Satan’s Chains – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


Satan’s Chains

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on April 29th, 2000 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 6 min 33 s
Recordings: AAM0011CT and MTM0622CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2000 and 2016


1 Yes, thus says the Lord, your God:

2 Yes, my wrath is great. I am presently angry. Yes, I am angry after Satan.

3 Go away from me, Satan. Yes, you withheld enough! Ah, my fury is great.

4 I will roast you, I will burn you. My Satan, your demons will be flaming before me.

5 You can no more withhold the blessing meant for my sons and my daughters:

6 the chains, I am consuming them; this very moment, they are melting before my eyes.

7 Believe me, my sons, they are destroyed this very moment, yes.

8 Not tomorrow! Now they are destroyed, these chains.

9 I swear it unto you, I am presently reaching you, my sons and my daughters.

10 Oh, the devil is trembling before me, Satan fears, he fears me, says the Lord.

11 He was trembling as he never trembled before, yes; because he sees his hour, says the Lord.

12 His hour is near. Yes, he can now smell his hour. He smells his hour. He smells it.

13 Rejoice inside of you because he is trembling before me.

14 Yes, yes, eternity is not far enough away from me, he cannot escape me; because at eternity, he meets me;

15 because ‘I am’, I am everywhere. ‘I am’, says the Lord.

16 ‘I am’, says the Lord, everywhere where there is a small something;

17 and even if there is nothing, ‘I am’, says the Lord;

18 because with nothing, with nothing, with nothing, I formed a nation,

19 with nothing, I formed a reason, with nothing, I gave it all to you;

20 because with nothing, I created a salvation for you which was my Word;

21 and from this nothing, I created the universe; and of this emptiness, I created the thing;

22 and light was pulled out of emptiness, says the Lord.

23 There was nothing and there it was: I created everything. I created everything while there was nothing, my children.

24 And if there was nothing around you, there it is: now, everything is there, says the Lord.

25 Everything is there, my sons, yes; because with nothing,

26 I create eternity, I create a world, I create the universe.

27 ‘I am’, says the Lord, yes; because my glory is there. I can do it with nothing, my sons,

28 but you are not nothing for me, says the Lord, you are my reason.

29 You are my reason.

30 My reason of living in my son Jesus is my people, says the Lord.

31 I have a reason to be happy tonight, says the Lord,

32 and I have a reason to rejoice in my Son; because my Son has not suffered in vain.

33 Oh, little flock, you are so little, yes, you have grown in value in my sight, says the Lord.

34 You have grown in value tonight in my sight, says the Lord. You have grown in value in my sight, says the Lord, yes;

35 because you are so rare, my sons and my daughters, you are so precious in my sight.

36 My Son did not die in vain; oh no, he certainly did not die in vain and he knows it that he did not die in vain, yes;

37 because one soul –one son, one daughter,– is worth more than his sacrifice a hundred times, says the Lord.

38 Register the sacrifice of my Son one hundred times, one soul is worth it even more, says the Lord;

39 for my Son suffered once, it was once and for all, he knows it and he is rejoicing.

40 Yes already, –already!– there are already some of your brothers who already went to sleep, they will precede you;

41 but the Lord is with you until the end of all times, says the Lord;

42 but keep my commandments, keep my Word; for you are my sons and daughters, if you keep my commandments;

43 because the love of God consist in keeping his commandments.

44 You are loved of the Father because of the obedience you have in my Word,

45 says the Lord, in my son Jesus and, nothing else, says the Lord.

46 Yes, I am not a god, a god who walks on two different levels.

47 I gave you my Word. The plan is there. It is perfect. It is complete. Complete!

48 Yes, the word of God, –the Bible,– the Bible, it is complete. Alpha and omega, it is complete. Your God is complete.

49 Christ was complete, he was perfect in all things, what more can you hope for than the perfection of the Word?

50 Yes above all, everything will be given unto you, but keep my Word : this is it, it is your corner Stone.

51 It is your Rock, it is your Forteress, it is your reason of living,

52 this living and genuine Word, oh, living and genuine.

53 You are looking at the right thing, you look at the proper thing: yes, my Son who is here at my right.

54 Do you know, my children, that what you are holding in your hands

55 is worth more than if the One who is sitting at my right were sitting at your right;

56 because this Word that you have is Life and Spirit, is my Son.

57 Register the true son of God for you on this Earth: it is the Word.

58 It is not my Son who is sitting at my right, it is the Word which is in your hand.

59 As long as you will walk on this Earth, the Christ that you need to have is between your hands.

60 He walks with you. He is sitting at your right. Better than this, he is inside of you. It is even greater, says the Lord.

61 Yes, call upon me, says the Lord. Call upon me. Call upon me. Call upon me.

62 Oh, have a unified heart, which is one heart, a sincere heart, one single heart, one single spirit, says the Lord;

63 oh, and each day, –yes each day,– if you keep my Word, I promise you

64 that I will clean you in order for you to always be ready

65 twenty-four hours on twenty-four until the day when my Son will come back.

66 I promise unto you to make this cleaning, but this cleaning will be done by the obedience of my Word, each day, says the Lord.


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