The Strength Of Christ – Exhortation given by a son of God – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



The Strength Of Christ

Exhortation given by a son of God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on October 8th, 2000 at 1:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 2 min 1 s        Recording: MTM0635CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2000 and 2016


1 Fortify yourselves in all respects. Fortify yourselves in all respects.

2 Yes, fight with the strength of Christ which strongly acts within you,

3 in order to ensure yourself a place in the Kingdom, yes in the kingdom of God.

4 Yes, yes yes yes, fight, fight, fight the good fight

5 and fight with the power of God, with the power of his Spirit,

6 so that all that is an ambush,

7 so that all that could be a destruction in your life

8 falls apart.

9 Ah, do not let my enemy, the devil, beat you down;

10 do not let  him bring unto you burdens you don’t need to have;

11 but, to the contrary, you must be fortified by my power, by my Word, by my seed, by my seed.

12 And have roots with my seed. Let my root, let my Word find roots inside of you.

13 And be fortified in all respects, in order to have an honourable rank in my Kingdom.

14 Yes, you will be honoured, you will be honoured by your God.

15 You will be satisfied, you will be fulfilled with my riches;

16 but fight, my sons, fight, my people.

17 Ah, my enemy, my enemy feels his end is there; he feels the end of his kingdom.

18 Ah, he knows his day, he knows his day is there soon;

19 but you my son, you my daughters,

20 fight with my strength, fight with my power and nothing will harm you, nothing will harm you.

21 Honour my name, honour my name, honour my name and I will honour you.

22 Ah, have no shame of me on this Earth, I am your God.

23 I am your God, have no shame of the testimony to give of my Son.

24 Ah, have no shame to give a testimony of my name. Ah, praise the Lord brothers and sisters.

25 Praise the Lord. Praise him.

26 Ah, praise that One, the One who has the power of your salvation in his hands

27 by working better and better at the work of our God.

28 Ah, our mouth is open for you. Our mouth is open for you Corinthians.

29 Ah, the mouth of the pastor has been opened for you Montrealers, for you Quebeckers.

30 Ah, his mouth is open for you Quebeckers. Why was it opened?

31 So that you inherit the kingdom in the heavens.

32 So that you participate to the coming glory, yes, the glory of the coming century.

33 Ah, our mouth is open for you Quebeckers. Ah, let’s be proud of our God. Let’s be proud of his testimony.

34 Ah, do not give access to our enemy the devil who is willing to destroy us.

35 Ah, we have burdens, leave them there, leave them there.

36 Oh yes, be filled with the joy of our God, ah, because your are participants of his divine nature.

37 Let’s get excited in the glory of our God.

38 Let’s all work, let’s all work, oh yes, ah, let’s all work, let’s all work.

39 Let’s all work and let’s all fight because we have our hope in the living God, in our living God.

40 Ah, our mouth is open for you.

41 Our mouth is open for you so that you become participants of his power,

42 of his divine nature, of his power, of his power.

43 Ah, this is how we are strong people able to fight against sin. We are strong.


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