An Offering That Is A Sacrifice – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

An Offering That Is A Sacrifice

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on September 1st, 2001 at 7:37 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 7 min 51 s            Recording: ROY0012CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 It is me tonight who is asking you, my sons and daughters, to bring me an offering.


2 Oh, my anointed man! My anointed man! My anointed man!

3 Say nothing  more than what you already said tonight. You asked for offerings, ask no more tonight.

4 It is now up to me to ask all of you. I am taking over, says the Lord.


5 Bring to the front my offering. It is me, your God tonight, who is addressing to you this Word!

6 I have no intercessor, but my prophet! I am not using your pastor tonight.


7 Take some rest pastor! You have insisted enough! It is up to me to take over now, says the Lord.


8 My sons and my daughters tonight,

9 I am asking you to suffer. I am asking you an offering which will hurt you.

10 Tonight, I want it to hurt you, my sons and my daughters.

11 I want to have all of you, my sons and my daughters tonight, who are my children, to bring an offering.

12 I do not want to have an offering like… no, I do not want to have what is superfluous tonight.

13 If you think of giving me what you have already decided in your heart to give me,

14 keep it, I don’t want it; I don’t want to have it.

15 I want you to suffer tonight for me, says the Lord.

16 Yes, I insist my sons, I want to see your love tonight. I want to see what kind of love you have for me tonight. 

17 I have this right, for I am your Father and your God. I chose you, suffer with me.

18 Me, I suffer, says the Lord, and I don’t tell you. I suffer! because this Earth is corrupt.

19 This Earth makes me suffer. My patience reached its limit! I only have you to maintain my patience!

20 You are the only ones I have left! on the surface of this Earth. I have no other just people! It is you who are my elects!

21 Therefore, tonight I am asking you: “Do not think in your heart.” I know what you have in mind my son tonight.

22 I caught you on the spot, I caught you in your thoughts.

23 Tonight, says the Lord, yes what your have in mind is:

24 “Yes, but next week, you will once more ask me for the same thing.”

25 Well, Satan, you have no grip on my sons tonight;

26 because next week, I am not living next week; I am a God who multiplies you today.

27 And if I ask you again the coming day, know that I never talk in vain:

28 when I will ask you, it will be because you will have something to give me.

29 Therefore, live only for today; for I am not a God of tomorrow.

30 Your worries are not my thoughts, says the Lord.

31 I am a God who wants to bless you and fill you up with my fullness. Therefore, do what I tell you to do my son tonight, says the Lord.

32 Tonight, I don’t want my anointed man to have to repeat and repeat and repeat;

33 because, even though I do not ask him to repeat,

34 but he loves me and because he loves me,

35 he repeats unto you; and I agree to this because I established him.

36 My sons and my daughters tonight,

37 I am asking you for an offering of sacrifice that that will hurt you tonight, 

38 so that you are worthy of my Son and so that I can bless you without restriction a hundredfold;

39 so that I open those doors you have asked me to open for such a long time.

40 Many people among you, my prophets have asked me, my children, my beloved ones, you, my sons and my daughters.

41 All of you who are present here, I have gathered you tonight and I know,

42 I know what sum you can bring together, even before I ask you.

43 Away from me the thought that all my needs will be fulfilled by your offerings,

44 away from me this thought; for even if you were to sell all your possessions,

45 that would not be sufficient, my sons and my daughters;

46 for I know how much you have put me to the test in the past and, how much you have loved me! how much you love me now!

47 But, my sons tonight, I am asking you again to give there where it hurts, I know this.

48 I know this for I am your God who probes your mind, your thoughts.

49 Give me! the freedom to bless you above all of your hopes tonight, my sons and my daughters.

50 Do not set any barrier between us: only have my Son in mind when I sent him on the cross.

51 I am not asking you to suffer in you flesh, but I am asking you to suffer at the cross in your offerings.

52 The sufferances that I am asking you to bear are painful; but they will not hurt you in your flesh.

53 They will not hurt you in your flesh.

54 Ah, if you think with your head about the logic of what I am asking you tonight,

55 my offerings will not be satisfying.

56 If you think with your brain, if you give me an offering with your mind, which is holy!

57 I am telling you, your mind is not diabolical, you have a pure mind;

58 but if you think this way anyhow, I will not have much of an offering, my sons and my daughters;

59 for I know your wealth; I know the limit you have reached: some of you, it is to the extreme;

60 but if you go at it with the Spirit which I have placed inside of you,

61 if you listen to the voice which I placed inside of you now,

62 there, inside the loins of your mind, there, inside your heart! which I gave you,

63 you will make me a satisfying offering.

64 My sons and my daughters tonight,

65 If you think with the heart that I gave you, if it hurts you while giving it, it means it comes from me.

 66 If it is not painful while giving it, it means you did not understand.


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