listen to what is preached here in the house of the Lord, yes says the Lord, your God.

74 Yes it is you who have this power today: the Word inside of you,

75 the Word which was made flesh,

76 this Word which went on the cross in order to die for you, says the Lord, your God,

77 this Word which resurrected, this Word which went to sit to the right of the Father.

78 Oh, says the Lord today, my children, why this looseness? why this abandonment?

79 Ah says the Lord, your God, lift up yourselves, lift up your head,

80 start being proud to be a son of God, to be a daughter of God.

81 Do not imagine that your enemy will leave you in peace.

82 Ah, he will not leave you alone: you are in his kingdom, says the Lord, your God;

83 but you have me, you have me, says the Lord, you have me for your help.

84 I am your helper: the Word, the Word, the Word

85 and whatever you will not be able to do, I am there to do it for you.

86 Go on to the end, resist, resist, says the Lord, and I will be with you.

87 There is no temptation, there is no temptation that can come against you that will make you fail;

88 for I will even use the temptation for you to come out of it, says the Lord.

89 I am with my sons, I am with those people who walk with me.

90 I am with those people who are, who have the power to resist and who have the audacity to go against

91 the enemy, the devil, Satan, your flesh, your flesh, says the Lord.

92 Kill any feeling which lives in your flesh. Walk with me and you will never be in any defeat.

93 Oh yes, he is roaming about, he is there roaming about, and then, roaming about, always roaming about.

94 He is not roaming about his own sons, he is roaming about my sons, says the Lord;

95 but you have this power

96 and this power is in your mouth, this power is in your spirit, this power is in your heart

97 if the Word dwells in there

98 and if you declare it, if declare my Word, says the Lord, your God.  ♦


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