Consecration, Living Sacrifices – God’s prophecy – Excerpt from “The Holy Bible Continues” published by GROY

I come back to pick up this pure and spotless bride. (Excerpt for the prophecy of God)

Consecration, Living Sacrifices


God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on June 26th, 2005 at 7:30 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time : 11 min 2 s        MTM0842CT

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy © 2005 and 2016


1 Recognize today the blessing we have to preach the Word.

2 Oh, we have the Word of Life, the Word of Life, the Word of Life,

3 the Word of Life, the Word of Life, the Word of Life.

4 The Word of Life, there is no Life elsewhere; do not search for it elsewhere, there is no Life elsewhere.

5 Jesus said: “I am the Life. I am the Way. Oh, I am the Truth. There is no Truth elsewhere.”

6 Recognize this today, yes the blessing you have, yes becoming, yes, what God wants you to be,

7 so that he works in you to will and to do, ah, according to his good pleasure.

8 Yes, do it! Do it! Say yes today:

9 “Yes, Lord!” Yes, Lord! Yes, Jesus! Yes, yes, heavenly Father, do whatever you want of me.”

10 Yes, saith the Lord, your God, yes yes, consecrate yourselves. Consecration! Consecration!

11 yes, like my anointed people are consecrating themselves, so that you are nourished,

12 nourished, nourished, nourish me, nourish me, saith the Lord.

13 Nourish me with your fruits, your life: consecration,

14 so that I write my Words on the tablets of your heart, so that they never get erased,

15 so that you put them to practice each and every day of your life,

16 so that when my Son will come back, yes yes like the Sun rises yes,

17 yes my promise, the promise, my promise, my promise which I keep, my promise… I keep my promise.

18 God is faithful, so that you are, yes, as my faithful servants,

19 so that you are pure, faultless, blameless, yes, before my heavenly Father,

20 so that, yes, I come back to pick up this pure and spotless bride.

21 Pure and spotless bride! Pure and spotless bride! Yes, this bride!

22 Yes, I come back for a bride who is blameless.

23 Be ready, be ready, be ready;

24 for I will come back soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon.

25 So that nobody takes your crown, preserve your crown.

26 Work with fear and trembling in order to preserve your crown, yes;

27 for you are my crown, my crown, my offering.

28 Oh, the same feelings, ah, which were inside my Son, in order to have these feelings inside of you,

29 yes, you must set your affection on the things from Above.

30 Yes, the things which are on the Earth, yes, are only vainglory, only vainglory and, vainglory.

31 Yes the things of the Lord, yes the things from Above, my Word, my Word, my Word is everlasting.

32 My Word is everlasting. My Word, ah, my Word, ah, shall never end; ah, it will remain forever.

33 Walk in this lane, oh, one lane, one road which is narrow and straight, tightened and tightened.

34 No unclean person can walk in this lane; yes, only my elects, ah, solely my elects, and none of the other people, but my elects;

35 because I am coming back only for my elects, my elects, my elects.

36 Who will remain upright? My elects, my elects, yes, this way, my Son, ah, will not have suffered in vain.

37 Oh no, ah, He will not have suffered in vain, prove it to me, living sacrifices, living sacrifices,

38 yes, by making your vessel pure, a pure vessel of the Word of Life, carrying the Word of Life.

39 Nobody can serve two masters! Nobody can serve two masters, who is your master?

40 Which master are you serving? Who is it you are serving? daily serving? Who?

41 Yes, I want you, I want to have all of you, entirely, entirely, entirely. Ah, the Lord, your God, is not a divided God. Oh no!

(A few unrecorded words are missing, continuation on Face B, MTM0842CT)

42 …entirely, all for me, entirely, in order to recognize…

43 Are you recognizing the Word of Life? my Word that I am giving you? and giving you? and giving you?

44 Ah, the fruits, yes, the fruits in return,

45 your fruits, your life, your consecration, your life, this is what I want in return, yes.

46 My enemy, ah yes, will always be there, yes, until the time

47 he will be tied and thrown in the everlasting flames.

48 Resist him with a firm faith. Resist! Resist! Resist!

49 Ah, oh yes, you must be boiling hot, boiling hot, a flaming torch, a flaming torch, a living flame, oh;

50 for the Lord, your God, is also a flame, yes, a devouring, living flame.

51 Yes, recognize me, recognize what I am. Ah, many among you are not recognizing me, ah;

52 for the Lord desires, the Lord also has a desire,

53 yes, He has the desire, ah, to have you all, yes, in my Kingdom.

54 He wants to have all of you, all of you without any exception.

55 Work, work out your salvation with fear and trembling, yes,

56 so that you are among, oh yes, the Bride, my Bride,

57 my Bride, my Bride yes, saith the Lord, your God.




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