The Right Choice – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

 “Stand upright without shame and the mountain will be low, when I will elevate you.” (Excerpt from God’s prophecy)

The Right Choice

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on September 1st, 2001 at 8:07 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 19 min 27 s      Recording: ROY0012CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 Yes, says the Lord, My sons and daughters,

2 You who promptly took action, you who promptly took action,

3 you made the right choice, you made the right choice, says the Lord.

4 You made the right choice!

5 I am talking to you, my son and my daughter, you who can hear my voice and who obeyed.

6 It is not in the heavenly places that I will multiply you this time, my sons,

7 take my Word, my son, it is in the darkness of this world,

8 in the valley of the shadow of death, in Satan’s kingdom.

9 I will snatch from him a part of his territory and I will give it unto you.

10 I will threaten the king, I will threaten the great people of this world.

11 I will threaten those you fear and those you see from below.

12 And you look at them up there, oh yes, they are way up there, but I am above them and I will lower them to your level.

13 They will take you into their consideration, they will take you,

14 they will have love for you, because of the justice which I placed inside of you.

15 They will recognize the integrity which I placed inside of you and I will make them your servants, says the Lord.

16 I swear it unto you, by myself, says your God; because you obeyed me tonight, you did not know that tonight you have been judged.

17 Tonight, I pronounced my judgement on this house. It is me who invited myself, says the Lord.

18 It is me who attended this meeting. And my reward will be huge.

19 In the heavenly places, your own place is already prepared, where is the need to add to it?

20 What more can I give you in the heavenly places?

21 I have nothing else to give you. You received everything through my beloved Son.

22 It is down here, on the serpents, on the scorpions, you need to walk on them and to crush their head, says the Lord.

23 You need to pound with your feet and to not be bitten. You need to run on the fire and to not be burned.

24 You need to walk on the thorns and to not bleed.

25 You need to pass through the middle of the storm and to not be shaken.

26 You need to be facing the tongue of the wicked person, the worst existing plague and to not be a corrupt person.

27 You need to be able to look without coveting: that is an impossible thing to do for the flesh of this century;

28 but it is possible for you because of the Spirit which I placed inside of you;

29 for each day that you look around, you only see sins before you; but my Kingdom is inside of you.

30 Stand upright without shame and the mountain will be low, when I will elevate you.

31 I will not elevate you above the mountain; because it is too low.

32 You will be by my side in Jesus-Christ on the throne today, my son.

33 By faith, you are already reigning. Keep my Word.

34 All I am asking you, keep my Word; this is all I am asking you

35 and you will see all these things being accomplished, but keep my Word.

36 I am giving only this one condition, even though this condition requires the energy of your whole mind.

37 I will give you the desires of your heart so that you serve me;

38 and you will know, even though you already know it, that my Spirit dwells in here

39 in this gathering and nowhere else.

40 Nowhere else on the surface of this Earth, I have so many sons and daughters surrounding me.

41 I have some, I have some, I elected some people here and there, in some other countries;

42 but I have no church gathering anywhere else that is as yours,

43 in whom I can count on, in whom I can prophecy,

44 in whom I can demonstrate my glory, my power, of my Word.

45 You made the right choice, my son. You too, my daughter.

46 I am not speaking about the day of your salvation tonight: I am talking about tonight.

47 And you who thinks that may be, may be, you are missing a little something

48 for having made the right choice, for me to give you what I just said I would give,

49 don’t hold it back, bring it unto me; if you bring it unto me, you too you have made the right choice.

50 I will bless you all, but I will only bless you with the same measure you will have taken for me tonight.

51 Therefore, if you think you have some room for more blessings than what I have set for you,

52 you have the right mind, don’t hold it back.

53 And if you think you are able to receive even more than what I am telling you, don’t hold it back neither.

54 I want you to be as you are this very moment, each and every day.

55 I am not talking about the money, the offerings you are making; this is not what I am specifying.

56 I am talking about the spirit you presently have within you,

57 the state of mind that you presently have after having dispossesed yourself and having nothing left for me.

58 When my Son was dead, he had no more life in him to give me; he had given everything.

59 I could not ask him to give me his life once more, he had no more life; he had nothing left for me.

60 At that moment, it was up to me to give him everything in return.

61 But the Spirit that is presently inside of you,

62 it is the Spirit which was in my Son when he went on the cross; that is the Spirit I am talking about.

63 I want that, –after you have done what I ask you to do,–

64 you always remain in the same state of mind that you are in right now: this is my wish.

65 You have desires, that is what my desire is. You wish to be blessed, me too, with praises and obedience.

66 You wish to be nourished, nourish me and I will nourrish you through my Word,

67 through my Word, through my Word, through my Word,

68 my Word, my Word, my Word, my Word, my Word, my Word,

69 only my Word, only my Word, just my Word, my Word.

70 Your friend : my Word. Your companion : my Word. Your Life : my Word.

71 Jesus : my Word. The Everlasting Lord : my Word.

72 The God that you serve : my Word. The God that you worship: my Word.

73 Your wife that you love : the Word. Your children you are raising: through my Word.

74 Those things you touch: for my Word.

75 When you are sleeping, meditate on my Word. While you are breathing, praise my Word.

76 Praise the Lord : the Word. The Everlasting Lord is my Word.

77 There is nothing else, there is nothing to search for: everything is in your hands.

78 Put it to practice. Read it. Eat it. Digest it. Savour it. Live it.

79 There is no end to all this, it will last everlastingly, everlastingly, everlastingly,

80 everlastingly, everlastingly, everlastingly, everlastingly, everlastingly, everlastingly,

81 everlastingly! everlastingly! everlastingly! 


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