On The Tip Of My Fingers – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY


On The Tip Of My Fingers

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 11th, 2001 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 15 min 11 s        Recording: ROY0025CT

Original recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2001 and 2016


1 (First words missing.) …on the tip of my fingers tonight, yes, I counted you on the tip of my fingers.

2 Where are my sons and where are my daughters, says the Lord?

3 Ah, do not forsake me and do not forsake this house, says the Lord.

4 Oh, I loved you, I loved you in my beloved Son. Remember this.

5 Cast aside the detrimental opinions that you have

6 towards your brothers and sisters, towards this house, towards my Gospel, towards my Word.

7 Cast aside your prejudice. Cast aside your prejudice.

8 Roll up your sleeves and work for my house. Work. Labour.

9 Knock on new doors.Turn away from doors which you already knocked and seek!

10 Do not give up your job, this is not what I am asking you, do not give up your employment, this is not what I am telling you;

11 but while you have your hand to the plow, look, observe,

12 yes observe, test the waters, look on your left and on your right. Look!

13 Don’t do like the horse, yes, don’t do as the horse whom we place on a path to follow.

14 Yes, do not get me wrong about what I am saying unto you.

15 I gave you a good judgement so that you own things even greater than those you already own.

16 Go forth, yes, go forth, go on forward;

17 but while you are advancing forward, look to your left for blessings, not for sin.

18 Do not watch for sin, but watch my hand which can act for you.

19 My sons, time has come for me to serve you with something else besides milk; but you must be able to support this food.

20 You must have a good judgement. Do not read the Scriptures in a superficial way as some people among you are doing.

21 You are reading on the surface. You are my sons and daughters, you must read them in depth!

22 Let go of the surfaces! Cease reading the Scriptures as a book!

23 It is not a book! It is not a book! It is your Life! It is Christ inside of you!

24 It is not a book that you have in your hands!

25 Throw out the book, take my Word; for when you read, do not read it as you read a book.

26 Read it knowing it is the Flesh and the Blood of my Son, knowing it is a drink which gives you Life and put it to practice.

27 It is not a novel, it is the Everlasting Life. It is not a legend, it is the Blood of the Covenant.

28 It is not some kind of religion, it is the Word of Life and of Spirit: this is what created you since the very beginning.

29 Ah, my sons and my daughters, Grow up!

30 Cease to feel satisfied within yourselves. Cease to satisfy yourselves in few things.

31 I am not talking about carnal things, do not take me wrong in this prophecy.

32 Do not construe this prophecy: you must not be satisfied in the few spiritual things that you received.

33 On this Earth, be content of what you own, but you must not be content of what you received in my Word! in my Spirit!

34 Never become sated, satisfied; go deeper inside of the Word, to the deepest of its deepest.

35 Did you know that the Word has no depth? Did you know that its depths have no bottom?

36 You can go even deeper than the level you reached until now. You must be spiritual, cease to be carnal in your mind.

37 Ah, you are not sinning: I know this for I observe you each day.

38 Each instant, each moment, you are keeping your holiness, you are keeping your salvation.

39 I am not debating on those things. I am mentionning that you are stopping me.

40 You are stopping the Spirit that is within you. You are narrow-minded. You are limited.

41 You don’t have the right to be limited. You don’t have that right.

42 Did you know, my sons, that you have no right to limit this Word which is within you?

43 You don’t own this right! but you are exercising it! Cease exercising this right to stop the Word acting inside of you!

44 Ah, it is not only the preaching on the streets that you are stopping, no! it is not only the giving of an offering that you are stopping;

45 but you cease believing, you put a restraint to my faith. You say within yourselves in your heart:

46 “I believe like this. I believe like that. Me, I believe like this here and, me, I believe like that.

47 You believe this, me, I do not believe that. Yes but, me, I believe, but I believe like this.”

48 Cease to believe that way. You don’t have the right to believe that way.

49 You cannot have any condition when believing in the faith of my Word; because I said it and it will be accomplised.

50 Who are you to fix new foundations to the faith of my Word?

51 This Word is genuine; you have not the right to believe in it your way.

52 Brothers and sisters, my sons and my daughters,

53 You have no right to believe in the Word your own way.

54 I refuse to grant you this right. I refuse to grant you this right to believe in it your own way.

55 Your way? Take the door! to go on your own way!

56 You will believe in the Word the same way it is written! the same way it is written! no other way.

57 This way, it is the way which is preached in this house, it is the way which must be preserved in this house:

58 as it is written! no other way, but this way that is written inside each one among you, put it very deeply to practice.

59 Go ahead, draw from the depths; do not content yourselves in what you spiritually have.

60 Do not mix the carnal things with what is spiritual, but never be satisfied, my sons and my daughters.

61 Ah, you are satisfying yourselves with few things concerning the things of the flesh and I am rejoicing over that,

62 but do not become happy with this kind of satisfaction concerning the spiritual things.

63 Have no such satisfaction within yourselves, my sons; for I have great things for you, if you go ahead and draw from the depths.

64 Go ahead! Go ahead cleverly following the instruction of my Word,

65 with the knowledge and the wisdom I already gave you and that I will give you in the future, but do not construe who I am.

66 Do not make of yourselves an example of folly in my sight.

67 Ah, you will be a folly for the man who is outside, yes, but that is all a natural thing.

68 You don’t have to seek that, it is already there; but when it comes to me, you must be clever for me;

69 and cleverness before my face is for you to go draw in this Word, in its depths.

70 That is the cleverness I am looking for inside of you, that is the thirst I wish you to have for me:

71 to go draw and to meditate in order to do more, to go further than what you have done until today.

72 I am challenging you tonight to go beyond this barrier you have set for yourselves.

73 It is not me who have set this barrier, it is you; go above this barrier and I will be with you.

74 If this is a source of fear and worry for you, get rid of it and I will be with you

75 and you shall discover new facets of your salvation which will make you rejoice.

76 This joy is already there. The joy now, you know, the glee, the dance I expect from you, now, it can be found there right now;

77 it can be found there right now in the exercise of the faith, of the perseverance and of the patience of my Word.

78 I did not call you to come out from among them, for you to get lost, my sons and my daughters,

79 but tonight, I am telling you to go ahead.

80 Do not come out of this place now as anyone comes out of any other church.

81 Do not come out of this place as having had a good show tonight: it is not a show.

82 It is not a show that you have had tonight. It is not a ritual, either.

83 You must be enthusiastic people, my sons and my daughters, and you must not forsake this meeting; I will walk with you.

84 Be clever in following my Word and you must have a heart to be here in this gathering.

85 Provide for the needs of this house and I shall provide for your needs; I promise this unto you.

86 Examine each thing today, today, today, today, today, today.

87 Let my Words enter inside of you and practice them, practice them, practice them, practice them, practice them, practice them.

88 Practice them so that your joy is perfect.

89 Practice them so that your joy is perfect. Practice them so that your joy is perfect.

90 Your joy will not be perfect, if you do not practice them. Practice them.


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