The Cliff – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


The Cliff

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on October 20th, 2000 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 4 min 8 s           Recording: ROY0027CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2000 and 2016


1 (First words missing.)

2 Fortify yourselves in all manners to face this so crual cliff which is setting itself before you,

3 yes, which is setting itself before any situation, any battle, says the Lord, your God tonight.

4 Take this courage, this courage that you see in the Scriptures,

5 this courage that you read in the Scriptures,

6 the courage that you eat here, that you drink when you come here in these gatherings.

7 Ah, the frontage, the cliff, it is so crual.

8 Do not imitate those people who took this descent of despair and of discouragement;

9 because when it comes to me, nothing, nothing has to do with me when there is discouragement.

10 Nothing comes from me when there is despair; because I am God, I am God, says the Lord,

11 God of strength, God of power, God of reality, God of courage.

12 I am your God, says the Lord, because of Jesus-Christ, because of the call you received,

13 of the call that I gave you, of the call which I chose you for, says the Lord.

14 Yes the cliff of death, the cliff of crualty for your soul is ringing at your door;

15 but do not go inside of it, do not enter inside of it, my son, my daughter, my people.

16 Never allow yourself to slide in this cliff; no, continue to climb, continue to climb.

17 Continue to climb, continue to be courageous, continue to shout unto me, continue to fight

18 and the blessing that my son Stephen received, you will have the same blessing

19 when Jesus one day stood up for him and then, he said unto him: “There it is, come towards me.”

20 But you, your hour is not reached yet, your hour is not there, your hour is still far away.

21 You still have much to do. You still have much to battle against.

22 You still have much to do for me here on this Earth, but the cliff, you must not descend it.

23 Refuse to descend it during all your life, even if you sleep one hour per day, even if you sleep half an hour per day,

24 after you finish your day of work battling with me against all the unclean spirits

25 surrounding you, surrounding you and surrounding you and surrounding you;

26 for there never was a temptation which was above your strength, says the Lord.

27 I was always with you; and even, I use temptation to pull you out of it, says the Lord, your God;

28 for I am a God of rescue, I am a God who brings help unto you.

29 I am not a god who lets you go down.

30 I am not a god who lets you become down, who lets you go away.

31 When a man lets himself become down or, a woman lets herself become down or, one of my children lets himself become down,

32 it is because they made the choice to let themselves become down and I don’t even have the power to help them;

33 but, says the Lord, your God tonight, when you do not cease to go against these spirits of darkness, I am always with you.

34 Remain in my hand and I am keeping you in my hand.

35 You come out of my hand, I can no more keep you in my hand.

36 My hand, it is my Word. Remain in my Word. Remain in my Word.

37 Take this courage that the Word gives you, that the gatherings are giving you because they are fortifying you.

38 Take all the gatherings, eat all of what your hear, put them in your soul

39 and go on with it and go on with it and go on with it and go on with it and go on with it,

40 says the Lord, your God, but never go down the cliff.

41 Remain in the heights, near the peak and on the peak

42 and one day I will go get you, get you, to take you away, to put you to sleep in me,

43 no matter what the battle you have until your last breath, says the Lord, your God.


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