Do Not Abandon – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

“…the devil will be crushed under your feet.” (Excerpt from God’s prophecy)

Do not abandon

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on August 19th, 2001 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 14 min 24 s      Recording: ROY0011CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 Yes, thus says the Lord:

2 Oh, your King, your Servant, yes your King, Christ was your Servant, says the Lord.

3 Yes, I have been humiliated before men and women, says your Almighty Lord.

4 Yes, my Father is by my side, says the Almighty Lord.

5 I humbled myself. I placed myself before you as a humble servant.

6 I was bruised. I suffered. I really suffered.

7 Oh, the suffering of the flesh really hurt me,

8 but what hurt me the most is that my Father abandoned me; I still remember how it felt.

9 Oh, I am on my throne of glory and I have this f…, I have this fear! before my eyes to be abandoned by the Father.

10 Even while on my throne of glory, I still think about it today; even though, he has taken me back because of you.

11 It is because of you that I was abandoned. Oh, do not abandon;

12 for you have no idea how it feels, you never had this feeling of being abandoned;

13 because I bought you back to me for a great price. I don’t wish you to be abandoned;

14 for if you are abandoned, my Father will never take you back.

15 Me, he took me back because of the justice of my Father that I practiced.

16 He could not turn his back before me for a very long time and I knew it, even though these moments were sad ones for me;

17 because I had never been abandoned by my Father.

18 And I can tell you this: Do not abandon your first love;

19 because the feeling I felt back then will remain inside of you everlastingly.

20 Do not fear to have to go through tribulations of the flesh.

21 Yes my sons and my daughters, you suffer, you are suffering and I ask of you to suffer even more.

22 Yes, for some of you, it is very difficult, it is hard, it is almost unbearable, to stand upright before me;

23 but you must know, my sons and my daughters,

24 that in these sufferings, I do not abandon you, I am with you.

25 My science and my knowledge, my wisdom and my depth are out of reach for you, my children:

26 you do not understand what is spiritual.

27 You read it in the Word, you receive this Word, you are instructed through this Word;

28 but this Word, you must live it through in order to understand it

29 instead of only understanding the Word by reading the Word and through the preachings;

30 because that is not sufficient, my sons and my daughters.

31 You must practice the Word and live the Word in order to understand

32 this wisdom and this science which are totally contrary to the flesh.

33 Yes, do not try to understand my Word

34 through the science of this world and through the logic of this world, because you will not make it;

35 for the spiritual things are above the passing things of this Earth which are so volatile and useless before my eyes.

36 Oh, do not glorify yourselves in the flesh, but glorify yourselves in the Lord through obedience of my Word, says your Lord,

37 the Almighty Lord, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Fullness that is inside of you.

38 You will be satiated through me and through nobody else;

39 for I am the Bread which satiates you as desired and I am in the practice of the Word among you.

40 You must be my imitators. You must submit to the Word

41 and the devil will flea, and the devil will be crushed under your feet

42 through the obedience and through the consecration in the sanctification

43 of this house which I established for my Word, says the Almighty Lord.

44 Listen and practice, listen and eat of this Bread, of this Bread which I prepared for you for each day.

45 I have prepared for you a portion for each day.

46 Eat this Flesh and this Blood and practice, practice, practice, practice.

47 Yes unbelief, unbelief, oh, get rid of your unbelief. Kick unbelief out of your life.

48 Free yourselves. Have this freedom, the freedom of your first days. Oh, say no to the flesh. Say yes to the Spirit.

49 Kick unbelief out of your life. Exercise your faith and, the gifts I already gave you. Exercise faith. Exercise gifts.

50 Yes each one of you, exercise the gifts of the Word in all simplicity before the Lord

51 while hoping nothing from anyone, besides the reward that comes from me.

52 Do not hope to receive a reward in return of the good you are making for your brother.

53 Do not even hope for it, never wish for this reward and never ask for this reward.

54 Ask for nothing, but give! without asking for money;

55 for the reward I reserved for you will not be measured like anybody among you could measure it.

56 I am living, says the Lord, but you must hope only in me and you will never be deceived.

57 Never will you be deceived by me. Never!

58 And if you want that your brother is not an object of deception for you,

59 don’t put your eyes on him, put your eyes on me; for it is me who established him and I have the power to make him stronger.

60 You must not be like the people who are outside of here: never hope like they do, never have such hope;

61 instead, let the Lord know what all your needs are. You are genuine sons of God, do not walk with the flesh.

62 If you hope the things of this world and if you hope those things through the people of this world,

63 you are not walking with my Spirit; for you must glorify me in all things.

64 And if you want something, it is unto me that you must address your request.

65 You say to yourself: “Yes, but Lord, you are Above…” (A few words missing on the recording media) …Almighty.

66 Before you mind can even form an idea within your spirit in order to ask me for something, I already knew your request

67 and I ordained that you call on me, because I love whosoever who practices my justice;

68 and to be calling on me, this is what it is to practice my justice.

69 You wish something for your brother, talk to me, I am your confidant;

70 for I want you to be closer to me than your wife is close to you and I want you to be closer to me than your husband is close to you.

71 Do you believe I am jealous? Yes, I am jealous! I want you to be only for me!

72 If you don’t like what I gave you, go away!

73 If you don’t love me more than your wife and your children, you are not worthy of me.

74 Didn’t I give you Life? Didn’t I give everything for you?

75 Your happiness wears a name. It is my glory and the object of my joy.

76 With my Father, we gave you so much,

77 what’s your life in return?

78 what are the days and the years of your Life serving me in return?

79 They are a pleasing odour for me for the person who practices my Word.

80 And I want you to be mine, says the Almighty Lord;

81 for my Kingdom which my Father gave me is for those people which I love;

82 and those people which I love practice my Word

83 and they walk with my commandments which my Father ordained

84 for the good of your souls, for the joy, for your joy; and your joy is my joy.

85 Your joy is my joy. Your joy is my joy. And if you have no joy, I have no joy.

86 When you are full of joy, I am full of joy.

87 Keep me joyful, keep me happy: sanctify yourselves, sanctify my house.

88 I did not call you to perish.

89 Even though some of you find the road so difficult, it is not for you to perish that I called you;

90 for if I had called you to perish, you wouldn’t even be aware of it, you wouldn’t even know it at all.

91 Do the people who are outside of here know? Do they know that they will perish?

92 No, they don’t even know this at all! for my Father gave them a spirit of slumber and of strong delusion

93 so that they consume and practice iniquity and sin: it is the desire of their heart.

94 I gave them the desire of their heart. I am a just God.

95 In their lives, they want to have evil, sin, corruption, vice, debauchery, perversion, cupidity, idolatry,

96 they received it all a hundredfold, they received it all as the desire of their heart.

97 You, my sons and my daughters, you have been called to serve me with justice and righteousness.

98 You are my choice, make sure to be worthy of this choice, you must be worthy of this choice.

99 The unbeliever will perish, the wicked one too;

100 and my Word will be accomplished, it will certainly be accomplished.

101 The days are close, my Father already counted them. I stand ready, you must be ready.

102 I am ready, says the Almighty Lord. I am ready to come, but my Father knows the day.

103 Be ready for the day I will come, at all times, in all things, in all your actions.

104 This prophecy will be accomplished, it will certainly be accomplished;

105 but you who are remaining, those few who are remaining,

106 remain precious for me: remain in me and I will remain in you.


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