While It Is Light – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY




While It Is Light

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on October 22nd, 2000 at 1:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 4 min 52 s        Recording: ROY0027CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2000 and 2016


1 (First words missing.)

2 Work while it is Light. Work, says the Lord, your God, while it is Light.

3 I am repeating it unto you, my people,

4 while it is Light, during the time this Word is preached,

5 during the time this ministry exist, work while it is Light.

6 Dark days, days which are really dark are at the door, at your door.

7 This ministry was established with my hand and this ministry will always shine by my hand;

8 and work in this ministry, says the Lord, your God, without any murmur, any doubt.

9 What you heard the very first day you came here many years ago, it is still the same today in the year 2000, in october.

10 It is a must that you work with this ministry, it is a must that you work with this Word

11 without any murmur, without any hesitation;

12 for this ministry, I brought it here unto you and it will always be here

13 because it is my Word that is preached.

14 It is not coming from any man, when you hear any man preach me,

15 they did not assist my counsel, they do not declare my Word, they talk on their own mind.

16 They do not make people into sheep, people who are as my Jesus, as Jesus-Christ, as my Word, as the Word.

17 Fall in love with the Word. That’s what it is when you don’t fall in love with the Word,

18 this ministry will not be the object of your discussion and one day, you will be far away

19 instead of being in the great gathering of saints, of pure people, of just people.

20 I am telling you today, my people, work with this ministry.

21 My annointed people, I called them, I molded them, I established them, I formed them with my Word.

22 One single door, keep this and nothing else in mind. Cast away any other idea;

23 for my enemy is after you, is after your soul, is after everybody

24 in order to tear you to pieces, in order to destroy you;

25 but this ministry will always be my ministry of holiness, of pureness, of perfection.

26 And there will be nobody who will change the conduct of this ministry. Nobody! Nobody!

27 What you are hearing today, you are hearing the Word being preached today;

28 this is what it is to be a genuine sheep of the Lord. If you keep the sheep in the Word, I work with you.

29 If you do not keep yourself in the Word, I am not with you, says the Lord, your God.

30 Walk with what I established for your soul. What I established for your soul!

31 I established this ministry for your soul and revive the love you received the first days you were enlightened.

32 Remember for yourself those first days you were enlightened.

33 What is it that made you cold? What is it that made you busy? What is it that slowed you down?

34 My son, my daughter,

35 what is it that slowed you down?

36 Did I not plant your feet in a fertile garden, in a fertile plantation?

37 And this garden is still flourishing.

38 Do not come out of my garden, of my vineyard. Do not come out of my vineyard, says the Lord. Stay here.

39 You are enjoying hearing what you are hearing today. This is a refreshment for you and it blesses you;

40 but now, my son, you must go out of my vineyard, you must go out there,

41 you must put things to practice before the coldness, –the coldness– takes over your soul the same way coldness takes over your flesh and your bones.

42 Practice my Word, walk while it is Light and this address, this place here, it is me who established it by the Word and stay there.

43 Stay here. Stay in my vineyard. Work in my vineyard, says the Lord, your God.


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