Weld Yourselves Together – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY




Weld Yourselves Together

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on December 31st, 1999 at 7:30 PM
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 11 min 16 s            Recording: ROY0029CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 1999 and 2016


1 (First words missing.)

2 …children, for whom I am still suffering, I am still suffering, says the Lord, your God,

3 having done it all for you, having done it all for you, my sons and daughters, says the Lord.

4 Tonight you are united here in my presence, still having your guide

5 who is still teaching you to set your affection on me, to attach yourselves on my Word.

6 Realize one thing, says the Lord, your God,

7 it is very rare, very hard, very difficult for a person who has a tiny little bit of carnal feelings to set his or her affection on me;

8 but, says the Lord, your God tonight,

9 you parents, you teenagers, you children,

10 you have no alternative.

11 I never offered any alternative before people, except the way that leads to curses or the way that leads to blessings.

12 It all depends on what you choose, says the Lord, your God tonight.

13 The road I set before you has always been a narrow and even narrower road;

14 and during the months and the years to come, the road will not be any wider,

15 which means that my Word will go on being demonstrated even more.

16 The prophecies, what my Son declared when he was on the Earth

17 or even the warnings that you receive today on a daily basis, on a weekly basis,

18 will be demonstrated in the years that are coming even more during the days, the months and weeks to come.

19 Do not imagine that things happening outside will get better

20 and do not imagine, my sons and daughters, says the Lord,

21 that you will be preserved if you are not serving me.

22 Do not imagine that because these meetings are happening or that because your children are with you, or you children, that your parents are there,

23 that my Spirit will always and always insist with you.

24 What I am declaring tonight, says the Lord, your God, it is that you have no alternative;

25 but look tonight, my sheepfold is not even complete. I am not able to have all of my children together.

26 It is very difficult for a man, for a woman, for a child of God,

27 who has just a tiny little bit, a tiny little bit of carnal: he is not, they are not, fighting in order to be here.

28 Very few people are getting up in the morning wanting to simply have the mind: Christ, Word,

29 so that I am with you in order to keep you, so that I am with you in order to protect you,

30 so that I am with you in order to love you, so that I am with you in order to cherish you,

31 so that I am simply with you because I am your God, because I am your Father through Jesus-Christ.

32 You parents, you children, teenagers, work with the same Spirit.

33 Say to yourselves one thing, that you must work to have the same one Spirit in order to have success.

34 Us parents, you parents, who are not working with the Spirit, you will not have any success.

35 And you teenagers, who are not working with the Spirit of God, you will not have any success.

36 My Spirit is not just for one person, my Spirit is for all men and women;

37 and it is a must that everybody work with my Spirit, it is a must that everybody seek for having it, my Spirit.

38 Outside, there are so many pleasures and demonstrations for the sight, for the eyes to see,

39 so that people always have a taste to wish to go elsewhere.

40 As you read it in the Old Testament, as you read it in the New Testament,

41 entire nations, my own nation! my own people, says the Lord, have forsaken me;

42 all this because I am not visible, because I am not there. And even when my Son was there, it was useless.

43 Even when my Son was on the Earth, it was useless. People had to set their affection on the Word of Spirit and of Life.

44 You have no alternative. Parents, children, teenagers, you have no alternative.

45 Here, among yourselves, you who are children tonight, children,

46 you consider and consider, consider situations,

47 already so young, you are already seeing this and seeing that, wanting, not wanting but judging,

48 even as children, judging what you see in some brothers and sisters or in your own parents.

49 And you teenagers who are growing, having the age, at an advanced age already, being nearly an adult as we say,

50 this is when you must learn to remain children of God and to recognize one thing, to walk with my Spirit;

51 without my Spirit, success, you will not be able to have it, the success of having me with you, the success to possess me.

52 The message I am trying to get across, to tell you, says the Lord, your God tonight, all must walk in the same Spirit.

