Satan, I Am Threatening You – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


ant-44588_1280“…what you do to make it happen, to obtain what you fixed for yourself with pain and sweat, with many sacrifices, while serving me now…put all that aside.” (Excerpt from the prophecy)

Satan, I Am Threatening You

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
f saints of God

Recorded on September 1st, 2001 at 7:45 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 19 min 27 s        Recording: ROY0012CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 Satan! Satan! Satan! Do not wait for me to come down to you myself.

2 I am threatening you, says the Lord. I am threatening you! I am threatening you!

3 If you don’t stop influencing the mind of my sons,

4 hell, Gehenna is nothing compared to what I will do unto you! says the Lord.

5 You will get a taste of my wrath in all its savour! Satan! Do not tempt me! Never tempt me!

6 Do not tempt me tonight, Satan. Do not touch the mind of my sons who are in this gathering.

7 And you, my sons, obey unto me. Ah, you brought unto me, but it is not enough, says the Lord.

8 Some of you, I am once more talking to you, you still have some room for additional sufferings.


(Words from a son of God.)

9 I will give another $500, brother.


10 Ah, my son! My son, I love you! I love you! come back to me!

11 You are not often enough in my gatherings! I love you! says the Lord!

12 I don’t want you to perish! I love your family! I pulled you out of the deep.

13 *****! *****! (Name of a son of God.) I shout unto you each morning when you wake up:

14 “Be strong! I am fortifying you. Read my Word, I will threaten the devourer.”

15 Watch, I threatened him for you tonight.

16 He is not there anymore, my *****; Satan is not there anymore.

17 Anybody here can hear him? He is very far now, says the Lord; for I scared him out of the way.

18 You my sons, my sons and my daughters, suffer tonight,

19 suffer more than ever before; it is me who is asking you, says the Lord.

20 This meeting tonight, I want it to be just like this. It is me who is talking to you, says the Lord tonight.

21 I am not asking this to those who already made their maximum, but I am asking you who can still reach me,

22 –Yes, I love you anyway, my sons and my daughters, you already obeyed me; I am not claiming you did not obey me.–

23 I am only asking you to suffer a little bit more.

24 Suffer more than before; because my prophet is suffering for you since such a long time.

25 I have only you, my sons and my daughters,

26 by whom I can multiply and maintain my anointed man on the go,

27 so that my wrath does not hit the people before its due time.

28 I will hold back my hand as long as you will hold it back with me.

29 Tonight, help me to hold it back. Help me to not hit them. Help me to not destroy them.

30 Help me! otherwise when I will hit, my wrath will fire up and I will not be able to stop myself.

31 It will be prompt, fast and without smear as I declared it in the book of Revelation, as I wrote it as early as the book of Genesis.

32 Didn’t I make a covenant with them?

33 I will not destroy them with water, but my fire! is devouring me! Hold me back, says the Lord tonight.

34 Add more, my sons and daughters, add!

35 It is painful! I know that you are hurting!

36 It is painful! but if you were inside my bowels, it would hurt you even more.

37 Do you feel what I am presently feeling, my sons and my daughters?

38 It is me who is addressing unto you this Word tonight:

39 Go ahead, tonight! Go ahead, tonight! Today, go ahead!

40 Do not worry for tomorrow, my son; my son, I am with you, I will elevate you.

41 Next week, you will not have enough of three different meetings

42 for each one of you to testify at your own turn about what I prepared for you.

43 There will be no time available for the preachings;

44 because you will be a living preaching of what I will have done for you through the Word;

45 but tonight, my sons and my daughters, it is me who is asking you.

46 In the name of my beloved Son, it is me who is standing up and who is asking you again.

47 And again, I am asking you again, my sons, do not set a limit for me.

48 I am not telling you that you will not be blessed for what you have done, no;

49 but I still have some room to do more things for you.

50 This week, I would like to give you even more than what I have in store for you.

51 I have much more to give you, can you suffer for me a little bit more tonight?


(Words of a son of God.)

52 Me too I love you a lot, Everlasting Father.

53 I will give you an additional $300, your grace is all I need. I love you!


54 Yes, I will never abandon you, says the Lord! all of you who are dispossessing yourselves.

55 Did I abandon my Son in the grave, even though he was already dead?

56 He was dead! was he able to give me something additional?

57 He existed no more! He had nothing left to give me, did I abandon him?

58 While he was dead, I stretched my hand for him.

59 In my compassion, I remembered him: I stretched my hand and I brought him back to Life.

60 I will establish you, my son, I will establish you so that you own great riches.

61 Be wise. Be intelligent. Do not glorify yourself in your ignorance.

62 All of you, my sons, do not glorify yourselves about the morass of which I pulled you out;

63 do no justify yourselves –especially not before me– to be nothing and, pulled out of nothing;

64 for it it not my way of thinking that you justify yourselves in your ignorance;

65 because I established you! I gave you my Word for intelligence!

66 Are you idiots!? Are you rascals? Are you…

67 Aren’t you what is the most precious on the Earth, precious stones!?

68 Therefore, let no one among you glorify himself in his ignorance.

69 Yes, if you have been ignorants! remember your ignorance, but do not glorify in it;

70 because today you are full of knowledge and I shall prosper this knowledge inside of you.

