The Flaming Sky – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY



«The Flaming Sky»

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on July 22nd, 2001 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 6 min 23 s             ROY0010CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 I announced it this afternoon and I am announcing it once more right now:

2 My hand will come to my rescue. My Son will deploy in the sky his almighty force.

3 This sky will be flaming in order to come to the rescue of my house, says the Lord.

4 I will burst into flames the elements of the sky! I will inflame the elements of the sky!

5 I will shake this Earth, I will create floods of waters, I will destroy many nations;

6 but my house will remain, says the Lord.

7 For the love of my house, for the love of Israel, for the love of my beloved Son,

8 I will create a deliverance for my house, says the Lord.

9 Sanctify yourselves my sons and daughters.

10 That is a commandment unto you, for I announced this unto you:

11 “You will not be able to survive, if you do not sanctify yourselves.” Oh, my deliverance is near and it is a great one.

12 My deliverance will fill you up with fear and terror, you who are not sanctified;

13 for I will operate things that your eyes will not believe, that your ears never heard before.

14 I will create deliverance for my house, for the love of my elects,

15 for the love of my elects who persevered and who kept my commandments,

16 who stood upright before me, says the Lord.

17 I will overthrow the wicked one if he ever comes against you or, against this house.

18 I will never tolerate any outrage in my name, says the Lord,

19 but you, sanctify yourselves; this is a commandment that I gave you today.

20 Sanctify the great name and the great salvation that I gave you.

21 Vessels among vessels of honour, you must be sanctified in order for you to receive what I prepared for you.

22 Yes, I chose my elects, from the foundation of the world, I chose you

23 and I have called some of you to accomplish specific tasks in this house,

24 others are called to prosper, others are called to pray for these ones and for the others;

25 but before me, you are all of the same blood, of the same covenant and you are all my beloved ones.

26 Therefore, simply look at each other with the same consideration and as having the same Spirit.

27 Even if your hand will operate great things among you, you will always be equal people before me, says the Lord.

28 You must be humble, self-contained, modest, moderate, full of my Word and also of obedience unto my anointed people.

29 Thereby, arm yourselves with all of the weapons of the Word in order to resist the bad days which are now among you,

30 the bad days which you are going through and the bad days during which I supported you.

31 I will never abandon you during those days, during any day of all days;

32 because sometimes, you will be elevated; sometimes, you will be lowered;

33 some other times, you will be elevated again; and some other times, you will be lowered again.

34 You are born for the tribulation that is in this world and none of my children was ever exempted of it.

35 Rejoice! I am truthfully telling you to rejoice;

36 because your reward will be great and it is great here in this place: in peace in Jesus-Christ, in joy in my beloved Son.

37 Through the fruits of the Spirit, it is a great reward.

38 Therefore, I exhort you, brothers and sisters,

39 to be of the same spirit and to re-enter in an intense sanctification mode

40 in order to see the power of your Father being deployed.

41 Sanctify yourselves; for I am a holy and dreadful God. Sanctify yourselves. Sanctify yourselves.

42 Announce it unto your brothers and sisters who are not here that they must sanctify themselves;

43 for my name is Holy, Holy! Holy is the Almighty Lord! Sanctification!

44 Without this sanctification, nobody will get to see the Lord; without this sanctification, nobody will get to see my power;

45 without this sanctification, nobody will get to see the Son, nobody will be able to produce a miracle in my name;

46 for I want to see sanctification in this house, says the Lord.

47 This house is a house of prayers.

48 This house is a house and a place of sanctification.

49 I am jealous, says the Lord, for I have nearly nothing on this Earth;

50 but you, I have you! I have this house and I am jealous of it, jealous! says the Lord.

51 Obey my commandments, obey my exhortation; because I love you in obedience.

52 You are my sons and my daughters in the obedience of my Word, says the Lord.


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