Resurrection – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

«Yes, accept these exhortations tonight. Yes, make them flow inside your veins yes.” (Excerpt from God’s prophecy)

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 15th, 2001 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 7 min 59 s          ROY0010CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 Resurrection is real!

2 Resurrection is a thing that is real, brothers and sisters.

3 Oh yes, bond yourselves to this Word. Bond yourselves to this Word, brothers and sisters, yes;

4 for this Word is your passport for eternity. Abandon this Word and this Word will also abandon you.

5 If you wish to show yourselves before your God, yes, brothers and sisters, elects of God tonight,

6 yes, soldiers of Christ, you who are enlisted, if you really wish to come before your God,

7 yes, you must persevere for always, yes, until your last breath.

8 Yes, even though ties of death are surrounding you, brothers and sisters, you must persevere.

9 Yes, you have heard not long ago, sermons which were addressed to you:

10 “Ah, neither death will separate you of the love of Christ, neither hunger, neither nudity, neither peril.”

11 Yes, you have heard things tonight, you have seen, you were given a full list of those things

12 on which the apostle Paul suffered; but this man persevered until the end.

13 He himself already knew that his day had come. He himself declared it:

14 “Ah, I am ready to go up now. The race is almost finished for me.”

15 Do you have the same testimony tonight, brothers and sisters?

16 Yes, remember resurrection is a thing that is real.

17 Yes, one day Paul was with the Aeropagite and he was preaching about resurrection,

18 and at that very moment back then, many people left Paul because they were not willing to believe in the resurrection

19 of which they even said unto Paul: “We will listen to you about this another day.”

20 But, on the other hand, the Word also declares that a few people became attached to this message.

21 Are you among those people who are attached to this message tonight?

22 Are you of those who are attached? Are you of those who believe that there will be a resurrection?

23 Are you of those who are believing in the resurrection?

24 For this resurrection is genuine, but it will be reserved only for those men and women

25 whom their name is written in the book of the Lamb of the Life of God.

26 Yes, accept these exhortations tonight. Yes, make them flow inside your veins yes;

27 for you are a nation who was chosen by your God tonight; and your God does not want any of you to perish.

28 He does not want any of you to deviate from this road of Life.

29 Yes, your God gave you these good works especially for you.

30 You no more have to figure out what to do to please your God;

31 for the salvation plan was established especially for you, brothers and sisters;

32 nevertheless, you must have a sincere heart to serve your God.

33 Yes your pastor during the last few times, during the last few weeks, asked you to be passionate.

34 You must have passion for the name of Jesus-Christ yes.

35 Have within you this passion yes; for the Lord, your God, is pleased with people who are such people.

36 Yes, you must not be languishing, but, to the contrary, you must be zealous for the good works

37 which your God prepared in advance for you who are the saints, yes;

38 for the people who are outside cannot take your place in practicing these works.

39 Yes, when it is time to be patient, brothers and sisters, practice patience, yes;

40 for this is what is sweet and pleasing unto your God. In the heavenly places, your God enjoys patience.

41 Yes raise your children with patience, brothers and sisters.

42 Yes love, love your husband, love your wife with patience.

43 Yes you must be filled with meekness inside of you. Yes, you must be filled with fruits of the Holy Ghost that is in you.

44 Yes you must be full of goodness, you must be full of mildness; for your God is rejoicing in such things.

45 Yes tonight you must accept these exhortations yes; because you are pleasing unto your God.

46 You are pleasing unto your God, all of you who are walking in this Word, yes;

47 because your way of living is so tight and narrow.

48 There are so many people that when it becomes so tight, they are not willing anymore to go on.

49 Ah yes, yes, yes, yes, when my table, my table is now set,

50 one day you will be among the guests of God eating at that table.

51 Yes you will be among me, says the Lord. You will be with me at my table.

52 Yes, I will also give you a new name. You will have a new name in my house, says your God.

53 Ah, but you must persevere, my sons and my daughters. You must persevere.

54 You must always have this joy within you, the joy of the salvation; because without this joy,

55 it is painful, it is very painful to go through all these plagues, which are on this Earth.

56 Oh yes, it is painful to walk in this world, but you must always have my joy inside of you, my sons and my daughters;

57 for you know it that my joy is your strength.

58 Yes my joy is your strength, says your God tonight. Yes, says the Lord, my joy is your strength.

59 And remember that resurrection is a thing that is real.

60 Yes, resurrection is a thing that is real.

61 Ah, I am God and I never lie. I am God and I never lie.

62 Ah yes, I resurrected my Son, I raised Jesus-Christ from among the dead people;

63 and Himself will resuscitate you on the last day, but you must persevere.

64 Do not abandon this gathering, brothers and sisters; because it is the source of your Life.

65 Yes if you want to always have Life, if you want to always have Life, remain in this house;

66 for it is here that you received this Life, it is here.

67 It is here in this house that you received this Life, yes, the Life that my Spirit places inside of you.

68 You heard tonight that the flesh and the spirit are opposed,

69 but always walk by the Spirit and you will be conquerors of my Word:

70 you shall appear before me, says the Lord, your God. Yes, one day you will appear before me.

71 Yes remember, remember, in order to be conquerors of my Word.

72 Yes, a conqueror is someone who goes on until the end,

73 is someone that even during hard times will fight in order to conquer, to obtain.

74 Ah remember until today, until tonight, those things you had to conquer,

75 those things you had to fight for in order to dwell still today inside the boundaries of my salvation.

76 Ah, you went through somber days, yes there are days which are somber that came on you,

77 but the Everlasting Lord always delivered you of those days. Yes, give glory to my name.

78 Give glory to my name in all things,

79 and remember me, says the Everlasting Lord, no matter what your situation is;

80 because I am there, I am your help, says the Everlasting Lord.

81 I never abandoned you and I will never abandon you neither.

82 I never neglected you and I will never neglect you neither;

83 for my name is Everlasting, my name is the Everlasting God, and I watch over,

84 and I watch over my people yes; for I love my people, says the Lord.

85 Yes, I love you tonight, says the Lord, for you are conquerors of my Word,

86 but forsake not my Word, for I can become terrible, for I can become a terrible God.

87 I wish to generate fear inside of you tonight, for you are so few before me.

88 I wish to generate fear inside of you tonight in order for you to never forsake me.

89 Read in the Bible, read in the Word,

90 read in the Word all those verses which can produce within you this fear,

91 the fear of your God, the fear of your God,

92 in order for you to never turn your back before me.

93 Love me, says the Lord, as I always loved you. Love me, says the Lord, love me, says your God;

94 for I love you, all of you who are walking in my Word.


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