71 I shall grow this knowledge inside of you; for your mind is above any mind in this world.

72 Satan wants you to believe that you are nothing and, that you come from nothing and, that you will always be nothing.

73 Haven’t I established a new covenant through my beloved Son

74 so that from the nothing you were, you are my enlightening Fire on this Earth?

75 Well, this enlightening Fire, I want it to be burning tonight

76 and I want it to consume you through the pain of an offering that will be pleasing unto me.

77 You are not in a church here, my sons and my daughters, you are in my house.

(End of cassette tape, a few words missing)

78 I am not talking to *****. *****! It’s enough.

79 I am talking to the other people: Now, go suffer as ***** will go suffer.

80 Go ahead through faith. If you don’t have any faith, do it with faith.

81 You who cannot exercise your faith tonight, do it, do it, says the Lord,

82 and I promise unto you, I promise unto those who will hurt tonight,

83 I will give you above all hope a joy that will be above anything you have known before

84 and I will bless you of all kinds of blessings while you are down here;

85 for Above, in the heavenly places, it is already done.

86 I have no mediator tonight beside my prophet.

87 This offering is not to be made through the faith of my prophet;

88 it is asked directly by myself through my prophet

89 and it is not asked through the pastor exercising the Word.

90 It is me who is talking to you tonight, directly unto you!

91 Go forth! Go forth, my sons.

92 I am not talking to everybody tonight, to you who already did it.

93 There are people among you that the abundance is already there available;

94 but some of you now must stretch the hand now to go get something now that was not meant to come to me.

95 It was already planned that it was not going to be for me because I even gave you

96 a spirit to be in good order in your personal life and you exercise it well.

97 There is no shame of being so because I gave you this spirit to pay your bills, to have order in your paperwork;

98 but tonight now, I am asking you to put all that aside for one night.

99 This order that I established for you, I will now create a new type of order inside of you,

100 because, what you do to make it happen, to obtain what you fixed for yourself

101 with pain and sweat, with many sacrifices, while serving me now,

102 you’ve tried already, you did everything you could,

103 you utilized your whole mind in making some order in your own things now,

104 so that you could have the freedom to serve me now, well, put all that aside.

105 Now I am talking to your soul: I have a special need tonight.

106 My need now, if you want me to reveal it unto you, I will reveal it unto you right now.

107 If you did not understand what is the meaning of my prophecy, I will explain it unto you more simply:

108 I wish to bless you, I wish to bless you tonight;

109 but me now, I established my Word and now I cannot ignore my Word.

110 I have to do what I said I would do,

111 because me, who is the Master! I cannot subtract myself to the Law I myself established.

112 Therefore, go ahead, suffer and I will have joy for it. And then your sufferance will immediately turn into joy.

113 Tonight, be spiritual my son; it is not every day that I am asking you to act like this.

114 It is not each day that I am asking you to act like this. No, no, no, no!

115 Yes, the abundance of your heart, I know that it is always there, you who are on my side;

116 but tonight, I am asking you for something additional. Go ahead my son and my daughter, do it tonight.

117 I am not telling you why I am asking you this, but the needs are great,

118 and then, you know it, they are great every week; but this week now, I need to have something additional.

119 Also, if it is me who is asking now for this offering tonight,

120 it is because you already did everything you had to do, don’t you know this my sons and daughters?

121 You already accomplished everything I asked you to do. It is already done!

122 This is why I am asking you this tonight, it is because you already did it.

123 I want you to do something additional, this is hard to do, hey?

124 Well, if you feel that it is hard, it is because you understood what I am asking you tonight:

125 you are near reaching the goal, my sons and my daughters, you are touching the goal.

126 It is painful, hey? What I am telling you, I know it is hurting you: go ahead.

127 My way of thinking is not the way of thinking of this world.

128 My thoughts are not the thoughts of the people of this world, you know this.

129 If you were not my sons and daughters, you would be confused tonight;

130 but because I chose you, you are able to recognize the voice of your God when it is spoken unto you.

131 Remember, remember, remember, remember, remember the day, remember in order to see the day you were blessed.

132 Revise in your mind the instant, the exact moment I delivered you;

133 the instant, look at that instant and you will have the freedom to bring unto to me.

134 Touch in your mind that moment and you will understand what I am telling you.

135 Remember this tonight:

136 I am no speaking to your flesh, you know that the flesh cannot resist those words which are spoken unto you tonight.

137 Your flesh cannot resist what I am telling you  here right now.

138 Your flesh is cracking, your flesh is dead,

139 because no flesh can resist what I am saying right now;

140 but you have been chosen by me, says the Lord.

141 Go ahead! Go ahead! Have this freedom.

142 I am speaking to some of you. I am not speaking to all of you. This is for some beloved ones.

143 Yes, you are all my beloved ones, but I am speaking to some of my beloved ones.

144 There is no need to reveal unto you the exact amount I am asking for, because I engraved the amount on your heart.

145 There is something written there. There is a request sitting there. It is here. Right there now. Just there now! Now, it is here.

146 You are there now. You are not thinking about nothing, but it is there.

147 Go ahead, do it! Do it for me, says the Lord.

148 Do it for me. Do it for me, my sons and my daughters.

149 When you will have done it, you will have said: “It is hard, but I had to do it for my God.”


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