A Third Covenant – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

A Third Covenant

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 4th, 2001 at 1:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 10 min 55 s Recording: ROY0015CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 Yes, my people, my children, my sons, my beloved ones,

2 you whom I am naming my beloved ones,

3 ah, I am not talking to strangers, I am talking to my family,

4 to my darlings, to those I cherish in my son Jesus, to those which I cherish,

5 oh to you, it is you whom I cherish, says the Lord.

6 Oh, you are so few on the surface of this Earth,

7 and you are even fewer than you are imagining it, says the Lord.

8 Oh, your number is inferior to the number you have in mind and I am the only one to know what this figure is;

9 but, my sons and my daughters, this figure is not very high.

10 Even though you know this, you don’t really know to what point I go through misery, –I said the word misery!–

11 in order to note down a name in my book of Life.

12 I am in misery! trying to find a son! I am in misery to find an elect. I am miserable, says the Lord, trying to find a son.

13 Yes, you really heard me say such words coming from your God. Oh, if you are suffering, you must know I am suffering much more.

14 Oh yes, I suffer, I suffer, says the Lord, because I am in such a misery to find

15 a name to note down in the book of Life, yes, says your God.

16 Oh, kick out bias opinions, kick out lie, I am telling you the truth, says the Lord;

17 and this truth is the genuine truth: I want names to be noted down in my book of Life.

18 So many blank pages are found in this Book! Yes this Book is full of whites pages.

19 This Book contains so many white pages, oh, I don’t even know myself if I will be able to fill it up;

20 for times are closer than ever and I have so many white pages.

21 So many names have been erased. So many names are not written.

22 I have called so many people! I have called them and they did not answer me.

23 I even created a new covenant in my beloved Son

24 believing that this Book was going to be filled with the names of strangers.

25 I even called them from the East and West sides. Just like my people from Israel, they did not answer me.

26 Should I come up with a third covenant?

27 It will never be so, because it was all done through my beloved Son;

28 but you, my sons and daughters, be happy and rejoice; for your name has not been erased until this very day.

29 You dwell in my hand, but you must dwell in me for me to dwell in you.

30 Ah, if during these days you find it difficult to remain upright in all your conduct,

31 remember that it is difficult for me to exercise my patience towards these nations.

32 Yes, it is difficult for me to hold back my wrath; but because of you,

33 –I said this to you before and I am saying it again.–

34 you are the reason why I am holding myself back, but my words will be done.

35 Today, once again, I am repeating this unto you: serve me, says your God.

36 Today, serve me again. Serve me. Serve me. Serve me and serve me again.

37 And I know that you have needs, you cry unto me day and night.

38 Ah, your needs are great, your needs are also multiplying.

39 Call on me. Cry unto me. Insist, harass me, says your God.

40 I love to be pushed and harassed by my children: bother me. Call on me. Beg me. Fast for me.

41 Speak unto me, but to me alone, says your God;

42 yes, because the good you do unto your brother, do not hope for it from your brother.

43 How many times will I have to repeat the same things? What you give unto your brother, set your hope in your God.

44 I repeat, I repeat, I repeat and I repeat and, again I am repeating today: Set your hope on me.

45 My joy is to serve you, says your God; but obey unto me, call upon me, bring it in, even today.

46 It is difficult. For some of you, it is very difficult, I agree with that;

47 but I am in the middle of your difficulties, says your God; I promise this unto you today, I will meet you there.

48 Once more today, I promise this unto you, even though I would have done it without promising it unto you; because my Word does not lie.

49 Come to meet me. Come to meet me.

50 Come meet me in sufferings. Come meet me in tribulations.

51 Come meet me in faith. Come meet me in perseverance. Come meet me in patience.

52 Come meet me there where there is no door and I will create a door for you as I promised it unto you;

53 there where there was nothing, I create a thing for you, my sons and daughters.

54 Make this step forward.

55 Make this step and do not consider the pain this step will generate inside of you.

56 Yes, make this step.

57 My servant felt a pain inside his foot, it is me who placed that pain inside his foot.

58 This pain was my pain which I placed inside of him, which I placed inside of you.

59 Walk on this pain, and I will take it away.

60 It will be a step of faith with pain for some of you and with joy for others; but go forth, go forth, go forth.

61 During those hard times you are going through in this world, I never abandoned you and I will never abandon you.

62 I will never, never, abandon you; because you are too precious, you are too precious.

63 Yes, I wish to have names in my Book, but I will never make any compromise in order to write them down in my Book.

64 I will never make any compromise. I will never, never,make any compromise.

65 Keep yourselves in my Word and I will dwell in you today, today.

66 Live today. Your God is living with you today.

j67 Do not think of tomorrow. Do not think or it will kill you. Do not think of yesterday, it is useless.

68 Today, rejoice inside yourself. Today, serve me today.

69 Only today I order you this, I order you this; it is an order only for today:

70 Let me know your needs, continue, do not abandon, do not let things down.

71 It has been a long time that you are calling upon me and it hurts you, but continue.

72 I am faithful, I hear you, I feel the same thing you are feeling.

73 It is me who placed feelings inside your heart. I feel those feelings because I am the One who created them.

74 They dwell inside of me: I made you to my image, I feel the same you are feeling.

75 I am with you, it will not be above your power.

76 The cup is ready to overflow, but it is not overflowing yet. Do not worry, there will never be enough to lose yourself.

77 Have confidence in me. Have confidence in me. You already have confidence.

78 You are at the right place. You are not questioning this, because you know this.

79 Your cross, you feel it is a heavy cross, but you are able to support it.

80 Continue, continue, continue, never will your cross crush you down, never, never, never, never.

81 This world will crush you down, but my cross will never crush you down.

82 Uplift your courage, for you will never be able to bear the worries of this world;

83 but my cross, you will always be able to bear my cross;

84 because I will give you wings and unsuspected powers that you don’t even know, that you don’t even suspect could be inside of you:

85 you will surprise yourself to be supporting more than before. Walk on these words: believe only.


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