With Liberty, No Constraint – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

calculation-390319_640 With Liberty, No Constraint

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on February 14th, 1999 at 1:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 9 min 23 s Recording: ROY0026CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1999 and 2016


1(First words missing.)

2 …before a brother, but who humbled Himself until he reached his death.

3 Yes, I sent unto you the Genuine, I sent Him only once, says the Lord, and in Him, I gave Life unto all people.

4 Recognize the mercy which was granted unto you. Recognize where I pulled you out of, where I took you out of.

5 Yes, recognize the great price that I paid by sending my Son who was by my side, says the Lord.

6 He was by my side and I sent Him unto you, says the Lord, your God.

7 Therefore today, demonstrate, demonstrate unto me your love once more.

8 Yes, I know that some people among you have demonstrated it unto me many times

9 and you will be rewarded for each one of these occasions I asked you,

10 but each time I am calling for your help, answer me, says the Lord,

11 and even today, I am reminding this unto you, I am calling for your help;

12 for who else could I send this query to if not to my children?

13 I will not sent it to the people who are outside, I do not know them

14 and I do not want to be served by them;

15 because I refuse to receive holocausts from hands filled with blood.

16 You had your hands washed! with the Blood of my Son: beloved Jesus,

17 and it is through these pure hands that I desire to receive offerings and holocausts;

18 and the kind of holocausts I am expecting from you is obedience.

19 This is the holocaust in which I will find joy, says the Lord, your obedience.

20 And once more, I am asking you today, to humble yourselves, to come closer to me and,

21 to take a look inside yourselves to see what you can do for this house.

22 I am not in litigation with you; considering you already gave me

23 above your own financial means in many cases, in many sheep among the flock; but never justify yourselves for it.

24 Some people among you are justifying themselves with what they brought unto me a long time ago.

25 I am an accountant and I do the accounting of your account and I remember each of your offerings

26 and, each nickel, each dime, each hundred fold, that you brought unto me.

27 The measure of the money that you deposited for me, I remember what it is.

28 The abundance of your heart has been accounted for you; in all things, I remember what it is.

29 You, you do not have this memory; but me, I forget nothing, says the Lord.

30 I forget absolutely nothing of all of what you have done since the first day I called you.

31 No man on this Earth can remember as I remember. I have memory; because memory is a faculty I gave you.

32 Never forget this: I am the Creator of memory;

33 and my memory is everlasting, and my memory is infallible; because it is made to the image of my glory.

34 And I shall render it unto you in accordance to the abundance of your own heart.

35 You will be judged by your own heart; because it is from your heart that the abundance flows unto me, says the Lord.

36 Build not for things that perish, but build in me, says the Lord, on those foundations I taught you through my Word.

37 And I will never forget you, says the Lord, I never forgot you before and I will never forget you either.

38 I will not forget you, says the Lord. Did I ever ask you for something you are not in possession of?

39 If you have the zeal to go get it for me, you will be thanked for it; for I forget not, says the Lord.

40 Today, I am reminding you that I am a God who never forgot and who will never forget

41 all that you have done for this house, but I do not sympathize for your weaknesses.

42 I am a God who purges you out so that you prosper and so that you have an abundance, says the Lord, of everything.

43 Even if Satan comes to you trying to move your heart, my promise remains.

44 If some people among you are beaten up, I shall lift them up. If some people among you are stripped, I will multiply them.

45 If some people among you are having some kind of weakness, I will fortify them.

46 If some people among you and many among you have needs, I will fulfill their needs;

47 but unbelief and doubt are making war to my own hand.

48 Believe only, says the Lord, hope in me, call upon me, shout unto me, fast, pray,

49 come closer to me, says the Lord, bond your heart unto me,

50 yes, call upon me, look at me and I will nourish you.

51 I will nourish all of you with everything that you need, with the Word and with passing things, but mainly with everlasting things;

52 because I know that you need some of these passing things which are on the Earth,

53 but I already told you and I am repeating it unto you, come closer to me and I will come closer to you.

54 Seek the kingdom of God and his justice and you know what follows, I wrote it inside of you.

55 Therefore, be my imitators. Seek the justice which is in my Word

56 and I will fulfill you with all kinds of riches in my beloved Son.

57 Yes, this afternoon I am not begging my children, I am not… understand me:

58 I simply seek your good so that I may have joy and so that you are in my perfect joy.

59 Consider each one among you;

60 do not consider your brother and your sister, but consider yourselves, your own selves;

61 for I am not talking to your brother, it is to your own selves that I am speaking tonight, this afternoon.

62 Yes, today, before this day ends

63 examine yourselves and bring in what you have, what you will find inside of you.

64 Consider like… consider, examine yourselves this very instant. Each person among you, consider things very closely.

65 This is not a competition: consider do this individually, in secret hidden with your God.

66 It is God Himself who is asking you to do this this afternoon.

67 It is not my anointed man who is speaking this Word unto you. This man, he asked this out of you enough times today;

68 and himself, I know his heart, it tears him apart inside himself to have to ask you this again and to have to ask you this again;

69 but it is me, the Lord God, who is asking you this with my Son Jesus today. Do not think about tomorrow.

70 Do not think about next week. Do not think about the budget announced last week. Do not think about the budget that will be announced next week.

71 Today, today, my sons and my daughters,

72 I need you today; I am asking you to do it with liberty, no constraint.

73 Rejoice, rejoice to be serving me, says the Lord, and my Son and I will have joy to have chosen you.


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