Keep Your Own Selves – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

“I pulled you out of the flames.” (God’s prophecy excerpt)
Keep Your Own Selves

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on August 11th, 2001 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 15 min 11 s        Recording: ROY0011CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 Thus says the Lord: My children, My sons and daughters,

2 I called you from far away. I gathered you from far away, says the Lord.

3 Yes you have been for me an object of compassion.

4 On the day of your salvation, I had much compassion for you, my sons and my daughters.

5 My heart was touched when I saw my Son sitting on my right, when I chose you.

6 Yes, I chose you. I pulled you out of the flames.

7 You were burning before my eyes.

8 You were already burning, you were already lost;

9 but my Son bought you back and I stretched my hand towards you. I extended my hand towards you.

10 I took you, I comforted you, I edified you, I loved you, says the Lord.

11 I loved you, my sons and my daughters. Like a father loves his children, I loved you.

12 Love me in return. Love me! love me, my sons and my daughters!

13 Yes, your God is crying tonight. I am sad in my soul, my sons and my daughters.

14 I am crying right now. I am crying to find for myself an elect in this city;

15 I cannot find any elect anymore, I want to have elects.

16 My anointed man is on the move from East to West, from left to right.

17 I don’t send him to the other end of the world because there is nothing for him.

18 I keep him here because here there is still hope. Here, there is still a few elects to buy back;

19 but you, keep your crown, keep yourselves, keep your own selves.

20 Do not wait for my anointed man to keep you. Do not wait for your neighbour to keep you.

21 Do not wait for nobody. Keep your own selves!

22 I gave you my Word; without putting it to practice, my sons and my daughters, you will all perish, all! says the Lord.

23 Keep your own selves. Whosoever keeps my Word, keeps my commandments.

24 Whosoever keeps my Word loves me. Whosoever practices it loves me. If you love me, keep my Word. If you love me, practice my Word.

25 Ah, I do not want to have forgetful hearers.

26 This house is not a place to see a good show.

27 If you are not practicing this Word when you come out of here, you are forgetful hearers.

28 Stay home! Don’t come here! Don’t come!!!

29 If you are not going to put it to practice, don’t come here; I don’t want you to be on my floor.

30 But if you, you love my Word, if you love it and put it to practice,

31 I want you to be in this gathering; for my love is in whosoever is practicing this Word.

32 My love is not in the person who hears my Word. My love is not in the person who is rejoicing in my Word.

33 My love is in the person who practices my Word. Practices my Word!

34 I don’t want to have a false demonstration, but I want it to be in truth, says the Lord.

35 I want to have sons and daughters, worshippers in spirit and in truth

36 who accomplish my Word and who walk righteously before me 24 hours on 24, round the clock.

37 Not at your hour! I do not want to have servants at your own hours.

38 You must always be fervent people, always, always, always, always.

39 I don’t want to find inside of you laziness, but I want to see zeal. Search my Scriptures, seek me, says the Lord.

40 Clean yourselves! Clean yourselves! I am not talking to the neighbours! I am talking to you!

41 I am not talking to your brother, neither to your sister, I am talking to you!

42 Forget your brother! Forget your sister! Look at yourself, your own self!

43 Sanctify yourself, be pleasing before my eyes, be an example

44 and you will be called son and daughter of God.

45 Be my imitators. Go inside yourselves again. Eat this Bread: my Word.

46 Fill up yourselves with mercy, patience and perseverance towards each other, and also with compassion.

47 Be drastic! towards your own selves, says the Lord, towards yourselves, and the God of peace

48 will give you light and guide you in all things and it is never too late for you, says the Lord.

49 My sons and my daughters, I did not change. I did not change.

50 If you feel inside of you that there is an alteration in this house since the last twenty years,

51 it is because it is you who changed and not me, says the Lord.

52 It is not your brother who changed, it is your own selves, says your God.

53 If you feel that is it no more as it was before,

54 it is because you are no more as you were before, on the day when I chose you.

55 Revive this fire inside of you. Have zeal inside of you. Show that Christ is inside of you.

56 The power that is inside of you, the power that is shown in this ministry and in this gathering,

57 carry it outside of this ministry; carry it outside of this ministry; carry it outside of this ministry.

58 Are you bringing here your shame? Well, when you are outside of here, get rid of your shame.

59 If you show me your victory when you are here, I want you to show it to me when you are outside.

60 If you are sad when you are outside, when you are here we will pray to get rid of your sadness.

61 This is the reason why this house was established.

62 If you are happy when you are here and sad when you are outside, aren’t you acting as an hypocrite?

63 I am your God pointing at you your iniquity tonight. Let your yes be a yes.

64 Do not lift your head here to lower it again while coming out; for you are a disgrace to Christ.

65 I have seen you, I recognized you, repent within yourself.

66 I am a God who is just: you must be the same everywhere you are; for I am a God who sees you everywhere you are.

67 You cannot escape from me and you will not escape from my judgment.

68 You will not escape, says the Lord.

69 Be good, be just and I will rejoice about it, says your God.

70 Do not play games with me. Be full of the same spirit. I promised unto you great things here in this place.

71 And I warned you, if you do not sanctify yourselves, you will not be able to resist.

72 If you sanctify yourselves, my promises are at your fingertips.

73 I want you to look at only one thing tonight, only one! only one!

74 I don’t even want you to look at me tonight! I don’t even want you to set your eyes on me!

75 Even before looking at my Word, you will look at your own self: my Word is pure and simple, what are you, yourself?

76 Look at yourself tonight.

77 Look at yourself, it is a commandment, says your God.

78 Examine yourself. Examine yourself. Examine yourself without ceasing.

79 Until you put your feet here once more, I want you to examine yourself.

80 And if you really examine yourself, you will realize what is the work that you must do on yourself

81 and your cross to bear will be sufficient to not look at your brother and your sister.

82 Pray for each other. Sanctify yourselves. Sanctify yourselves. Sanctify yourselves.

83 Look at the needs of these ones and of the other ones,

84 and through the needs, through the spiritual means, you have power before me.

85 Exercise these powers. Exercise this power!

86 Exercise it in the offerings. Exercise it in prayers and making intercessions.

87 Have needs ever ceased to exist? No! Is there a brother who does not need prayer? No!

88 All people! need prayers. All people! need to be elevated.

89 All people! need to be pure to be presented before me, more pure and holy than before.

90 You will never be holy enough for me. You can always go forth more deeply in this direction.

91 My expectations are infinite in this direction, says your God.

92 I set no limit; there is none! There is no limit.

93 Those people who come to me, they have no more limit. Do not put a stop to the Spirit. Do not sleep. Be fervent.

94 Please do not look like churches outside, especially not; for they are an open wound before my eyes.

95 They are an open wound and I have no wound inside of me, which binds unto me!

96 There is no wound binding unto me!

97 Therefore today, go back inside of your own selves, my sons and my daughters.

98 I want all of you to be with the same mind, all of you!

99 You all have your own lives to live, but in Jesus-Christ, I want you to be with one accord.

100 Live your life for me, but when you are here, you must all be with one accord

101 and I will rejoice each day over this, each time and for always.

102 You understood me well tonight. I know it, you understood me well. You understand me well.


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