53 We are all formed with the same flesh, the same vessel made with earth.

54 Look at your parents not just as your parents, but look at them as a brother, as a sister in Christ.

55 And you parents, look at your children also as sons of God, as daughters of God.

56 One thing is for sure tonight more than ever before, I wish to weld all of you together.

57 Parents, children, teenagers, weld yourselves together.

58 You can have all sorts of things happening;

59 but you must be welded together; do not divide through your minds, through your flesh.

60 Do not divide as the world is divided, as the world is completely beaten up,

61 as the heart of a few mothers who are here tonight, says the Lord, your God.

62 When my servant was praying for you, I was showing him how much in your insides,

63 you are broken by your children, because of your children;

64 but it is me, says the Lord, your God, I said unto him: “Wait.”

65 and it is now that I am exhorting all of you together, says the Lord.

66 Pray for them, be devoted to save all of your children. Even if they are grown ups, fight for them.

67 Tell them what the Lord is saying. Be an example of peace, of joy, of happiness, of meekness.

68 Say unto your teenagers: “I am only a father, a mother. I can only do what the Word is declaring.

69 I could not give it to you before, but I am giving it unto you now; take it, eat it, help yourself.”

70 And you, teenagers, it is the same thing for your parents.

71 For you who are here tonight, other teenagers who are not here, it is up to you, parents, to tell them.

72 And then you teenagers tonight, recognize that we are a family. You are a family.

73 You are called the family of God, not the family of the name of your parents.

74 You are the family of God, formed by God. Walk with God.

75 Success, the success that you will have, it only depends on you, not on God, not on me, says the Lord.

76 It is not because of me. Me, I did everything. I gave you Christ on the cross.

77 Do not wait on me. Do not wait on me.

78 People are always waiting for me to do, and then, it is too late!

79 Me, I did everything, says the Lord, your God, through Jesus-Christ.

80 Take a seat and then, start walking with my Spirit, my Word;

81 this is preached and preached, this is preached over again, this is always preached.

82 The feasts people are presently having, a few more days and it’s over, says the Lord.

83 It’s over! After that, they will be left with pains, pains of debts, pains of overeating,

84 pains of having, of having hated each other and hated another, during the time of their feasts. You know this.

85 Do not have a taste for these people. Do not imitate all the nations. Do not imitate all the nations. You, come out of there.

86 Therefore, why wish to return there. Death is continually sitting at their door.

87 Death is continually sitting at their door.

88 Walk with the Word today. Walk with this anointing today.

89 Everybody,

90 from the child that can grasp things, from the age four or five and up,

91 unto us the older ones who are among the parents,

92 let’s all walk with the Word.

93 Weld yourselves with your children; and then you, all the children, weld yourselves with your parents.

94 Your parents are a tool, are a tool, all the parents are a tool to lead you into paradise.

95 Say that to your teenagers, say that to your children, repeat this unto them:

96 “I am a tool to lead you to paradise, follow me.”

97 Says the Lord, your God tonight: “Walk in a way to weld together.”

98 There are thousands of people around you influencing you

99 and then, to guide you, parents or children, to guide you unto misfortune,

100 thousands and millions of people in this province who are there only to bring you there where you will suffer loss.

101 You cannot have a smaller location there where you are tonight,

102 you people who are up North, you cannot have a smaller location than this one;

103 but you must realize tonight that you are still united together.

104 You must desire this place. You must desire this spiritual. Start desiring this spiritual.

105 You desire not what is spiritual, I cannot visit you. I cannot visit you, if you do not desire this spiritual;

106 it is my enemy who will visit you, it is my arc enemy, Satan.

107 Tonight, start walking more than ever before, because times outside of the Word will not freshen up.

108 The mind of men and of women will not freshen up.

109 It is the same for you tonight, your mind will not be any better tomorrow,

110 if you do not decide to repent and then, to convert yourselves to the Word.

111 Walk together. Be welded together. Weld yourselves. Weld yourselves.

112 Parents, children, teenagers, weld yourselves so that nothing can separate you, says the Lord, your God.


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