Troubles – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
f saints of God

Recorded on June 2nd, 2000 at 7:30 PM
Val-Morin (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 3 min 32 s    Recording: ROY0029CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2000 and 2016



1 It always was part of my people, says the Lord, it always was part of my people to be troubled.

2 Man is troubled because he is not enough printed, instilled in my Word, says the Lord.

3 Ah, yes my sons, yes my daughters, says the Lord tonight,

4 why not rejoice with the people of this gathering who are before you? with this gathering belonging to you?

5 Yes, hassles, problems, worries, this and that,

6 there are so many things, says the Lord, your God,

7 but why not set your mind on me? in order to remember me?

8 to read? to look at what is written? and to walk with what is written?

9 Because troubles, problems and worries are plentiful;

10 my sons and daughters, says the Lord, your God, they are plentiful;

11 but when you walk with my Word,

12 you are continually pushing them back, you are bringing unto me your burdens, says the Lord.

13 I take your burdens, says the Lord.

14 You, take my burden which is sweet and light: my Word, says the Lord;

15 and walk with my Word, walk with my anointing, says the Lord, your God,

16 and your face will radiate with joy.

17 Did you not read this in my Scriptures:

18 Whosoever turns his eyes towards me will be shining of joy?

19 You have your eyes on this Earth, you are beaten up,

20 you are saddened, you are deformed, why, says the Lord?

21 Because it is not my strength that is in you, it is yours; and yours is weak;

22 because the strength of a man is a weak strength; but mine, says the Lord,

23 ah, I am full of my Word,

24 I continually fill you up with my Word, if that is what you want, of course.

25 This is why tonight, says the Lord, your God, you must be willing! willing!

26 It is a must that you are willing in order to walk with my Scriptures, to walk with my Word.

27 Yes, it is time for you to rejoice, says the Lord, your God.

28 It is time for you to rejoice, not because there is a gathering;

29 but this gathering, is there, is established for you, my sons,

30 so that my anointed man can nourish you and so that me too, I come to speak to you.

31 If there were no gathering, no anointed people, no servant of God,

32 how could I speak to you, when you are beaten up? When you are sad, how could I speak to you?

33 How? Because I do not speak to those people who are sad.

34 I do not speak to, I do not come to the rescue of those people who are beaten up,

35 not since my Christ died, says the Lord.

36 This is why my anointed people are there to hold your head high, happy, full of blessings, ah, says the Lord, your God;

37 but you must be strong, you must be firm in your ways, you must be vigilant people.

38 Wake up! to get out of family troubles, out of job troubles, out of car troubles,

39 out of taxes troubles, out of house troubles and out of body pains troubles.

40 It is full of troubles in this world, but you must walk with my Word;

41 you will find rest for your soul, says the Lord, your God.

42 It is not just for you, my children, that I am speaking unto you tonight;

43 oh no, it is for people everywhere where I have sons.

44 I always have to exhort them, this is why I am a Father.

45 What does a father do to his children?

46 He exhorts them all the time. He encourages them all the time. He motivates them all the time.

47 No? Isn’t it the way it is? Says the Lord, your God. Me, this is what I am always doing unto you.

48 And recognize, be happy, tonight, that your feet are here

49 so that my anointed man may elevate you because it is unto him that I speak for you

50 so that I elevate you and so that I keep you in the heights, says the Lord, your God.

51 Go ahead! Put a smile on your face. Your face is sad because your heart is sad.

52 You face is happy because your heart is happy.

53 Your face is radiant, it is because you walk with my Word.

54 Your face is beaten up: the Word is not doing its work as it should be doing it.

55 Bring unto me all your problems, I will bear them and you take my instructions, says the Lord, your God. ♦


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